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Runners still use running sandals today because they are a proven and ancient solution. best barefoot running sandals give freedom and primitiveness that other running shoes do not have.

Running Sandals have been developed and are considered as effective as most closed-style running shoes with all of today’s technologies.

Running sandals are much more minimal than closed-style running shoes and provide maximum comfort and a more primitive and liberating experience.

It can be quite difficult to choose the best Running Sandals out of many options. Look below at our top 10 best running sandal reviews to better understand what’s available.

Buying Guides- How to choose the Best Running Sandals in 2024?

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best running sandals for your needs. These include:


Most running sandals use a simple, flat rubber sole, but some brands combine different elements with their comfort design.

There are different properties of different materials. Some are comfortable and elastic, while others are firm and smooth. Similarly, some materials grip the ground better or your feet better than others.

Others are waterproof, but others take hours to dry properly if you get wet. Know which ones are important to make a good choice.


Best barefoot sandals need to be very flexible so that your feet can move more naturally. The lightweight sandals allow you to move your legs as you like.

Consider using a thin sole, as it will also increase the effectiveness of your sandals. Choosing suitable foot shape sandals makes it easy to gain flexibility.


As a runner, get the best running sandals suitable for exposed terrain and make sure these all-terrain sandals and rubber soles are considered optimal in most cases. Friendly grasp with them. They are durable and can be used optimally. Consider choosing leather, as the straps are comfortable and durable.


Running sandals run in all color ranges, from average shoe soles to ultra-thin to thicker soles.

Knowing the type of experience you like, the type of grip you want, and the ground clearance you need is important for choosing the best running sandals.

Lightweight sandals are for authentic joggers who want to feel every bump on the road.


The style has been evolving into a more natural one. Today, Earthier products are trendy. That means your pair of sandals don’t just hit the trail.

You can also wear it on the go for maximum comfort and mobility. The products we reviewed are pretty trendy and can appeal to your aesthetic senses.

Zero drop

Zero drop shoes and best barefoot running sandals are two different things. Barefoot sandals mimic the foot’s silhouette, but zero-drop means no heel-to-toe drop that can be felt. It promotes a more natural movement and reduces the risk of injury.

Zero-drop shoes help increase foot strength and increase stability, alignment, and durability. As a result, you may experience improved ankle mobility, improved balance and posture, and less knee discomfort.

List of Top 10 Best Running Sandals

1. Xero shoes z -Trek Sport Sandals

Xero Shoes Women's Z-Trek Sport Sandals - Zero Drop, Lightweight & Packable, Charcoal/Coal Black, 5
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Xero Shoes is a brand that appeared on my radar after I started my workout and wanted something with fewer pads for everyday use.

Xero shoes z tends to be primarily technical style. If you don’t dress up your clothes, you can wear whatever you want. You can also use these sandals for your outdoor activities.

These running sandals are considered the best lightweight, with solid straps and excellent grip. The design is made very smooth to give it an organic and natural feel. Xero shoe z is a versatile shoe that you can’t miss. It can be worn for all outdoor activities other than running, including walking, kayaking, and hiking.

In addition to using materials other than leather, manufacturers are making good products for animals and the environment. Sandals are not limited to the average wearer. Even vegans can count on it for great convenience and fast trucks.

This best running sandal is an exceptionally flexible running sandal thanks to its 5.5mm sole. You can feel the contours of the ground when wearing the Z-Trek. It is also great in the snow! You can wear the sole outside for an hour without cooling your feet due to its exceptional heat insulation.

According to the manufacturer, these running shoes weigh up to 73% less than other sports sandals. The heel does not elevate like other products that promise a barefoot experience to maintain a natural posture. These xero shoes z come with the same 5,000-mile guarantee as other Xero products.


Quite Flexible
Good grip
Adjustable strips
Zero-drop sandals
Travel friendly


Limited guarantee
Average quality

2. Viakix Siena Walking Sandals

Viakix Womens Walking Sandals: Cute Stylish Comfy Athletic Sport Outdoor Hiking Sandal for Trekking Water Wide Width Beach, Beige 6
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These dependable, attractive and affordable sandals use soft, elastic webbing that hugs the curves of your feet and reassures them.

