Best Shoes for Running on Concrete


It is never an ideal experience to run on hard surfaces like concrete or some rigid pavements. You might have seen dozens of people struggling while they are running on the hard and unyielding sidewalks.

It should be avoided to take on such a hard-running terrain but it becomes avoidable when there is no little sandy or grassy running track in your vicinity. Running on a concrete surface is not only an unpleasant experience but you may also receive some serious knee or foot injury.

As it is not quite easy to change your residential area or running terrain, therefore, you must look for some other options that may relieve you from your foot pain originating from the uncomfortable and hard concrete surface.

In fact, poor choice of running shoes may also cause some nasty foot pain. So, you should consider some perfect shoes for running on concrete.

Nonetheless, it is avoidable and you can choose the best pair of running shoes for you if you read the post completely.

It is because we are going to mention some best shoes for running on concrete in this article along with the buying guide as well.

Buyer Guide

When it comes to running on concrete, you need a shoe that can handle the impact. That’s why we’ve put together this buyer’s guide to help you find the best shoe for running on concrete.

We’ll cover everything from the different types of shoes available to the features you should look for when choosing a running shoe.

We’ll even give you some tips on how to care for your shoes so they last longer.
So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned runner, this guide will help you find the perfect shoe for running on concrete.

Assessment Criteria

When choosing a running shoe, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider:

1. Cushioning

The first thing you’ll want to look for in a running shoe is cushioning. This is especially important if you’re going to be running on concrete, as the impact can be tough on your joints.

You’ll want a shoe with good cushioning in the heel and forefoot so you can absorb the shock of each step.

2. Support

Another important factor to consider is support. If you have flat feet or high arches, you’ll need a shoe that provides extra support. Look for shoes with reinforced midsoles and arch support to prevent.

3. Durability

Your running shoes will take a beating if you’re running on concrete, so you’ll want to choose a model that’s built to last. Look for shoes with sturdy construction and materials that can handle the extended use.

4. Weight

Concrete is a hard surface, so you’ll want a shoe that’s lightweight enough to move easily on it. Heavier shoes can be cumbersome and slow you down. Choose a shoe that’s light but still provides the stability and cushioning you need.

1. Brooks – Men's Adrenaline GTS 21

Brooks has a longstanding history of providing quality running shoes to runners. GTS is a technology that has been used in Brooks running shoes for over 25 years.

This technology allows for more flexibility and space within the shoe, creating a roomier feel without sacrificing support.

The Ortholite sockliner in this shoe provides superior cushioning and comfort with every step you take.

The Ortholite sockliner is made from an open cell structure of polyurethane material that wicks moisture away from your foot to keep it cool and dry throughout your run.


Ample Cushioning
Excellent Traction
Rubber Outsole


It May cost a few more bucks to you

2. ASICS – Men's Gel-Cumulus 23

If you preferably choose a hard pavement or concrete track for your daily routine runs, then you would be definitely looking for perfect pair of shoes that may help you getting through this concrete running track journey.

Soft and lightweight cushioning is used to produce ultimate comfort and plus for the wearers. Moreover, it comes with the APMA seal of acceptance to ensure its authenticity.

If you have got this bad boy on your feet and you go to a long morning walk on a concrete track then you will feel more adventurous and comfortable on the way.

These are also made more supportive for you and provide you great stability on every footstep. It is suitable for long morning walks, regardless of the fact whether you run on a sandy track or a hard concrete surface.


True-to-size shoes
Firm grip
Average priced


Average Responsiveness


ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 28 is greatly engineered for your comfortibility and smooth ride.

It allows an easy air flow through its inside cavity to keep your feet fresh. Its balancing structure provides you great stability on any kind of surface or running track.

Moreover, it is made lightweight to add more responsiveness to your ride. Its great cushioning is ensured by its 3D construction which also covers your whole foot and feel you comfortable.

Its amazing cushioning system provides excellent shock absorption in case of any impact during foot landing on a hard concrete surface and prevents you from any resultant foot or knee injury.


Roomy Toe Box
Enhanced Support
Extra Cushioned and Plusher


Not so good for neutral runners.
Extra cushioning may expose it to more sweat because of warmth.

4. Brooks – Men's Glycerin 19

Famous for its cushioning properties, Glycerin 19 offers remarkable comfort options to the runners.

The shoe provides exceptional cushioning which covers whole of your feet whenever you wear it.

The extra cushioning does not only make you feel relaxed but it also ensures the safety from any knee or foot injury originating from hard foot striking on concrete surface.

The mesh upper holds breathability and ensures proper circulation of air in the forefoot portion and the drainage holes would quickly dry the sweat or muddy water from the shoes.

However, there is no waterproof sheet or material used on the outer surface of the shoe.


