Best Shoe for Achilles Tendonitis


Finding it hard to walk with Achilles tendonitis caused by improper shoes? Can’t find the best shoes for Achilles tendonitis? Finding or selecting the best comfortable shoes for different foot types is a problem when you have a variety of shoes in the market, but you don’t have to worry anymore because we’ve got you covered by listing the best suitable shoes for you to prevent Achilles Tendonitis.

On a morning walk, you may come across several passersby who might be suffering with severe Achilles tendonitis disease.

It gets harder for them to keep the balance in their stride or run as smoothly as a normal runner runs.  Let us explore the perfect footwear choices for preventing Achilles Tendonitis in the best possible way.

You will get a detailed orientation of the workable shoe options for this severe lower leg discomfort through our top picks for the best shoes for Achilles tendonitis.

Top 15 Best Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

We have listed some comfortable shoes for different foot types that will provide complete support to your feet and help you prevent Achilles tendonitis or any other type of foot injury. These shoes will protect your feet in many ways during long walks, running, and mountain hikes.

1. Rocker - Bottom Shoes

MBT Women's Colorado X Rocker Bottom Walking Shoe, Black - 9 M US
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Using rocker bottom shoes lessens the plantarflexion moment, and the Achilles tendon does not have to work as hard.

Only rocker bottom shoes have been shown in studies to reduce tendon load. Therefore, they’re a popular choice for choosing the best shoes for Achilles tendinitis.

Rocker bottoms are also a favorite when deciding on the best running shoes or supportive shoes.

Their epic design helps to reduce pressure on the Achilles tendon. The deep toe box and shoes as a whole seem to fit especially on flat feet.

Furthermore, the shoes have got built-in orthotics that help with arch support for flat feet. The back arch of the shoe correctly supports the Achilles tendon making it one of the most comfortable running shoes for people suffering from Achilles tendonitis.


 Excellent Cushioning
 Arch Support
 Breathable Upper
 Perfect for Overpronators


Toe box may not appear that wider
Not so good for wide feet

2. Asics - Nimbus 23

The ASICS Gel-Nimbus model is known as the best-suggested shoe for resolving the several complications and conditions related to Achilles tendonitis while specifically focusing on people who have high arches.
These cushioned shoes are well known for the amazing cushioned midsole that prevents tendon pain.
It has a cross upper flex that relaxes tendonitis-affected spots. The GEL cushioning technology in the back of the foot and forefoot helps carry weight evenly throughout the foot.
These shoes have a unique heel gripping mechanism, making them the ideal heel tendonitis jogging shoes.
When all of the above qualities are acknowledged, there are almost very less or no reasons to overlook this shoe for curing or preventing Achilles tendonitis.


Ample Cushioning
Excellent Traction
Rubber Outsole


Little Expensive, yet gives value for your money

3. Sketchers - Go Walk Max

Sketchers Go Walk is one of their most comfortable and fashionable walking shoe lines, and it’s perfect for Achilles Tendinitis sufferers.

These provide ideal support to the Achilles tendonitis muscles. The upper is made entirely of soft, breathable mesh.

On the inner side of the shoe, you may see a perfect 5-Gen Cushioning and a comfortable moisture-wicking fabric lining.

The shoes have a parametric design that provides superior shock absorption and cushioning.

Sketchers Go Walk Max also features a long-lasting durable rubber outsole which may easily endure any unusual stress on the shoes.

Undoubtedly, they have the most secure footing. The upper sole is soft and elastic, and it fits the foot wonderfully.

You can choose the preferred color for your shoes out of a broader spectrum of a varied color range.


Guided Stride
Also a Perfect Pick for Flat Feet
Comfort and Cushioning
Firm Support


Minimal grip

4. Asics - Gel Contend 7 for Men

This shoe’s Rearfoot GEL padding system is a unique and adaptable feature that helps relieve the pressure caused due to Achilles Tendonitis.

It provides complete support and a tight grip on the feet. It’s made of imported synthetic and textile materials.

The cushioned tongue and collar contribute towards enhanced comfort and prevent any dirt or dust entering the shoes. Moreover, the rubber soles are top of the line.

The shoe also has a removable sock liner created specifically for tendonitis and other orthotic issues. It comes in various stunning colors, providing the ideal balance of functionality and style.


Superior Cushioning
Flexible Upper
Adequate Support
Ensures Stability in Stride


May get warmer in hot summer days

5. Brooks - Ghost 14

The Brooks adrenaline Ghost 14 is perfect for people healing from tendinitis since it provides a fantastic fit, support, and a high drop.

For numerous years, the Ghost 13 has been one of the best-selling and most popular running shoes on the market.