Featuring unique stabilization technology, these pair of sandals feature an ergonomically designed insole and a molded sole to guarantee that they keep their grip on the ground.

The most impressive part of this hiking sandal is the cushioned ergonomic sole. The EVA foam midsole provides an excellent balance of support and cushioning.

These comfortable footbeds are functional and fashionable walking sandals designed for all outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, traveling, and running in the city.

Its elastic straps are soft and hug your feet for a personalized fit. The ergonomic outsole provides arch support so you can walk for hours and still feel comfortable.

These trail running sandals also feature a chunky, slippery rubber outsole and an excellent slippery tread to help you handle trails, sidewalks, and even watery terrain.

Adjustable pads provide an accurate fit, and the toes are wide enough to widen your feet. No matter where you go, whether it’s the beach, the hills, or your favorite running track, the soft EVA foam midsole keeps your feet comfortable.


Adjustable strap
Available in a different colors.
Beautiful design
EVA foam midsoles
Comfortable foot pads


Not suitable for narrow feet

3. LUNA Sandals MONO Winged Edition

LUNA Sandals MONO Winged Edition | Minimalist Running and Hiking Sandals - Lightweight 5.9 oz Comfortable Sandals for Men and Women | Adjustable Fit (Black, numeric_11)
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These Luna sandals may indicate that they are ideal for running. Despite its sparse design, Lunas is one of the most popular brands on the market and has several innovative features that modern and seasonal sandal runners will love.

With this monkey grip technology, you will also find continuous straps and Wing Performance Lace.

These best running sandals also have an adjustable buckle for maximum comfort and personalized fit and a comfortable elastic heel strap that makes them easy to slip on and off.

The strapping system allows you to customize your Luna sandals according to your unique foot and toe length and keeps your foot rooted to prevent slipping around the sandal footbed.

The flat, recessed plug on the bottom of the sandals prevents discomfort and improves the longevity of the sandal and strapping.

Equipped with a deep-toothed EVA rubber sole, these minimalist sandals are ideal for various surfaces and always provide excellent grip.

Luna sandals also feature a continuous strap design with winged performance lace. These flaps help shape the sandals to fit your foot and keep your shoes in place no matter how hard you train.

The Luna is thicker than other sandals but not thick enough to spoil your street feel.

Its thicker sole primarily adheres to the ankle to ensure stability while running. The outstanding feature of this best running sandal is the lifetime warranty.


EVA rubber sole
Lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee
Zero drop Shoe
Easy lacing


Not suitable for fat feet

4. TEVA Original Universal Sandal

Teva Women's Original Universal Sandal, Miramar Fade Dark Purple Multi, 8
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Among those who have known the Original Universal for years, it has a timeless, classic silhouette. This inexpensive retro design is so well suited to the sandal standards of today.

Teva running sandals offer excellent traction on a variety of terrains. This model provides incredible grip on steep and uneven rock surfaces and works near the top of the pack on wet rock and river junctions.

Original Universal is ideal for calm outdoor activities and unsuitable for long trails or rugged terrain.

This is a very comfortable sandal with a very flexible sole, making your feet tired when worn on heavy rides such as backpacking and trail walking.

But as rescue sandals or for a walk in the neighborhood, this is one of our favorite choices as it is so comfortable and easy to wear.

Running in comfortable and highly flexible Teva sandals will relax you and become your favorite shoe during your daily runs. We believe the original Universal is invaluable and has won the Best Buy Award.


Adjustable straps
Comfortable footbed
Lightweight & Flexible
Available in different colors
Excellent grip


Only for casual use
The toes are not protected

5. FitFlop Trailstar Sandals

FitFlop Men's Trailstar Freshweave Sandal
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FitFlops is a line of sandals for both women and men. These synthetic material sandals provide very comfortable and excellent support for many walking people.

The two main principles behind FitFlop Trailstar sandals are grippy rubber and simplicity.

However, manufacturers have incorporated many features that sandal wearers, whether running or walking, can certainly appreciate.

