Best Running Shoes for Beginner Runners

Are you switching towards a healthier lifestyle to keep yourself bodily fit? Have you decided on starting running to maintain your physique? Then you must be overwhelmed by a troublesome question about getting the right running shoes for beginner runners.
But worry not mate! The worst is over now. All you need is to stick to this post till the end because we are going to unfold a sensible selection of Top 10 Best Running Shoes for Beginner Runners to buy in 2024.

Buyer Guide

Being a beginner runner, dozens of questions and doubts hit your mind. You will always find yourself in a dilemma of selecting the best and rejecting the rest.

However, you need to choose the best running shoes for beginner runners in a wise manner.

Here is the evaluation criteria for selecting the perfect running shoes for beginner runners. Here are some notable considerations that you are required to abide by while buying the best running shoes for beginner runners in 2024.


What should you see in the best running shoes for beginner runners?

Here are some chief factors that help you decide on the best choice available.

1. Breathability

It is a common observation that runners’ shoes get wet soon because of excessive sweating while running hard through the road or off road. Wet shoes can cause a serious irritation, blistering or sore feet to the runners. That is why breathability rests as a primary focus of concern regarding running shoes for beginners.

The shoes with wide toe box and mesh upper are normally better with their breathability options. Breathable shoes will give you confidence while participating in the daring and adventurous Spartan or Mudder Races.

2. Terrain

The significance of the terrain that you take on for running cannot be overlooked while buying the best running shoes for beginners. You need to consider what type of running exercise you are going to start.

You require a different pair of running shoes for a road run and for a trail run you need some other type of shoes. Likewise, you have to purchase a certain type of shoes for treadmill running.

3. Comfortability

Since shoes have a strong and long relation with your feet, they need to provide an adequate plusher feeling and comfort to your feet in a true manner.

Check the shoes thoroughly for a compatible drop value with your feet features. Also consider the ample cushioning and comfortability choice offered by your new running shoes.

4. Support

Being a beginner runner, you are always conscious about any unexpected injury or discomfort that your feet may experience. Therefore, it is honestly advised to seriously consider the support features in your running shoes before paying for them. Moreover, to avoid injuries don’t forget to do strtches before and after running.

Double check whether midfoot is supportive or not. Furthermore, ensure that the extra material has been used in making the side panel and ankle cuff more supportive. A right pair of shoes can add some favorable balance to your smooth running.

5. Durability

One of the most common and the most striking factors that asks you to evaluate the running shoes for beginners before buying is the durability factor. The durability element decides the life of running shoes. It is quite troublesome for beginners to replace the shoes soon after a short mileage.

Therefore, you are required to ensure the long lasting characteristics in your new running shoes to experience a smooth running either out on the road or on the treadmill inside.

6. Type of Shoes

It is quite important to know the exact shoe type before purchasing the running shoes for a beginner. The shoes manufactured for a road run purpose can be classified in two main categories.

a) Neutral Shoes

Neutral shoes are designed for the neutral runners who have normal pronation as their foot naturally rolls inward when it hits the ground. Nonetheless, it can be further divided into two types.

First type is minimalist or performance shoes which are designed for fast running or racing purposes but may compromise a little on comfortability. The other type is maximal shoes which have a perfect focus on ample cushioning and comfortability features.

b) Support Shoes

Support shoes are normally referred to as stability shoes too. These shoes are especially designed for those runners who are overpronators or under pronators.

These runners have a slightly more or less inward rolling of foot when it hits the ground than the normal. Therefore, they need some special shoes with enhanced cushioning and support options.

Top 10 Best Running Shoes for Beginner Runners in 2024

Let us explore the best possible options for getting the perfect running shoes for beginner runners in 2024.

1. ASICS - Men's Fuzex Running Shoe

ASICS FuzeX serves as a suitable choice for those beginner runners who are looking for some all-rounder running shoes. This pair of shoes equally suits the neutral performance runners and those who seek comfortability or cushioning in the running shoes.