The cushioned arch and footbed add them to the ranking list of supportive shoes.

The ideal support is provided by the excellent flexing ability and heel-to-toe stride.

The cushioned heel and padded collar protects against Achilles tendinitis by stabilizing the ankle. The upper is soft and flexible, and thus it keeps your foot secure.


 Ample Cushioning
 Shocks Absorption
 Lightweight Upper


Not so good for longer runs

6. Adidas - Ultra Boots for Men

adidas Men's Ultraboost Road Running Shoe, White/White/White, 7.5 M US
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Extreme comfort and performance are assured because this shoe has a Cloud foam midsole and a durable rubber outsole.

This feature saves you from having tendon pain and prevents Achilles tendonitis. These are also highly suggested as the best shoes for Achilles tendonitis.

In fact, the uppers are made of breathable cloth and are flexible for a more comfortable fit. A Cloud foam midsole provides extra cushioning and comfort.

You will find an excellent traction and grip in this pair of shoe because of the sturdy rubber outsole.

The Ultra Boost substance is the most flexible extra cushioned material ever created.

Moreover, fit-counter technology is a molded heel counter that promotes a natural fit and optimal movement for the Achilles.

The soft textile lining brings more comfort and plush to the shoe wearer and thus relieves much of the Achilles Tendonitis pain.


 Perfect for Overpronators


May get too warm because of extra cushioning

7. Clarks - Lisbon for Men

Clarks Men's Un Lisbon Lace Sneaker, Navy Leather & Canvas Combi, 70 M US
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This is an outstanding casual all-occasions and everyday comfort Clarks’ best shoes for Achilles tendonitis, perfect for anyone with Achilles tendonitis.

The shoe has got a leather upper which holds some water resistance capability as well. In addition to that the leather upper is highly flexible and adapt to any foot shape thus it helps the feet to adjust comfortably according to any foot pronation.

Cloud stepper technology used in this shoe would provide soft cushioning and shock absorption which in turn minimizes the chances of Achilles Tendonitis.

The lace-up closure of this sneaker would ensure perfect and secure foot lockdown to prevent any possible foot injury.

The durable rubber outsole gives excellent traction toad stability in the ride.


Tight Grip


Relatively less Soft

8. Saucony - Men’s Guide Running Shoe

Another best-running shoe for Achilles tendonitis comes from Saucony. Even though this is a road-running shoe, you may use it on the trails, in the gym, or for everyday use while your tendonitis recovers.
Keep in mind that grip may not be suitable for rough terrain. A slight lift is also present in the heel and toe portions, decreasing the pressure on your Achilles.
The shoe has also got a contoured footbed that provides an exact fit.
The upper is made of a breathable mesh that lets the air pass through and keeps your feet dry.
They come in several bright colors for evening runs. Moreover, the Cherry on the top is that it is a Well-trusted brand.


Secure Foot Lockdown
Padded Tongue and Collar
Ensures Stable Stride


Break-in period required

9. Nike - Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 36

The Nike Air Pegasus 36 has a high heel-to-toe drop which makes it one of the best shoes for Achilles tendonitis.

The shoes are ideal for runners who desire arch support and have a neutral stride. Some features contribute to it being a perfect shoe for treating both minor and severe Tendonitis symptoms.

For example, the supportive back provides lots of arch support and also prevents lower leg pain or pain in calves while running.

The shoes are suggested as the nice value running shoe and they come in variety of great color selections. The amazing cushioned footbed makes your feet feel relaxed.


 Excellent Cushioning
 Ensures a Guided Stride


 Not Water Resistant
 Narrower Toe Box

10. Orthofeet - Gramercy for Men

The Gramercy by Orthofeet is a fantastic dress shoes that has excellent support and comfort characteristics to accommodate and treat Achilles Tendonitis.

This bad boy has got a smooth leather covering with an extra-deep design and a roomy toe box, as well as broader width options.

The shoe also includes anatomical arch support and an orthopedic air-cushioned sole for comfort and support.

Moreover, it is highly suggested shoe as it has proved to be highly effective in treating Achilles tendonitis.

The shoe has got the popular Orth feet Bio Heels, which provide extra stability and support in a low and comfortable heel.

This dress shoe provides a classy and dashing Oxford lace-up style.


 Stability in Stride
 Soft Cushioning
 True to Size
 Secure Foot Lockdown


No considerable shortcomings

11. New Balance - M1540v3 for Men

New Balance 1540v3 is ideal for those with a broad foot because it comes in large sizes, which is essential for maintaining proper posture.

This feature also adds these shoes to the best shoes for Achilles tendonitis. These are one of the highly rated shoes among all.

