Best Running Shoes for Sesamoiditis


It is not strange to see many runners suffering with some serious foot disorders and foot discomforts every now and then. Some may be struggling with the bunions and others with the shin splints.

Likewise, you will also come across runners who are hardly hitting the ground due to Sesamoiditis. Sesamoiditis is a sort of inflammation or swelling in Sesamoid that are pea shaped bones found in the ball in your toe.

They are actually found in muscles or tendons and are separated from all other bones. When runners strike their forefoot on ground with full force they may find some swelling, redness or inflammation in the Sesamoid area under the first join of their toe.

A runner suffering with Sesamoiditis would feel a kind of lump under his toe’s first joint. However, here is some good news for all those runners who are suffering with Sesamoiditis because we are going to unfold the Top 7 Best Running Shoes for Sesamoiditis sufferers.

However, before going to hit the best running shoes choices for Sesamoiditis, we will first look into causes and symptoms of Sesamoiditis so that you can get a clearer idea about Sesamoiditis.

So it is quite evident from the above list that anything that repeatedly damages Sesamoid bones or tendons in the ball of the foot is more likely to give rise to Sesamoiditis.

There are many physical activities, outdoor and indoor sports that give way to Sesamoiditis.

Buyer Guide

Since Sesamoiditis is already an irritating and filthy foot disorder condition that sends its sufferer into total disappointment, the confusion regarding the perfect running shoes choice for Sesamoiditis may even worsen the situation.

However, this buyer guide is going to give a comprehensive understanding about your running shoes choice for Sesamoiditis.

Evaluation Criteria

What to be considered while buying the best running shoes for Sesamoiditis?

According to a careful yet rough approximation, almost 80 percent of the Sesamoiditis problem may disappear soon just using the right shoe type. However, it is also not a lie that most of the runners get Sesamoiditis just because of wearing wrong shoes with narrow toe boxes. Consequently it puts more dress and pressure on the Sesamoid which ultimately leads towards Sesamoiditis.

Furthermore, there you find a wide variety of running shoes in the market. They come with varied cushioning options, soles built and material and heels’ heights. Therefore, it becomes more confusing as to which shoe type to be chosen for Sesamoiditis as a perfect option.

Let us discuss the evaluation criteria for choosing the right running shoe type for Sesamoiditis.

Notable Considerations

1. Roomy Toe Box

Since the most basic and fundamental reason behind Sesamoiditis is the extra pressure and stress exerted on the forefoot maybe due to narrow toe box, it would be the first choice of the sufferers to look for some wider and roomy toe box.

It is because a roomy toe box would allow your forefoot and toe to move freely while running or doing any other exercise that involves feet. Resultantly, it will allow the sufferers to experience a stress-free and pain relieving run totally forgetting the filthy foot pain.

2. Comfort Factor

Comfortability is something that cannot be compromised in any case. Since a sufferer’s feet are desperately in need of some sort of comfort, therefore comfortability options are just inevitable and indispensable in any running shoes for Sesamoiditis.

An excellent cushioning in the forefoot, midfoot and rearfoot will equally soothe the forefoot, midfoot and heels. Thus a sufferer will feel a relaxing and pain relieving effect under its big toe (Sesamoid Area).

3. Zero Drop

The running shoes with higher heel to toe drop are designed in such a way that your Sesamoid area is more vulnerable to face unnatural stress, thus resulting in the deteriorating condition of Sesamoiditis.

As it is quite obvious that the high drop is quite perilous for the runners who are already suffering with this malicious foot pain, therefore it will be a wise move to go for a zero heel to toe drop to get straight alignment of your entire foot.

Thus, it would result in less or negligible pressure on Sesamoid Bone.

4. Spring-less Shoes

Springs in running shoes are normally welcomed by the runners because they give a jumpy-bumpy fun ride, however, it is not good for the Sesamoiditis sufferer to walk in the shoes with springs.

The recurrently occurring bumpy effect on your underfoot will badly damage the tendons or muscles of Sesamoid bones. Consequently, springy-run-feel would cost you a severe foot pain.

Therefore, it is better to avoid springs in your running shoes for Sesamoiditis.

Top 7 Best Running Shoes for Sesamoiditis

Let us explore the best solutions available for Sesamoiditis sufferers in the market.

1. VNANV - Men’s Running Shoes – Slip On Sneakers

VNANV Slip-on Sneakers are all-rounder shoes which can be used for various purposes. This pair of running shoes is equally suitable for running, walking, jogging or playing tennis.

These slip-on sneakers are easy to put on and take off with no effort at all. The rubber outsole and grooves contribute to the firm grip of the shoes on the road. The knitted mesh upper is breathable and makes the shoes extremely lightweight to help you run more swiftly.

VNANV Slip-on Sneakers have a wide toe box which allows the easy adjustment and movement of the forefoot to avoid any situation of Sesamoiditis.

In addition to that the heel to toe drop is also lower which ensures very negligible or no pressure on the Sesamoid area. Cushioning and support options are quite better which make it extremely comfortable, supportive and responsive running shoes.