Extra Cushioning
Breathable Mesh Upper
Perfect Foot Lockdown
Tight Grip
True to Size


Not Water Resistant

5. ASICS – Women's Gel-Cumulus 20

Cumulus 20 has got an upper made up of fabric material and outsole is made with rubberized material.

The foot landings in these shoe would offer you a fine and smooth experience with no unusual stress on knees or ankles because the shoe employs an I.G.S technology which provides you great rebound in any impact.

It is made flexible to a great extent by the SpevaFoam 45, which also adds the softness in it. Low light reflecting material is also used in Cumulus 20 to look strikingly different in the dark.

Unique foam material used in this shoe keeps you in a steady flow and quite energetic during long runs and walks on either stony-rocky terrain or hard-concrete pavement.


 Stylish Look
 Durable Outsole
 Excellent Traction
 Stability in Ride
 Affordable Price


It will need a break-in period.

6. Saucony – Men's Triumph 18

This runner shoes can seriously help the runners during a race competition on a concrete surface by providing them ultimate comfort and plush that they need the most at that time.

It is flexible, soft and comfortable and have all the qualities which runners want in their shoes for uneven and jumpy-bumpy ride.

The shoe holds the features of lightweight construction and softness which make you feel that you are floating on clouds.

Its rubber outsole increases the durability of the shoes and also improves traction on any running surface. It is available in many different colors.


 Firm Support


Minimal Breathability

7. Mizuno – Men's Wave Creation 20

Mizuno Men's Wave Creation 20 Running Shoe, Black, 7.5 D US
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The Mizuno Men’s Wave Creation 20 Running Shoe is ideal for the neutral runner seeking a soft, cushioned ride.

The new Infinity Wave offers more cushioning than ever before in a lightweight package.

The upper features an Air Mesh that provides superior breathability and comfort while the Premium Sockliner provides added support and comfort.


Cushioned shoe for the heel that is thick
Wide toe box
Arch support


A bit stiff

8. Brooks – Addiction 14

The Brooks Addiction 14 sneakers provide easy support and a roomier fit, making them perfect for both short and long runs.

With maximum cushioning and stability support, these sneakers are ideal for anyone with overpronation.

The road-specific surface provides the right amount of traction and durability for your runs.


Maximum cushioning
Easily supportable
Roomy fit


 It may run a little heavy on your feet.

9. HOKA – ONE ONE Mens Gaviota 2

The HOKA ONE ONE Gaviota 2 is a lightweight, low-profile walking shoe that offers a great combination of cushioning and stability.

The Gaviota 2 features an OrthoLite® footbed for optimum comfort and support.

The upper is constructed with breathable mesh fabric that allows air to flow through the shoe, keeping your feet cool and dry.

The midsole has been redesigned in the Gaviota 2 to provide more stability while you walk or run. It also provides better flexibility in the forefoot area as well as enhanced cushioning.


 OrthoLite® footbed
 Breathable mesh upper


 Not casual shoes
 Much pricey and expensive

10. Saucony – Men's Echelon 8

Saucony Men's Echelon 8 Running Shoe, Black/White, 7 Wide
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The sole of the Saucony is made of fine quality rubber with lace up closure. Latest cushioning technology is used to ensure the comfortibility of the wearer.

It has great rebound quality with softness which keep you in a smooth flow while running.

It will never lose its softness and comfort even if you’re running for miles or for hours on concrete tracks.

There is no question upon its durability and the design of the shoe is quite extraordinary and fashionable. Its balancing ability is also outstanding.


 More feel-good cushioning
 PWRRUN midsole technology
 Durable Build


 Not for narrow feet.
 The poor grip on wet surfaces

11. Brooks – Women's Glycerin 15

Brooks Women’s Glycerin 15 running shoes are designed to provide a snug, comfortable fit with a lightweight feel.

These shoes have got a mesh breathable upper that also keeps your feet warm during cold winter days.

You can easily go for hikes and trail runs without being afraid of shivering feet due to utter cold out there on the way.

The shoe can easily adapt any foot shape and midsole offers a great energy return while you are on longer mileages.


Roomy Toe Box
 Excellent Traction
 Slip Prevention


Less Grounded Feel due to high heel and stake height

12. Hoka – One One Men's Clifton 4

Hoka One One Mens Clifton 4 Running Shoe
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Hoka One One’s Clifton 4 is the lightest, most responsive road running shoe on the market.

The Hoka One One Clifton 4 features a new midsole technology that allows for an incredibly lightweight ride without sacrificing cushioning and stability.

If you are looking for a super-lightweight, high-performance running shoe designed to help take your performance to the next level, look no further than the Hoka One One Clifton 4!

Available in men sizes 7-13.


