Best Running Shoes for Knee and Hip Pain


Despite being a healthy physical activity, running brings some undesirable body pains and aches at times, as a byproduct.

There are many sprinters and runners who are involved in the longer run competitions and often claim that some of their muscles and joints are aching badly.

The knee and hip pain are one of such serious issues that most of the runners have to face frequently. It may be because of excessive running or some poor running style or even because of wearing improper running shoes.

According to a careful estimation, 25% of the hip and joint pain in runners is resulted from wearing a wrong pair of running shoes on their feet. The article is going to discuss the issue in detail and would suggest the Best Running Shoes for Knee and Hip Pain that runners must consider buying in 2024.

How can improper shoes cause you knee and hip pain?

The runners are required to get a pair of running shoes depending upon their foot shapes or foot types. Some of the runners have wide feet and others have flat feet.

Runners with such feet features may run or walk with an improper style that is something totally away from the natural gait.


Similarly, there are some other runners who have abnormal foot pronation. These runners are also very likely to deviate from the natural gait as is expected by some runners with normal foot pronation.

For example, the overpronators would have an inward rolling out of their foot in their stride. Such an unusual stride would exert more pressure on the knee joint thus it would lead you towards chronic knee pain.

Since overpronators need stability shoes or motion control shoes for a smooth and balanced running experience, therefore, wearing any other running shoe on their feet may cause them some serious knee pain.


Furthermore, other foot disorders and foot misalignment may lead a runner towards knee, hip and back pain. For instance, the runners with underpronation or supination always need perfect neutral shoes for a smooth and stable run.

Otherwise, there are clear chances of hurting their hip and knee joints because of an unstable and unusual stride. As a preventive measure, it is wise to go for those running shoes options which may prevent you from any aching or pain in your hips or knees while running.

How can running terrain cause hip and knee pain?

Running on a hard surface may lead to some sort of inflammation or swelling in your feet and it in turn may badly affect your normal gait while running.

Resultantly, you can feel some kind of undesirable pain creeping in your knees and hips area that may keep on irritating you while running. It may also disturb your sleep at night and you will be turning and tossing in your bed to forget the pain somehow.

Therefore, it is advisable to walk or run on a terrain that is soft and absorbent. For example, jogging on a grassy track or running on a slightly sandy track would probably prevent you from any body pain.

Buyer Guide

Runners suffering with the aching knees and hips would always be perplexed about the selection of perfect footwear options.

Since the market is flooded with so many running shoes choices, every shoe company claims to be the best option for any foot discomfort and body aching.

Consequently, the hip and knee pain suffering runners would find themselves on the fence to put their finger on the most suitable option that may help them saying a happy goodbye to all their body pains.

Notable Considerations

It is wise to consider the must-have features for your perfect running shoes that may help you prevent any undesirable knee or hip pain. Here are some of the guidelines that must be given weightage before buying a pair of running shoes for bad knees or hip pain.

What to be considered before buying the perfect running shoes for knee pain?

1. Extra Cushioning

As it is evident when you run on some uneven, rough, hard and jumpy or bumpy surface, you will experience frequent unavoidable shocks that may cause you bad knees which in turn would not let you walk or run with absolute ease.

Therefore, it is advisable to look for the shoes which have got plenty of cushioning in their forefoot, midfoot and rearfoot i.e. heel area, so that the multiple layers of soft foam may absorb the shocks and your knees get negligible feel of any shocks. As a consequence, you will be successful in keeping your knees away from any uninvited pain.


2. Durability

Durability is also vital in keeping you safe from knee pain. In fact, the longevity of cushioning layers, rubber outsole and firm midsole are responsible for minimizing any body pain, especially knee pain.

In case, your shoes have very little or short life span then they will soon be ragged out. Thus, losing all the cushioning and support or stability features, your shoes won’t help you anymore in preventing bad knees.


3. True to Size (Perfect Fit)

Comfortability of a running shoe demands a perfect foot lockdown, so that your feet may not be too loose or too tight.

A moderately true to size running shoes would add stability and balance in your natural gait while running, therefore you must reconfirm whether your running shoes are true to size or not.

Moreover, kindly double check the shoes before buying so that they don’t need any break-in period.

What to be considered before buying the perfect running shoes for hip pain?

1. Stability

For a fair and smooth running experience, stability in your stride is the first and foremost element that cannot be overlooked or compromised in any case.

Therefore, your running shoes must have some special stability options to give you a smooth and stable running experience. A firm midsole is responsible for the stability in your natural gait. A stable running gait would make you forget about the hip pain.


2. Traction

Another notable consideration for avoiding hip pain while running is to look for running shoes with excellent traction. You are honestly advised to go for those running shoes with rubber outsoles alongside the groves on its outer surface.

Such shoes have a firm grip on the road, even when it is wet during some rainy season as well. These shoes would offer you amazing traction, ultimately all these features would converge into saving you from any serious hip pains.


