Best Men’s Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis


If you suffer from heel pain or plantar fasciitis, then we know how painful it can be to get through your day. There are several things you can do to ease your suffering, and one of them is wearing the best men’s sandals for plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis, also known as heel spurs, is a painful condition that affects millions globally. Most cases of plantar fasciitis occur due to an imbalance in the body’s joints and muscles. This results in the fascia, a soft tissue that holds your muscles and bones in place, becoming inflamed and pulling away from your feet. 

Heel spurs form when this tissue is damaged and starts to pull away from your heel bone, causing your heel to become sore. Plantar fasciitis pain affects both men and women, and it typically develops after long periods of standing or walking. It can be caused by wearing too-narrow shoes or having the wrong kind of shoe for your foot type.

Whether you have plantar fasciitis or you want to prevent it, the right pair of men’s sandals can make all the difference. Here are some of the best sandals for plantar fasciitis that you can wear.

Buyers Guide

If you are planning to buy a pair of the best sandals for plantar fasciitis, then you need to consider a few essential features beforehand.

Arch Support

To heal or prevent plantar fasciitis, the pair of sandals you want to wear should have some sort of arch support. The built-in arch support or orthotic insoles reduces the arch drop that puts pressure on your feet and stretches the fascia.

It also helps correct the foot posture and correct overpronation. So, therefore, make sure to choose a pair of sandals that has proper arch support to prevent plantar fasciitis and other foot ailments.

Heel Cushioning

Heel pain and plantar fasciitis are closely related; that’s why they are often misdiagnosed. Plantar fasciitis causes the onset of heel pain, and due to aging, our heels become prone to this condition.

Therefore the best men’s sandals for plantar fasciitis should have a foam or gel cushioning at the heel to protect it from pain and pressure.

Wide Toe Area

If you are planning to wear closed-toe sandals, make sure to choose those that have a wide-toe box. There should be plenty of space for your toes to move around and prevent overlapping toes that puts pressure on the big toe joint.

On the other hand, if you want to wear open-toe sandals, make sure the toe area is wide enough to accommodate your toes and not bulging out.

Mild Heel Height

The high heels of the sandals can cause pressure on the big toe, resulting in plantar fasciitis pain. Therefore the best sandals for plantar fasciitis should have either a zero drop or a mild heel height.

Best Men's Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis and a comfortable walking experience

1. Orthofeet - Cambria Arch Support Sandals

The Cambria by Orthofeet sandals for men offers a wide range of solutions for different foot conditions. These are the best sandals for foot pain, whether you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, bunions, arthritis, overpronation, or any other foot ailment.

The premium orthotic insoles of the Cambria have many foot support features. It consists of multi-layer cushioning foam that provides comfort and reduces muscle fatigue. The cushioning along with the contoured footbed helps reduce heel pain and plantar fasciitis pain. 

The top cover of the innersole consists of DryPlex anti-odor fabric and PolyU foam which keeps your feet dry by moisture-wicking. This layer also doubles up as arch support which helps control overpronation and improves foot alignment.

The Cambria best men’s sandals for plantar fasciitis come with soft padded straps which prevent skin irritation and protect sensitive feet. These comfortable sandals come with different toe widths and adjustable straps, which are helpful for bunion pain relief, hammertoes, and swollen feet. These sandals can also accommodate best toe caps for running.


Proper arch support.
Cushioned sole.
Wide toe box.
Soft adjustable straps.
DryPlex anti-odor fabric.
PolyU moisture-wicking foam midsole.


Velcro doesn’t last long.

2. FLARUT - Men's Sport Sandals

FLARUT Men's Sport Sandals Outdoor Hiking Sandals Closed Toe Leather Athletic Lightweight Trail Walking Casual Sandals Water Shoes (A-Blue,48)
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The FLARUT Men’s Sport Sandals are a great pair of hiking sandals that will allow you to enjoy a great day of outdoor adventure without experiencing foot pain. These men’s hiking sandals are made of leather and easy to clean. It also features breathable linings for better moisture wicking and keeping your feet cool and comfortable.