 Midsole technology provides cushioning and stability
 Best for long-distance runs


Not for flat feet as it is a neutral shoe.

13. Saucony – Men's Kinvara 8

The Saucony Kinvara 8 is a lightweight running shoe with a design that helps you run more efficiently.

The EVERUN top sole construction provides continuous cushioning, and the FLEXFILM overlays provide a proper structure and firm support.

The Kinvara 8 gives back more energy with every stride while cradling the foot only where it’s needed most.

Though the shoe is not that remarkable with its traction on every kind of running terrain yet it helps the shoe wearers by offering an extremely secure foot lockdown.

Wearing this pair of shoes on your feet, you may run for quite a long distance with unshakable stability in your ride.

Kinvara 8 happens to be the best choice of footgear for those who are looking for perfect arch support.

It may relieve your knee and foot pain arising from the foot striking on a harder surface.


Fast Ride
 Improved Upper Fit


 Limited colors
It may not be suitable for aged persons

14. Saucony – Cohesion 10

Saucony Cohesion 10 is an everyday training shoe that is affordable for long or short miles.

Although Saucony does not utilize all its leading technology in its model, this neutral model provides excellent cushioning and plush to the wearer.

Due to ample cushioning it lowers the chances of knee or foot pain due to feet striking on concrete or hard surface.

The Saucony 10 is a lightweight shoe that offers firm support alongside a GRID cushioning feature for the heel.

The runners will be comfortable after knowing that they’re receiving a quality shoe designed to provide stability and support.

This trainer shoe can be an excellent choice for running to the finish line.


 Excellent cushioning
 Durable construction
 Firm support
 Lightweight mesh upper


 It may run narrow on your feet.
You may find it slippery on wet surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bad to run on concrete?

It is bad to run on concrete for long time because it can cause a number of injuries, including:

  • Achilles tendinitis
  • Shin splints
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • Iliotibial band syndrome

In addition, running on concrete can be hard on your joints and may lead to long-term damage. For these reasons, it is best to run on a softer surface whenever possible.

What should be considered in the running shoes for concrete?

In the running shoes for concrete, you must ensure that it is well-cushioned, durable, flexible, and has a roomy toe box.

When purchasing running shoes for concrete, it is important to consider the durability and cushioning of the shoe.

Because concrete is a hard surface, it can be tough on your shoes, so you’ll want a pair that can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Additionally, you’ll want shoes that have good cushioning to help absorb some of the shocks from your feet hitting the ground.

Does running on concrete hurt your feet?

Running on concrete can be hard on your feet because it’s a hard, flat surface. When you run, your feet hit the ground with a lot of force, and this repeated force can cause pain and injuries such as stress fractures.

To protect your feet while running on concrete, you can buy running shoes that have been designed to cushion the impact of running.

These shoes will have thick midsoles and soft uppers that will help to absorb some of the shocks of hitting the ground.

What should be a heel-to-toe drop in the running shoes for concrete?

There is no definitive answer to this question since everyone’s feet are different and everyone runs differently.

However, as a general rule of thumb, most running shoes have a heel-to-toe drop of around 10-12 mm.

This means that the height difference between the heel and the toe of the shoe is around 10-12 mm.

If you’re running on concrete, you may want to purchase a shoe with a slightly higher heel-to-toe drop to help cushion your feet and prevent injury.

How should an overpronator choose the perfect running shoe for a concrete surface?

When you go to purchase a running shoe for concrete, be sure to ask the storekeeper to help you find a stability or motion control shoe.

These shoes have features that will correct excessive pronation, which is what causes many runners pain when running on concrete.

Oftentimes, people with severe overpronation issues need custom orthotics in order to find relief while running.

If this is the case for you, be sure to mention it to the associate and they can recommend a shoe that will work well with your orthotics.

Why do the runners with high arches use neutral running shoes on hard surfaces?

There are a few reasons why runners with high arches may prefer to use neutral running shoes on hard surfaces.

First, neutral shoes provide more cushioning and support than other types of shoes, which can help protect the feet from the impact of running on hard surfaces.

Additionally, neutral shoes tend to be more flexible than other types of shoes, which can help provide a comfortable fit for runners with high arches.

Finally, when purchasing running shoes, it is important to consider the type of surface that you will be running on most often in order to choose the best shoe for your needs.

Runners with high arches use neural shoes on concrete because these shoes give huge flexibility and sufficient support on any running terrain.


To conclude, it is advisable to seriously consider your running comfortability on the harder concrete surfaces.

If not checked properly and not fixed aptly and timely, the constant running on concrete with wrong shoes may lead you to some serious foot disorder as well.

Therefore, wisely choose the best shoes for running on concrete to have a safe running experience.


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