The front is broad, allowing enough room and air for the toes. It’s constructed of breathable cloth and has a roomy toe box.

It lowers vertical pressure and restricts foot joint motion. Areas of extreme force are relieved.

This shoe is recommended for heel pain, especially for low arches, because it has a strong arch and heel support system and a solid structure.

Achilles tendonitis can be caused by various reasons, including obesity and excessive exercise.

In this case, the specific layer given by this shoe is required to relieve the sad state at the bottom of your feet.


Stable Ride
Roomy Toe Box
Arch and Heel Support


Laces look quite short

12. Sketchers – Shape Ups for Men

This shoe has a beautiful look and an unbelievable amount of comfort.

This shoe is advised for persons who have suffered from an Achilles tendon injury since it will help to relieve the strain on your muscles and tendons.

It tightly grips the flat feet and prevents them from moving around; this goes a long way toward ensuring that the tendons are lightly massaged and that their inflammation problems are avoided.

Many overweight people are prone to Achilles tendonitis; thus, this shoe comes as a welcome relief.

These shoes are not only among the best for Achilles pain, but they also ease discomfort in the lower back and knees.


 Super Comfy
 Good for Flat Feet
Relieve the foot pain.


Less ground feel

13. Puma – Cell Surin 2 for Men

This shoe is on our list of the finest cross-training shoes because of its design around the heel cup, ideal for dealing with Achilles Tendonitis pain.

Here we discuss some of the reasons why this is one of the best shoes for Achilles Tendonitis. It’s an entirely synthetic sneaker that’s incredibly well-balanced.

The rubber soles are of exceptional quality, and they go a great way toward reducing the symptoms of Achilles tendonitis.

Moreover, it boasts a one-of-a-kind TPU shank that helps to increase the shoe’s stability and reduce unwanted movement while on the go.

It also has a heel cushioning element that helps to relieve Achilles Tendonitis pain. Cell Surin 2 has a grip outsole, which aids with pain and inflammation reduction.


 Rubber outsole
 Rearfoot Cushioning


Break-in period required

14. Propet – Stability Walker for Men

Propet’s Stability walker is one of the best shoes for Achilles Tendonitis. Its exclusively unique design does not only enhance your look but also provides extreme comfort and support.
These are one of the best cushioned shoes which are available in few neutral color options. The uppers of these shoes are made of soft leather with perforations for ventilation.
The Stability Walker from Propet consists of a padded collar and padded sole that provides a soft base and tight grip to the feet.
The thick rubber outsole is long-lasting and provides outstanding traction. This shoe has a supportive structure and padded collar with a shock absorbing, cushioned midsole, a slightly elevated heel, and a firm heel counter.
All these features unconditionally contribute towards the prevention of Achilles Tendonitis.


 Perforated Upper
 Excellent Traction


Durability is questionable

15. YDB – Men's Running Shoes

The YDB running shoes for men are comfortable and supportive shoes for treating Achilles Tendinitis.

The breathable mesh material is used to keep your feet sweat free and dry. A rubber sole provides traction on outdoor surfaces.

The uppers are made of soft textile for rapid drying comfort.

Apart from laces closure for secure foot lockdown, you can also put on or take off these shoes as they also offer a slip-on design.

The ultimate cushioning and firm support helps improving the Achilles Tendonitis soon. The shoe offers excellent traction on all surfaces and can be used at several occasions too.


 Firm Support
 Remarkable Traction
 Laces closure
 Secure Foot Lockdown


It may not suit wide feet runners

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that high-top shoes are better for Achilles?

High-heeled shoes as compared to low-top shoes, the peak Achilles tendon tension was reduced by 9.9% on average. When compared to untied laces, tied laces significantly lowered peak tension in low-top (3.7%) and high-top (12.8%) shoes.

Is Achilles tendinitis ever going to go away?

Achilles tendinitis typically improves after six weeks to a few months of rest. To reduce your chances of getting Achilles tendinitis again, try the following: Maintain a healthy lifestyle all year.

Is it possible to get Achilles tendonitis by wearing flat shoes?

Walking in flat shoes with thin, unsupportive soles puts too much strain on your heel bones. Blisters on your Achilles tendon can be caused by the back of the shoe grinding against your heel on a regular basis.


As a result of the above mentioned information and wide variety of best shoes, you can conclude that Achilles tendonitis is a severe problem among athletes and should take every measure to avoid damage.

Purchasing any of the best shoes for Achilles tendonitis from the list above will help you avoid injury while providing excellent comfort and support to your feet.

In addition, it will enhance your looks and lifestyle as well as your hikes and trips will be more pleasant and adventurous.


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