That is because it uses an admirable midsole technology to provide support while running hard and rough on the road.


Durability, since it can efficiently handle wear & tear
Water resistant, as it can save the runner from getting wet
Provides cushioning and comfortability features
Antibacterial agent to remove smell
Affordable price


Narrower Toe box
Stiff Upper

2. ASICS - Men's Gel-Kayano 28 Running Shoes

Like all its previous versions, Kayano 28 by ASICS still retains the qualities of stability, durability, breathability and extra cushioning. It uses FlyteFoam material in its midsole making it more comfortable.

This shoe can be the best choice for those beginner runners who are suffering with overpronation or underpronation.

Resultantly, flat feet runners would see adequate soothing options in Kayano 28. The stability options offered by Kayano 28 make it the first choice for the support runners (those with abnormal pronation).


Roomy Toe Box
Enhanced Support
Extra Cushioned and Plusher


Not so good for neutral runners
Extra cushioning may expose it to more sweat because of warmth

3. HOKA ONE ONE - Mach 4 Mens Shoes

Hoka Mach 4 is the perfect choice for beginner runners because it is a performance shoe that is more focused on the speedy workout sessions, running, sprints and racing.

Available at an affordable price, this shoe offers a firm and solid support, ample cushioning, better mileage and lightweight.

Since it uses PROFLY foam for cushioning, it becomes softer and responsive. However, you can’t feel the ground because of extra cushioning in the shoe.

Hoka Mach 4 also serves as a wise choice for flat feet in many cases.


Enhanced Support
Super soft upper
Responsive and plusher


Thin and long laces
Wear & Tear of the outsole

4. Adidas - Women's Solar Glide 4 Running Shoe

adidas Women's Solar Glide 4 Running Shoe, Black/White/Grey, 7.5
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This shoe version by Adidas is magical with its grip and lockdown features as it truly fits your size. Adidas Solarglide 4 is normally considered as a perfect starter running shoe because of the proven EVA frame setup and Boost.

The Boost foam makes the top more comfortable and plusher while the EVA frame setup adds to the firm support and stability of the shoes. The shoe is a prime choice for those who are just beginners at running.


Firm Grip
Solid Support
Fine Responsiveness
Fit to your size
Compatible with beginner runners


Comparatively less durable.
High in price.
Not the first choice for wide feet

5. Nike - Winflo 8 Men's Running Shoes

Nike Mens Air Zoom Winflo 8 Black/Red/Grey (Numeric_9_Point_5)
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The Air Zoom Winflo 8 by Nike comes with an impressive level of responsiveness and comfortability options. It contains a forefoot Zoom Air Bag inside the EVA frame setup in midsole. All these features add to its plush and cushioning level.

The shoe is perfect for regular tempo runs and excessive running sessions. The usage of Flywire technology in its midsole makes it more secure and supportive for beginner runners. The mesh upper enhances the breathability options for sweating or wet feet.


Perfect stability for longer runs
Desirable Cushioning and Comfort options
Durable for a long mileage


Some complaints about tight toe box

6. Nike - Revolution 5

Nike Unisex-Kid's Revolution 5 Grade School Running Shoe, Cool Grey/Pure Platinum-Dark Grey, 4Y Regular US Big Kid
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The Revolution 5 from Nike has got everything a beginner runner needs in his running shoes. This lightweight shoe offers a matchless cushioning and plush feelings to your feet at every inch or every step you lift. It is an all-rounder shoe that is equally compatible with road runs, treadmill running and trail runs.

It perfectly fits your size. Moreover, the toe box of the shoe is wide enough to provide you with the easy movement and comfort to the forefoot. Thus it also increases the breathability options with a mesh upper.


Perfect for gym workout sessions
Affordable price


Not water resistant

7. ASICS - Men's Gel-Venture 7

ASICS Gel Venture 7 is probably the best shoes choice for hiking and trail run. Beginner runners may take the full advantage of these shows on the off-road runs as well. Venture 7 is considerably lightweight with some degree of cushioning features.