The FLARUT Men’s Sport Sandals have a durable and flexible rubber sole that will provide you with an excellent grip on any surface. Its lightweight EVA midsole has a 3D-designed deep heel cup that provides cushioning and hugs the bottom of your feet. Therefore, you can wear this pair of sandals throughout the day without getting tired.

The FLARUT men’s sandals feature adjustable straps and quick tie elastic cord laces for a secure fit around your feet. Furthermore, the closed-toe box keeps your toes protected while hiking and trail walking.


Leather upper.
Flexible rubber Sole.
Breathable lining.
Flexible EVA Midsole.


The sandal sizing might be an issue.

3. Skechers - Go Walk Arch Fit Sandal

Skechers Go Walk is a comfortable, flexible sandal that provides support and stability for walking or running. It features a flexible synthetic upper with suede overlays for a comfortable fit. The soft neoprene edges and strap lining makes it comfortable to wear. These sandals also come with a slip-on feature and adjustable straps for easy on and off. 

The outsole of this sandal for plantar fasciitis has a synthetic rubber sole for traction on various surfaces. Moreover, its Ultra Go midsole is very responsive and flexible, which provides cushioning for a comfortable walking experience. 

The contoured footbed of this supportive sandal provides arch support certified by podiatrists. Moreover, the 1.5 inches heel provides heel support and cushioning. Therefore you can relieve foot, heel, and plantar fasciitis pain by wearing Skechers Go Walk sandals.


Flexible synthetic upper with suede overlays.
Synthetic rubber textured outsole for traction.
Ultra Go midsole.
Certified arch support.


Straps are not adjustable enough.

4. Dockers - Fisherman Sandal

Dockers Men’s Fisherman sandals are the perfect combination of comfort, style, and function. These sandals are made from a durable synthetic upper and have a durable rubber outsole that provides excellent traction and support.

The Fisherman sandal is designed with an open-toe box for wide feet and flexible straps, allowing you to wear it for all-day comfort.

These are the best sandals for foot pain because of their foot support features. The memory foam insoles shape according to your feet for comfort and arch support.

Furthermore, the Fusion supportive footbed provides an extra cushioning and shock absorption layer. This supportive shoe helps relieve plantar fasciitis pain and arch pain.

This Docker’s perfect sandal also has a convenient hook and loop velcro strap, so you can easily slip them on and off. And makes these sandals fit perfectly even if you have wider feet.

Even though labelled as Fisherman sandals, this pair of sandal is not meant to be worn in water, and neither is it machine washable because it will lose its insole cushioning.


Durable synthetic upper.
Memory Foam insole.
Fusion Footbed cushioning.
Textured rubber sole.


The straps are rigid.

5. KEEN - Newport H2 Closed Toe Water Sandal

The Keen Men’s Newport is a casual style sandal that can be worn in various ways. It’s an excellent choice for a wide range of activities and conditions.

It is a men’s closed-toe water sandal perfect for the summer and plantar fasciitis pain relief. It features a waterproof polyester webbing, which allows the foot to breathe and dry out quickly.

So you can wear these sandals in and out of the water without damaging them because of their water-repelling feature. The Newport H2 is available in various colors, patterns, and sizes. These sandals are machine washable.

The Keen men’s Newport sandals feature a lightweight, flexible outsole with a soft, breathable lining that provides a great fit and feel.

This durable rubber outsole is also designed with a deep lug pattern for excellent traction on slippery surfaces. The compression-moulded EVA midsole provides shock absorption and cushioning, and arch support for your feet.

With closed-toe bumper protection, you can wear these best sandals for foot pain and protect your toes. The lace-lock bungee provides a secure fit around your feet and makes it easy to wear and take off these sandals.


Washable polyester webbing.
Quick-dry lining.
Outsole multidirectional lugs.
Compression-molded EVA midsole.
Closed-toe bumper protector.


The sizes might run small.