3. Shock Absorption

In order to avoid any hip pain while running, you must look for shoes which have excellent cushioning and plush options.

The excellent cushioning and soft foam in the midsole would more likely to absorb any shock that you may have to experience while running off-road or during trail runs. Thus it would help you prevent hip pain resultantly.

6 Best Running Shoes for Knee Pain that Runners must Consider to Buy in 2024

Let us explore some of the perfect running shoes options that would truly help the runners to throw their knee pain out of the window, once and for all.

1. ASICS - Men’s Gel-Kayano 27 Running Shoes

ASICS Gel Kayano 27 comes with plenty of cushioning as it would never disappoint you if you are looking for plush and comfort.

The excellent cushioning in the forefoot, midsole and in the heel portion is going to embrace your feet with adequate softness and warmth.

It uses a top notch GEL cushioning technology that provides comfort to your feet by allowing them a free movement because these shoes can adapt to any foot type, except wide feet as the toe box may run a little narrower.

Moreover, the Flytefoam Technology employed in the midsole offers an impressive responsiveness and bouncy yet delightful feel.

Thus a runner would be running effortlessly as he will be getting the needed cushioning, responsiveness and stability in his stride.

All these features alongside a perfect arch support would ensure that your knee joints are not subjected to any unnatural stress.


Excellent Cushioning
Arch Support
Breathable Upper
Perfect for Overpronators


Toe box may not appear that wider
Not so good for wide feet

2. Brooks - Mens Adrenaline GTS 15 Running Shoe

Brooks Mens Adrenaline GTS 15 Running Shoe
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The very first sight of this bad boy would make the knee pain sufferers fall for it. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15 has got plenty of cushioning that keeps the running feet away from experiencing any kind of uneven shocks.

The arch support that it provides is just awesome. You can go for long mileage runs wearing these shoes as HPR Plus has multiplied its durability many times.

The firm midsole would provide the needed support and responsiveness to maintain the natural stride. Moreover, the rubber outsole would ensure an excellent traction on the running surface by offering more grip and slip prevention.

Thus all such characteristics of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15 contributes towards negligible or no knee pain at all.


Ample Cushioning
Excellent Traction
Rubber Outsole


Little Expensive, yet gives value for your money

3. Saucony - Men's Hurricane 23 Running Shoe

Saucony Men's Hurricane 23 Running Shoe, Black/Gold, 11
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Saucony Hurricane 23 is an all-rounder running shoe that offers multiple comfort and support options at the same time. The shoe is considered to be a well-balanced choice for all sorts of runners.

The excellent cushioning of the shoe has something special to offer for the overpronators as it helps in the proper landing of your feet while running.

Apart from supporting the overpronators, the shoe serves best to the runners with wide feet as well. It has got the TPU frame that is aimed at guiding each and every step a runner lifts.

Thus it results in a stable and smooth stride with almost no unusual pressure on the knees.


Guided Stride
Also a Perfect Pick for Flat Feet
Comfort and Cushioning
Firm Support


No Considerable Shortcomings

4. Reebok - Men's Zquick Dash Running Shoe

Reebok Men's Zquick Dash Running Shoe
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Zquick Dash Running Shoe by Reebok is not just a running shoe but it can also be used as a casual shoe or a fashion shoe. The breathable and flexible upper along with the superior cushioning inside the shoe offer the runners an ultimate comfort.

You may go with these shoes for a road run or any indoor exercise without any fear of wear or tear.

Moreover, it uses NanoWeb Technology that ensures the support and stability in your stride. The grooves on the lightweight upper contribute towards an enhanced responsiveness and flexibility.

Hence, Zquick dash by Reebok has got everything that a knee sufferer may need in his perfect running shoes.


Superior Cushioning
Flexible Upper
Adequate Support
Ensures Stability in Stride


May get warmer in hot summer days

5. New Balance - Men's M890v4 Neutral Light Running Shoe

The New Balance M890v4 rests as a top choice among many experts to cope with the bad knees. The shoe employs ABZORB technology that provides extra cushioning throughout the shoes especially in the heel portion.

Thus it would absorb the possible shocks a runner may experience, especially the one who is a heel striker. Resultantly, it saves your knee from getting under any uneven force.

The flexible and lightweight upper ensures the free movement of the forefoot without any hindrance. The midsole offers sufficient support, responsiveness and stability for a well-balanced and smooth stride.

Therefore, you will be quite confident in running a longer mileage without any fear of receiving a knee injury. All the characteristics of these shoes make them the best running shoes for patellar tendonitis.


Ample Cushioning
Shocks Absorption
Lightweight Upper


No Considerable Drawbacks

6. Brooks - Men's Glycerin 19 Neutral Running Shoe

If cushioning had any other name, it would have definitely been Glycerin 19. You may see plenty of cushioning in this shoe, be it the rearfoot or the midfoot or even forefoot. With so much plusher and softer feel, Glycerin 19 is there to embrace the runners suffering with the knee pain.