The most important innovation in the design of Trailstar is the biomechanically designed FitFlop footbed.

This cushions shoe provides a modest amount of arch support. This pair of sandals has three adjustment points with velcro at the ankle, heel, and toes.

The sole also has a groove that allows water and sweat to escape and allows it to dry faster.

It also offers ANATOMICUSH technology, which is claimed to include “anatomically curved, single-density cushioning” for maximum comfort.

From a safety perspective, these sandals are among the best when protecting feet from the rigors of hiking.

If your feet are in good condition, you can’t go wrong with the FitFlop Trailstar Sandals.FitFlop Trailstar Sandals are perfect for keeping your feet in good condition.


Extra comfortable
Synthetic material
Excellent for outdoor activity
Three adjustable straps


Thicker look
It’s too small to wear
Average Design

6. Xero Shoes Barefoot Sandals

Xero Shoes Barefoot Sandals - Men's Amuri Cloud - Slate/Lemon 5 M US
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The Xero shoes are barefoot-inspired, versatile athletic or casual sandals that are incredibly soft and soft on your feet. Yet, you can feel all the floor fibers and have consistent sensory input control.

These best barefoot sandals are also suitable for climbing dry and wet rocks, swimming, rafting, hiking on moderately technical surfaces, long walks on the beach, and everyday use.

You can also reposition the back strap to secure it in the most comfortable position. Back straps are strategically and conveniently raised higher than most barefoot running sandals, preventing them from moving down and helping to secure the sandals to your feet.

In addition, the high-back strap function prevents heel chafing and blisters.

The racing system is easy to adjust to turn it on and off in the breeze. This can cause slippage during movement, but there is an additional heel cap to keep the foot in place and prevent kicking debris.

As a bonus, the toes are soft, allowing you to tackle movements without causing the occasional irritation of regular flip-flops.


Non-Latex Rubber
Rubber sole
Versatile sandals
Lightweight and flexible
Easy-adjust lacing
Best barefoot running sandals


Limited guarantee

7. Teva Women's Sirra Sandal

Teva Women's Sirra Sport Sandal
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Teva Sirra is a fascinating piece that allows adventurers to travel for miles. This running sandal provides stable performance in both wet and dry conditions.

It’s also made smooth yet sturdy to provide the outdoor woman with a combination of trail protection and mobility.

Teva’s running sandals feature a unique spider rubber outsole that offers traction on various terrains. It is manufactured with high friction treads and bumps to provide the user with sufficient slip resistance on a soft, dirty surface.

This version of the runner’s thin sandals features a lightweight midsole made of EVA for ground stability and foot cushioning. It has a built-in (non-removable) footbed that provides additional support and maximum comfort.

Both the strap fastener and the ladder lock buckle are made of a material like hard plastic. The heel straps are padded for added comfort. The same strap also comes with a pull tab for faster on and off.


Lightweight and versatile
Superb arch support
Quick-drying webbing
Available in different sizes
Extra comfortable


The plastic in the toe area is painful

8. KEEN Rose Sandals

KEEN Women's 9 Sandals, Brindle/Shitake
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This Leather running sandal with a chunky rubber outsole is built with a multidirectional lug pattern, so there’s no shoe-loosening worry with KEEN’s running minimalist footwear.

The comfortable footbed is synonymous with travel, outdoor activities, and hiking. Its purpose is to create maximum comfort and versatility to improve lives and inspire outside adventures.

The closed-toe running sandals have a lightweight design and are ideal for adding forefoot support.

Featuring a non-slip midsole for foot protection and a washable polyester upper that keeps bacteria away from the skin, these sandals are ideal for crushing these miles.

This monkey grip technology sandal is all ready to explore. It is specially made for women and provides comfort where your feet need it most. The gripped sole enhances control and stability.


Washable polyester
Multidirectional lugs
Adjustable hook
Synthetic material
Maximum comfort
Available in different colors


Non-adjustable ankle strap
Some people feel its front is too narrow
Not easy to dry

9. Teva Men's Hurricane 4

Teva Men's Hurricane 4 Sandal, Wavy Trail Navy, 11
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These Teva running sandals offer maximum comfort and durability. Multisport sandals designed for water.