6. ECCO - Sandals Multisport Outdoor Shoes

The ECCO Men’s Multisport Outdoor Sandals are designed for the active lifestyle. The sandal is an excellent choice for everyday life and the outdoors.

The Men’s Sandals Multisport Outdoor Shoes are made of breathable Nubuck leather and textile upper. Its dual-density cushioned footbed is for comfort and support to relieve foot pain and plantar fasciitis. 

The direct-injected polyurethane midsole provides a soft feel and reduces shock and foot fatigue. That also features full receptor technology. Whereas the rubber outsole is durable and provides traction on any surface.

With the help of adjustable velcro straps wearing and taking off these sandals is very convenient. Furthermore, a stretchy fabric under the front strap prevents your toes from blisters and chafing.


Nubuck leather and textile upper.
Direct-injected PU midsole.
Dual-density footbed.
Textured outsole.


The contoured footbed might put pressure on the toes.

7. Atika - Sandals

atika Men's Outdoor Hiking Sandals, Closed Toe Athletic Sport Sandals, Lightweight Trail Walking Sandals, Summer Water Shoes, Orbital All Terrain Black Tide, 8
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The Atika men’s outdoor lightweight sandals are a great pair of shoes for the summer. They’re made from synthetic leather with a water-resistant lining. The upper of these sandals are waterproof and moisture-wicking, which keeps your feet dry and prevents foot odor.

The rubber outsole of the Atika best men’s sandals for plantar fasciitis is built for superior traction on different surfaces. It also helps in shock absorption and prevents heel pain.

The EVA midsole has a 3Dprofile which provides arch support and prevents plantar fasciitis pain. You will also find soft padding in the rear lining that protects the heel from chafing. 

This plantar fasciitis sandal best men has three layered toe protection in any terrain. Moreover, when it comes to fitting, there are padded inner elastic linings with velcro straps and a closed-loop lacing system with elastic adjustable strings. But you don’t have to worry about fitting as these perfect sandals are available with true to size fitting.


Water-resistant synthetic upper.
Rubber outsole for traction and shock absorption.
Comfortable and lightweight design.
Prevents blisters, chafing and foot ailments.
True to size fitting.
Multi-layered toe protection.


The sole might come apart after some use.

8. VISIONREAST - Leather Sandals

Suppose you are an outdoors person and looking for sandals to relieve you of plantar fasciitis pain or any other foot ailment. In that case, you might want to wear the Visionreast leather sandals.

These sandals have a cowhide upper which is a high-quality material and has water-resistant features. For breathability, there are slots on the sides for moisture-wicking and keeping your feet dry even if your feet get soaking wet.

The front of the sandal features a closed-toe design with an extended rubber guard. It will protect your toes from bumping into stuff outdoors. Moreover, there are velcro straps at the side and ankle for easy on and off and proper fitting around your feet.

These sandals come with MD midsole cushioning and have a heel thickness of 1 inch. Therefore you get proper shock absorption and relieve foot pain.

Whereas the contoured footbed is designed for arch support, maximum comfort, and reduces plantar fasciitis pain. Finally, the non-slip rubber sole provides adequate grip on any surface.


High-quality waterproof leather.
Breathable upper.
Shock absorbing midsole.
Contoured footbed.
Anti-collision closed toe.
Perfect for wider feet.


The innersole might be uncomfortable for some.

9. Orthofeet - Men's Orthopedic Leather Gemini Adjustable Sandals

The Orthofeet Leather Gemini Adjustable Sandals for men are the perfect footwear for those who suffer from foot pain. Therefore they are perfect for people who need support for their arches, and they are great for people who are on their feet all day long. 

These arch support sandals feature a removable insole that can be replaced with a different one as needed.

The orthopaedic insole is made of durable and flexible material that provides excellent comfort and support and helps reduce various foot ailments such as plantar fasciitis, heel pain, knee pain, and all the way up to the lower back. On the outside, the textured outsole provides lots of grip on any surface.

These sandals are made from a mixture of mesh, and synthetic materials, making them durable and comfortable.