All the responsiveness, support, comfort and secure foot lockdown of the Glycerin 19 contribute towards a seamless and stable stride for those who suffer from knee pain or overpronation.

Therefore, runners must rush in to consider buying this shoe for preventing themselves from any body pain originating from excessive running.


Perfect for Overpronators


May get too warm because of extra cushioning

5 Best running Shoes for Hip Pain that Runners must Buy in 2024

Here we are going to enlist the top 5 best running shoes to minimize hip pain problems that runners normally face in their daily running training or practices.

1. New Balance - Men's Fresh Foam 1080 V11 Running Shoe

Apart from any doubt, the The Fresh Foam 1080 V11 by New Balance is perfect with its cushioning and support that ensure a smooth and stable stride.

It also adequately serves best to the flat feet as it employs an Ultra Heel Technology which allows the heel portion of the shoes to regain the original position after every landing on the ground.

The excellent cushioning in the rearfoot and forefoot offers the ultimate support and shock absorption, regardless of any running surface.

Moreover, the clutch technology used by this shoe model would provide you sufficient slip prevention. Thus, the confident and effortless stride offered by Fresh Foam 1o80 V11 would always bring your hips in an easy and comfortable posture while running.

Resultantly, you will just forget about any pain or aching possibility in your hips.


Soft Cushioning
Tight Grip


No any Noteworthy Complaints

2. Gravity Defyer - Men's G-Defy XLR8 Run

Especially designed with a purpose of lessening the stride’s pressure on the running feet, the G-Defy is going to be a wise pick for the runners suffering with hip pain.

The shoe employs VersoShock soles which are quite capable of absorbing the shock originating from running on an uneven or bumpy surface.

Normally, this shoe stands as one of the most recommended shoes by the podiatrists. The all-round features like stability, support, extra soft yet lightweight cushioning, durability and responsiveness make it a better choice for the runners suffering from various foot disorders like bunions, shin splints etc.

Holding all such desirable qualities, G-Defyr is always there to help you with your hip pain by providing soothe and comfort in every


Secure Foot Lockdown
Padded Tongue and Collar
Ensures Stable Stride


No Considerable Shortcomings

3. HOKA ONE ONE - Bondi 7 Mens Shoes

HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 7 has got a unique and attractive style that may grab the attention of those who always look for some style in their running shoes.

With a thick and durable footbed, it can serve you for long and hard runs. The superior cushioning offered by this shoe helps a lot in absorbing the sudden and abrupt shocks that may cause you serious hip pain.


Soft Cushioning


No considerable issues reported

4. ASICS - Men's Gel-Kayano 26 Running Shoes

Like all the other hip pain focused running shoes in the list, the Gel Kayano 26 also offers matchless comfortability features alongside firm support and unusual responsiveness.

Since it uses Gel Cushioning and Flytefoam technology which add to the cushioning and responsiveness of the shoe, respectively

The most interesting thing about this pair of shoes is the guided stride that it offers to the runners. Thus, it undoubtedly proves to be a reliable footwear option for those suffering with hip pain.


Excellent Cushioning
FlyteFoam used in Midsole
Ensures a Guided Stride


Not Water Resistant
Narrower Toe Box

5. Brooks - Men's Ghost 13 Running Shoe

If you are looking for a choice of shoes that may provide you shape and function at the same time, then this shoe has got the gold for you. Ghost 13 combines the style and function both at the same place.

The superior cushioning, enhanced durability, firm support and immediate responsiveness offered by Ghost 13 helps in an easy and comfortable stride.

The effortless running would be less likely to cause any unnatural stress on hips. Thus the hip pain sufferers must consider these shoes to do away with their hip pain issues.


Stability in Stride
Soft Cushioning
True to Size
Secure Foot Lockdown


No considerable shortcomings

Frequently Asked Questions

Does wearing improper shoes cause hip and knee pain?

Of course, wearing wrong shoes that don’t suit your foot shape or natural gait may give you an unstable and imbalanced stride. That would exert an unusual stress on the knees and hips, resulting in knee and hips pain.

Can hip pain be chronic?

Yes, hip pain can be chronic at times. The chronic hip pain is the worst case scenario that may lead you to many other serious complications.

Can bad knees be cured wearing proper shoes?

For sure, the right type of shoes can at least help you in minimizing the seriousness of bad knees.

How to choose the best shoes for knee and hip pain?

In order to cure your hip and knee pain by using the right choice of running shoes, you need to consider soft cushioning, durable soles, flexible upper, guided stride, firm support and responsiveness in the shoes.

Which type of running track helps in preventing knee and hip pain?

Normally, a soft and absorbent running track will give you a knee and hip pain free running experience to your body. For example, a grassy or little sandy running track would be the most favorable choices.


To wrap up, bad knees and hip pain can be a serious physical health disorder that may get even worse if it turns into a chronic one.

Therefore, the wise approach is to nip these pains in the bud as soon as they appear in your body. For that purpose, the article gives you a wise selection of the Best Running Shoes for the Knee and Hip Pain.


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