The midsole provides excellent support and natural movement, and the grippy rubber outsole provides excellent support and traction for trekking and hiking. The webbing dries quickly to feel comfortable when you get out of the water.

The webbing and straps are durable and work well in the water. The heel cushions are a nice touch of comfort. EVA foam midsole is common for sandals. Softer than PU, the Hurricane contains a nylon shank for added stability.

However, the Teva running sandals is not a clean sandal. Others like the basic look, but it’s not for everyone.

Also, it’s not a natural running sandal. Ideal for water sports and trekking, but not for running. It’s still relatively light and has incredible traction, but it feels uncomfortable and heavy to run.

To be clear, the tactile comfort of the straps was excellent, and there were no issues with it. However, the position of the forefoot tensioner may need to be adjusted.

While Teva is a well-known brand and has a reputation for being spacious and affordable, the price of barefoot sandals can vary significantly depending on the size of the wearer’s shoe.

Another criticism is that it becomes slippery when wet and can cause injury in some cases.


Excellent arch support
Stylish design
Minimal break-in period
Lightweight cushioned shoe
Durable padded shoe


Straps can lead to chafing
Too wide
Slippery when wet

10. KEEN Men's Newport H2 Sandal

KEEN Men's Newport H2 Closed Toe Water Sandals, Black/Black, 7
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Whether something fits in a suitcase/backpack is one of the most critical factors when it comes to all kinds of travel goods. These best running sandals allow you to hike to the hill tribes of the northern region.

You can walk in them for days. The webbing stabilizes the foot, and the insole provides a large amount of cushioning while keeping it cool with plenty of air.

Indeed, it is almost impossible to document them like sandals with this kind of construction.

However, it also helps calm people who may be reluctant to run at full speed by attaching a small rubber band to their feet. Those used to the idea might think of them as “runway sandals” of sorts.

These barefoot running sandals are made of washable polyester straps and feature an EVA sole with a pattern that provides serious traction. Instead of traditional laces, the Fit Race Capture System secures the sandals for a perfect fit.

According to the manufacturer, these padded shoes are ready for almost any condition. It has excellent adhesion from water to dirt, mud, and snow.


Minimalist shoe
Comfortable footbed
Washable hiking sandal
Excellent design
Extra cushioned shoe


Close-toed design
Rugged and sturdy but on the heavy side
Not durable

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sports sandals suitable for running?

A sports sandal is ideal for anyone looking to keep their joints well-supported and establish more ground contact.

Running in sandals offers what benefits?

Running in sandals lets your skin breathe, absorbs impact, and lets you move freely while maintaining better contact with the ground.

Is it possible to trek in running shoes?

Sure, you can do that. Experienced hikers often recommend wearing trail running shoes while hiking. Although road running shoes won’t perform as well as trail runners, they are still helpful.

Is flip-flop wear good for your feet?

Sure, you can do that. Experienced hikers often recommend wearing trail running shoes while hiking. Although road running shoes won’t perform as well as trail runners, they are still helpful.

In what sense are barefoot sandals helpful?

Flip-flops are not suitable for every environment because they can cause injury to your foot. They are not suitable for uneven terrain. These shoes are good for walking on flat, familiar terrain, and they will bolster your feet each time you wear them.


Running sandals should be lightweight and flexible. A lightweight running sandal can improve their performance and reduce knee and leg stress.

Having a thicker sole is also advantageous because it reduces the weight of the sandals and allows them to run mid-stride with less impact.

The force of impact on the legs and knees is felt every time they take a step. That is why they need to find the right pair of running sandals.

It may take some time to get used to running with sandals. It may be uncomfortable at first, but a proper pair of running sandals will help you get into the groove and get used to the feel.

If you’re looking for the Best Running Sandals, do some research first to see how they differ from other types of sandals. These differences make it easy to choose the best barefoot running sandals for your lifestyle level and outdoor activities.

What is your experience with running sandals? Which pair of sandals do you prefer? Write us your thoughts below. Happy Buying!


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