The adjustable mesh upper makes it breathable and features a soft padded interior. Its padded adjustable straps help easy on-off. The wider closed-toe box helps accommodate wider feet and protects them from bumping into things.


Arch booster included.
The cushioned heel provides protection from impact.
Mild rocker bottom reduces foot fatigue.
The removable contoured footbed accommodates custom orthotics.
Adjustable and breathable upper.


The sandal is too stiff other than the sole.

10. CAMEL - Sandals Genuine Leather Sport Open Toes Sandals

CAMEL men’s genuine leather sandals are new and best sandals for foot pain made from the highest quality materials and designed for maximum comfort and support.

These sandals are made from genuine leather, making them durable, flexible, and soft. The overall weight of these sandals is just 200 grams making them super lightweight and helping reduce foot fatigue.

Wearing these best men’s sandals for plantar fasciitis is easy due to their hook and loop closure.

You can freely adjust the tightness of these sandals and disassemble them for cleaning. On the inside, the insoles come with unique foot acupuncture points that massage your feet as you walk.

The midsole of these sandals is combined with polyurethane, MD, and microfiber, which makes it flexible and shock absorbing. It helps prevent foot pain and provides cushioning.

The sole is thick enough to give you a height advantage of 4cm. On the outside, the textured rubber sole provides better cushioning and grip on slippery surfaces. Therefore you can wear these sandals comfortably on wet and dry surfaces.


High-quality VAMP upper.
Lightweight design.
Cushioned midsole.
Easy to wear.
Non-slip rubber outsole.


The acupuncture points in the footbed might feel uncomfortable for some.

11. Orthofeet - Clearwater Arch Support Sandals

If you’re looking for a pair of sandals that can provide a little extra support and comfort when you’re walking or standing, then you might want to check out Clearwater arch support sandals for men by Orthofeet.

These sandals for men are perfect for those with various foot ailments such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis, bunions, flat feet and more. They are designed with a contoured arch support system that will help you to keep your feet stable and in balance.

The footbed is designed to help with the pain and foot discomfort, and the shoe is made with an orthopaedic insole that will give you more comfort and support. And the rubber outsole provides shock absorption and grip on loose surfaces.

The leather upper provides a comfortable fit and durable construction. These sandals’ lightweight design will help keep your feet cool and comfortable on hot days. You’ll find that these sandals are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear.


Arch support.
Cushioned sole.
Wide toe box with toe protector.
Lightweight sandals.
Insoles can be removed.


The sizes might run small.

12. CAMEL CROWN - Sandals

CAMEL CROWN Mens Hiking Sandals Waterproof with Arch Support Open Toe Summer Outdoor Comfort Beach Water Sport Sandals
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If you’re looking for the perfect hiking sandals for your next adventure, then you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in these Camel Crown hiking sandals.

They’re made from a breathable, waterproof material that will keep your feet dry and comfortable as you explore the great outdoors.

A personalized fit is ensured with the help of multiple adjustable straps with hook and loop closure.

The soft textile lining between the straps reduces friction and thus prevents blisters and provides a comfortable walking experience.

These best sandals for foot pain come with a bouncy midsole that provides impact protection and foot support. Its footbed is designed with a quick-drying anti-slip pattern surface.

These Camel Crown hiking sandals are equipped with a rugged outsole to ensure that you have the traction you need to make it through the most rugged terrain.

The Camel Crown sandal for plantar fasciitis also features a padded collar and an arch support system to help maintain your posture while walking.


Designed for a natural foot posture.
Provides arch support.
Multiple adjustable straps for a personalized fit.
Shock absorbing midsole.
Anti-slip quick-drying footbed.


The stitching quality could have been better.

13. Bruno Marc - Sport Sandals

Bruno Marc Men’s Sport Sandals Outdoor Walking Arch Support Trail Sandals Strap Athletic Summer Water Shoes,Black,Size 9,SBSA222M
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Bruno Marc Men’s Arch Support Sport Sandals are a perfect pair of shoes for those who like to walk around a lot. These sandals will keep your feet comfortable while providing the support you need to ensure that your feet wouldn’t hurt. 

