Nike Running Shoes for Girls


It is universally true that you cannot segregate the girls from fashion. Both these words have some mysterious relationship with each other that is hard to be shaken any soon.

However, the picture is not complete yet because we have to relate another element with this combo (relationship of the girls and fashion) to make it a memorable bond or a remarkable trio.

That third element is none other than NIKE. Of course, NIKE…..the very brand that has introduced some catchy styles and designs in footwear and footgear domains. It really did uplift the shoes from being mere footwear to becoming fashion products at one point of our near past.

So we are going to discuss NIKE’s best entries in the fashion world to facilitate the girls with the best possible footgear. If you are a fashion freak teenage girl or one who is looking for some perfect shoes for running and training then keep reading this post till the end because we are going to give a detailed orientation of the Best Nike Running Shoes for Girls.

The buyer guide will instruct you for choosing the right pair of shoes to fill some thrill in your ride.

Buyer Guide

Girls are always doubtful in making a wise choice for their purchases. Their mind flooded with numerous random questions and douts would not let them make a free but witty decision regarding their running shoe choice.

If you are a girl and find yourself on the fence to decide on the selection of the perfect running shoes for you, then you are at the right place because we are going straight to discuss the evaluation criteria and notable considerations for finalizing the best NIKE running shoes for girls.

Evaluation Criteria

Let us set an evaluation criterion for the best Nike running shoes for girls that will define the standards of a perfect Nike shoe choice for girls. It can be only fixed by ensuring the following notable considerations in your new Nike running shoes.

Notable Considerations

Get to know the following considerations buying Nike running shoes for girls. It will help you in buying a pair of shoes that will provide you value for your money. Let us explore these necessary requirements one by one:

True to SIze

If you are going to purchase a pair of shoes for girls then reconfirm the size because girls’ shoes are narrower than those for men.

However, the running shoes for girls are wider in the forefoot area but have a narrower heel portion.

Nonetheless, Nike has almost similar entries for men and women with minimal differences. Most of the Nike shoes are Unisex and not gender-specific.


Very few footwear wearers know about the concept of Q-angle. It is, in fact, an angle of incidence of the quad muscle relative to the kneecap.

Normally, it is seen that girls have wider hips as compared to men. Consequently, their Q-angle will also be large.

Thus they are more likely to suffer from either kind of pronation; overpronation or underpronation.

Therefore, it is advisable to buy those shoes for girls which have some preventive measures for pronation.

Comparatively Less Firm Midsole

It is a big-T truth that girls’  have lower muscle mass than men, so their feet would exert almost 15% less pressure on the midsole.

Therefore, the midsole in girls’ shoes is kept almost 15% less firm to endure their collective body pressure on the midsole.

Therefore, the midsole in girls’ running shoes must be a little extra soft and light than in men’s running shoes.

Moreover, there should be little large flex grooves on the outsole of the girls’ shoes as compared to those for men.

The reason behind it is that girls have relatively less weight than boys so they are less likely to gain sufficient flex through pressing the midsole.

Therefore, the deep flex groove on the outsole will help them get the necessary flex during the normal stride.

Comfort Features

Since girls have soft and delicate body features than boys, then they would definitely require softer and plusher running shoes.

Therefore, the best Nike running shoes for women must possess ample cushioning but with some lightweight foam so that they don’t get too heavy and irresponsive to restrict the swift ride.


Girls are always looking for some footwear that may catch the attention of the onlookers. Therefore, the style is the must-included feature for girls’ running shoes.

It is better to look for those running shoes which come in a variety of sizes, color ranges and styles.


Durability is something that can not be compromised while purchasing anything from anywhere.

The longevity of girls’ running shoes would ensure the minimum possible wear and tear. A less durable pair of running shoes would demand repair after frequent intervals of time.

Therefore, it is advisable to look for durable footgear before spending money on it and resultantly replacing it again and again because of the successive wear and tear.

1. Nike – Unisex-Child Revolution 4 (Gs)

Nike Boys' Revolution 4 (GS) Running Shoe, Dark Grey/Black - Cool Grey - White, 6Y Regular US Big Kid
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First thing first, the mesh upper of Revolution 4 is quite breathable and flexible too. Both these features add to the ventilation of the shoe and the easy foot adjustment, in a respective manner.

The shoe has a secure foot lockdown and it never runs loose on your feet while running. The girls love to use this bad boy because of the wide variety of its color range that it normally comes in.

The size 6 of Unisex Child Revolution 45 (GS) is perfect for big girls. The cushioning and plush of the Child Revolution 4 contribute to the enhanced comfortability of the shoe.

However, its outsole is not that durable and the mesh upper is not water-resistant. Therefore, it may get drenched on some rainy days.


 Multicolor Range
 True to Size
 Secure Foot lockdown


 Less durable Outsole
 Not Water Resistant

2. Nike – Women's Low-Top Sneakers

Nike Low Top Sneaker is a super comfy adult shoe that has got ample cushioning in its insoles for better comfortability.

These sneakers give you a perfect foot lockdown so that you remain comfortable while running and exercising.

Those girls with a greater Q-Angle can find solace in this shoe because the bigger Q-angle leads to abnormal foot pronation and Nike Low Top Sneakers have got enough support in its midsole that can make you forget any kind of foot disorder or foot discomfort.

The upper is quite flexible which can be quite helpful for girls as they cannot find enough flex through the midsole. Thus the flexible upper allow them to adjust their foot in a more convenient way.