The synthetic upper adds more breathability to Venture 7 for the runners who sweat excessively. AHAR outsole ensures the longevity and durability of the shoes. The greatest edge to the beginner for purchasing these shoes is its low pricing.


Budget shoes
Best for hiking and trail runs
Tight grip and solid foot protection


Get overheated on hot summer days quickly

8. Brooks - Men's Ghost 13 Running Shoe

The primary reason for which Brooks Ghost 13 is hugely welcomed by the beginner runners is the extra support that it provides and its custom adjustment to meet your comfortability criteria by removing or adding the soles. Usually, the beginner runners customize and personalize the Ghost 13 according to their desired running style and feasibility.

Though its drop value is 12mm that should be much less in perfect running shoes, however, these trivialities can’t eclipse its significance as a classy footwear for beginner runners. It has a please-all character and rests as a common choice among beginner runners


Easy customization for personal use.
Removable soles.
Longer life
Padded Tongue
No slippage with comfort heel


Midsole is less responsive

9. ASICS - Men's Gel-Cumulus 23 Running Shoes

Offering ample cushioning and comfort features, Cumulus 23 happens to stay among the top choices for first time runners. It provides sufficient support and comfort to the neutral runners whether they go for a longer mileage or a shorter distance run.

This neutral trainer helps the beginner by not letting them worry about the budget for getting a perfect pair of running shoes. Serving multifold purposes, Cumulus 23 would always go along with you whether you are on a road run or an indoor run.


True-to-size shoes
Firm grip
Average priced


Get overheated on hot summer days
Average Responsiveness

10. Adidas - Men's Ultraboost 21 Running Shoes

Adidas Ultraboost 21 can be a more catchy choice for beginner runners as it offers stylish sneaker look and performer training feel at the same time.

Though it is not a lightweight footwear option, its durable build and enhanced cushioning features place it among the supreme choice solutions for the beginner runners. Ultraboost 21 is exceptionally durable with negligible wear and tear over time.


Comfort & Plush
Stylish Sneaker Type Look
Firm Midfoot


Heavier Weight
Loose Heel
Expensive to Afford

Frequently Asked Questions

In what ways beginner runners may struggle while running?

A beginner runner, who has just started running or resumed running after a couple of years, can struggle with keeping up his pace and balance.

He can hardly manage to run in fits and starts with repeated pauses because he is likely to feel pain and aching in his body including his feet.

Which are the perfect running shoes for beginner runners for off-road or trail run?

For off-road runs or trail runs, beginner runners must consider the uneven and bumpy terrain they have to run on foot.

Lightweight shoes with adequate cushioning and firm midfoot support will help them to run comfortably through the trails while preventing their feet from getting wet due to synthetic or rubberized upper.

Which running shoes suit best to the runners with abnormal pronation?

Any support shoes with customized sole adjustment and compatible drop value for overpronation or underpronation may suit perfectly to the runners with abnormal pronation.

What is the purpose of performance shoes?

Performance shoes are designed with an intent of fast running on the road or indoor workout sessions.They possess enhanced responsiveness, support, durability and adequate cushioning. They are normally lightweight.

How much should I spend on average running shoes as a beginner?

As a beginner runner, it is not wise to spend extravagantly on running shoes. You need to buy some average shoes that can have all the functioning of performance shoes to a reasonable degree in an affordable budget. You may get good quality running shoes for around 100$.


It is quite obvious that beginner runners are always concerned with the type and performance of the running shoes that they need to buy. For a wise buyer, it is compulsory to calculate all the pros and cons of the particular running shoes you are going to purchase.

However, the defining features for the best running shoes for beginner runners are durability, breathability, comfortability and the nature of terrain they are going to follow. So, as a beginner runner you need to bear all these notable considerations in your mind.