This sandal is designed with a lightweight and quick-drying material that is perfect for wearing during the warmer months.

Whereas the contoured midsole arch support system is excellent for people with flat feet or other foot ailments. Its Shoc Pad heel provides shock absorption, and a textured outsole provides good grip.

The velcro straps are adjustable, which means that they will fit your feet perfectly. And you don’t have to worry about the straps slipping off your feet or hurting them because they are held securely in place and are lined with soft fabric. 

The Bruno Marc best men’s sandals for plantar fasciitis are available in different colors and patterns so that you can find one that will match your personality and style.


Quick-drying durable upper.
EVA midsole for arch support.
Shoc Pad heel for shock absorption.
Lightweight design.
Gives snug fitting.


The ankle strap might be too loose for some.

14. Atika - Islander Walking Sandals

atika Men's Islander Walking Sandals, Arch Support Trail Outdoor Hiking Sandals, Strap Sport Sandals, Summer Water Shoes, Islander Sandals Wave Black, 10
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Atika Men’s Islander walking sandals are the perfect choice for those who want a stylish yet functional footwear.

They have a flexible and lightweight design thanks to their synthetic materials that are easy to wear all day long. This minimalistic tri balance strap design makes sandal adjustment quick and easy. The straps are made of high-strength polyester.

The comfortable sole of these best sandals for foot pain provides excellent support and stability. Its lightweight midsole provides cushioning and helps reduce arch pain. Furthermore, the outsole has a multi-directional wave pattern for extra grip on loose surfaces.

The Atika Islander supportive sandal is available true to size and in different colors of your choice.


Lightweight, minimalistic design.
Adequate cushioning.
Arch support for foot pain prevention.
Non-skid outsole.


The heel strap is not adjustable.

15. CAMEL CROWN - Leather Sandals

The CAMEL CROWN men’s leather sandals are a versatile and stylish addition to your wardrobe. The sandals have been designed with a comfortable fit and with durable materials.

They are made from the highest quality leather, so you don’t have to worry about wearing out your sandles.

The sandal features an open sporty design with adjustable straps and a hook and loop for snug-fitting.

You will find the straps lined with soft textile to protect your feet from chafing and blisters. These adjustable straps make these sandals easy to take off and on as well.

The soft and elastic footbed of the Camel Crown sandal for plantar fasciitis keeps your foot in a natural posture by providing it arch support.

Acupressure balls reduce foot stress and keep the footbed dry in sweaty conditions. The outsole of these sandals is textured to provide better grip and shock absorption for outdoor activities.


High-quality leather upper.
Adjustable straps with soft lining.
Flexible footbed with arch support.
Moisture-wicking materials.


The bumpy insole might be uncomfortable for some.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does wearing the wrong shoes cause plantar fasciitis?

Yes, wearing the wrong shoes is one of the related causes of plantar fasciitis. If your shoes or sandals don’t provide sufficient foot support and cushioning, especially in the heel area, usually during high-impact activity.

Can I wear orthotics for plantar fasciitis?

Orthotics can be helpful for people with plantar fasciitis. However, it is essential to ensure that your orthotics are made from soft materials, such as foam or gel.

Does wearing flip flops or slides help relieve plantar fasciitis pain?

Although flip flops and slides are comfortable to wear, they cause to grip your toes which tighten the ligament at the bottom of your feet and calf muscle due to the lack of a heel strap. This contributes to the plantar fasciitis; therefore, you should wear sandals with heel straps.


You can improve your foot health by wearing the correct type of footwear. To reduce the risk of foot ailments, such as plantar fasciitis and tendonitis, you should choose well-cushioned sandals with arch support.

Therefore when purchasing the best men’s sandals for plantar fasciitis, remember to go with the ones that fit correctly, has enough cushioning and arch support to protect the feet, and provide stability. We hope the above information is enough for you to choose the right pair of sandals for a comfortable walking experience.


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