 Flexible upper
 Mesh Upper
 True to Size


Not for Longer Runs

3. Nike – Unisex-Child Downshifter 9 Grade

Satisfying the top priority of the female wearers, Nike Downshifter 9 Grade is quite catchy and attractive in its style.

This shoe would better suit those girl runners who are looking for some lightweight and highly responsive budget training shoes.

The Downshifter 9 is not roomy as it seems, so it is better for little girls and can also be used as a kids shoe.

The shoe offers sufficient energy return but cushioning is relatively less in this model.

So, if your foot landings are quite gentle and you are not a heavy striker, then this shoe is probably for you. You should just give it a try and enjoy your ride in some style.


 Stylish Look
 Good for Light Striker
 Adequate Energy Return
 True to Size


 Narrow Toe Box
 Traction on wet surfaces is not so good

4. Nike Unisex-Child Revolution 5 Grade

Nike Revolution 5 is best to be used for short-distance runs or gym workouts or maybe for running some routine errands.

Otherwise, if you need to run for more than 10 miles every day, then it is not going to be a perfect choice.

However, it is going to be a supreme choice for little girls or kids. The other attraction for the wearers in this shoe can be its cheap price as it is easily affordable by even low-budget runners.

The girls can use these shoes as beginner runner shoes or minimalist shoes which are good for long walks and not so good for long runs.


 True to Size
 Perfect Foot Lockdown
 Mesh and Breathable Upper
 Minimalist Shoe
 Best for Walking


Short Laces

5. Nike – Unisex-Child Star Runner 2

Like the Nike React Series, the Child Star Runner 2 has got an identical style and design that may grab the attention of any buyer.

The upper of this shoe possesses standardized features like it is lightweight, flexible and breathable.

However, the upper is so thin that you will suspect its durability. However, it is not the case because it is actually not what it seems like.

The rubber outsole offers excellent traction and tight grip even on a wet road after a rainy spell. So you can fully trust it and carry out your running activities with full confidence.

However, like many other shoes for girls in this list, Child Star Runner 2 also suits the kids’ footwear requirements and serves as a perfect footgear for kids too.


 Mesh Upper
 Rubber Outsole
 Excellent Traction


Not so good for longer runs

6. Nike – Girls' Revolution 4 (PSV)

Girls’ revolution 4 (PSV) is the typical female running shoe that can be picked by any girl at first sight.

Though it seems to be clunky, it is quite lightweight and responsive as well. You can observe how it helps you in running or jogging with very minimal effort.

Apart from laces it also offers hook and loop closure that ensures secure foot lockdown.

Like many other shoes on this list of best Nike running shoes for girls, Revolution 4 (PSV) has also got excellent traction due to its rubber outsole. Moreover, it can also be a great choice for toddlers.


 Tight Grip
 Excellent Traction
 Hook and Loop Closure along with Laces


Not good for longer runs

7. Nike – Unisex-Child Revolution 5 Pre School Velcro

Pre School Velcro by Nike is a super choice amongst the little kids and preschoolers.

The shoe has got unmeasurable praise and admiration from its wearers. With the padded tongue and collar along with ample cushioning in the midfoot and heel portion, the Pre School Velcro is no less than a shoe of all-foam.

A hook on its back makes it easier for the kids to put it on or take it off. The mesh breathable upper gives flexibility and ventilation options to the sweating feet.

The hook and loop closure provides the kids and little girls with a secure foot lockdown.


 Super Comfy
 Perfect Foot Lockdown
 Best for Short Distance Runs
 Velcro Closure


May run warm on hot summer days

8. NIKE – Kids' Revolution 3 (GS)

Nike Revolution 3 (GS) is no different than the other choices in this list of the 8 best Nike running shoes for girls.

The shoe has got a breathable and flexible mesh upper that would allow an easy adjustment of the foot for those girls with abnormal foot pronation because of bigger Q-Angle.

The tongue runs high and laces confirm the secure lockdown for young kids and girls.

The midsole is equipped with lightweight foam cushioning and also provides firm support and responsiveness to ensure a smooth and stable ride.


 Flexible Upper
 Secure Foot Lockdown


Not super durable

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Nike running shoes are preferred over other brands?

Nike shoes are preferred because of the longstanding tradition of Nike to always bring new features and introduce new styles and set the trends for the future.

What to be considered before buying running shoes for girls?

You need to double-check the shoe size, Q-Angle, firmness of the midsole and flex in the upper for a better running shoe for girls.

How can Q-Angle affect the girls’ shoes choice?

Normally girls have a greater Q-Angle that can lead them to abnormal foot pronation. Thus they can be vulnerable to any possible injury risk.

Which common feature is included in every Nike running shoe that is missed by other shoe brands?

Unlike all other shoe brands, almost all Nike shoes have similar features for men and women. So a long list of Nike shoes is Unisex.

Do the Nike running shoes for girls’ can also be used by kids and toddlers?

Of course, many of the smaller size girls’ running shoes can be better used by toddlers and kids too.


The epilog of the discussion is to suggest wise ways to the women wearers about the selection of the Best Nike Running Shoes for Girls.

Almost all the shoes on this list have more the less similar features with minimal variations.

However, you can easily choose the one that suits you best. Moreover, the buying guide gives you a clear idea of how to choose the Best Nike Running Shoes for Girls. After all, the choice is yours!


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