Low Drop
Mesh and Breathable Upper
Wide Toe Box


Not So Good for Narrow Feet

2. Troadlop - Men’s Running Shoes

Troadlop Men’s Running Shoes are also of multipurpose use. You can use them for long runs, casual walks, gym activities or in some other outdoor or indoor sports.

The shoes have got a mesh upper with excellent breathability capacity. Besides, the lower drop and wide toe box make the shoes a perfect choice for Sesamoiditis sufferers.

The rubber outsole provides tight grip on the running surface while laces offer a perfect foot lockdown. Cushioning is again impressive in this shoe making it super comfy for those suffering with any foot discomfort.


Lower Drop
Roomy Toe Box
Perfect Foot Lockdown
Tight Grip


No Considerable Drawback

3. Under Armour - Men’s Surge 2 Running Shoe

Under Armour Men’s Surge 2 is a super comfy running shoe. The shoe offers matchless support and responsiveness during longer runs. It is a full package for runners offering ample cushioning aided with flexibility and versatility.

The shoe is lightweight and feels like wearing almost nothing while running on the road.

Relatively lower drop with wider forefoot helps the runners who usually suffer with Sesamoiditis. The rubber sole has capacity to absorb shocks while EVA technology employed in this shoe make it even more comfy.


Excellent Cushioning
Super Comfy
Rubber Outsole


May get warmer in hot summer days

4. Joomra - Men’s Supportive Running Shoes

Joomra Whitin Tennis Shoes for Men Running Walk Fitness Size 13 Cushion Lightweight Footwear for Man Treadmill Workout Runny Casual Outdoor Athletic Sneakers Gray 47
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Best known for their durability, Joomra Men’s Supportive Shoes provide excellent traction on the running track. This pair of shoes has got a mesh breathable upper which is flexible enough to accommodate any foot type.

The rubber outsole provides slip prevention even on the wet tracks.

Joomra Men’s Supportive Running Shoes also feature a very low heel to toe drop which makes them comfortable for Sesamoiditis sufferers.

The only trivial drawback of these shoes is that they need some time for breaking in. Nonetheless, these are all in all a super choice for the runners with poor foot conditions.


Lower Drop
Wider Toe Box
Mesh and Breathable Upper


Need little time for breaking in

5. CAMVAVSR - Men’s Sneakers Fashion

CAMVAVSR Men’s Sneakers are featured with a breathable and flexible upper which has got enough elasticity to adjust with any foot type readily.

The shoes are lightweight but durable at the same time to provide a swift yet long lasting running experience.

These sneakers can be used for numerous purposes like running, walking, jogging and other bodily exercise activities.

This shoe pick has also got a negligible drop to subject almost no stress upon the Sesamoid area thus relieving the sufferer from an unbearable foot pain.

Furthermore, the roomy forefoot guarantees the easy movement for forefoot as well.


Lower Drop
Wider Toe Box
Breathable Upper


No Considerable Weak Areas

6. Nike - Men’s Free Rn 2018 Running Shoe

NIKE is a revolutionary brand that has introduced many innovated entries in the shoes market. NIKE Men’s Free Rn 2018 is also an iconic offering by the brand.

The shoe is extremely lightweight and comfy to sooth and relax the sufferers of any foot disorder. The shoe is equally responsive whether you use it while running on a treadmill or the road, or even you play some outdoor games or just simply go for a walk.

The most striking features of these shoes which make them super fit for Sesamoiditis sufferers are low heel to toe drop and wider forefoot.

Sesamoiditis sufferers must consider buying these shoes to get rid of the most uncomfortable situations during running or walking.


Breathable Upper
Lower Drop and Wider Toe Box


Not Water Resistant

7. HOKA ONE ONE - Men’s Ahri 5

HOKA ONEONE Ahri 5 is not so popular but it is a wise pick for those runners who are suffering from the filth foot disorder of Sesamoiditis. The shoe has a breathable upper which serves as a breathability option in case of sweating.

However, it is not water resistant and can be little troublesome in rainy days.

The forefoot of this pair of running shoes is wide enough to provide ample room to runners’ toe to move freely at its ease. A lower drop of 4mm tends to save your Sesamoid area from any extra pressure.

Thus resulting in a favorable choice for Sesamoiditis sufferers.


Relatively Lower Drop
Wide Forefoot


Highly Priced
Not Water resistant

Frequently Asked Questions

How can high drop affect the Sesamoiditis?

High heel to toe drop is likely to subject your Sesamoid area under an unnatural stress which would result in foot pain or inflammation in the Sesamoid area.

What are some of the notable considerations to be checked in the best shoes for Sesamoiditis?

The most important factors that you need to always double check before buying the perfect shoes for Sesamoiditis are comfortability, roomy toe box, low drop, and absence of any springs in its soles. Besides, you can also use minimal or regular shoes to overcome the severity of Sesamoiditis.

Can Sesamoiditis be cured with the right shoe type?

According to some sources almost 80% of the Sesamoiditis pain or inflammation can be treated with the use of the right pair of shoes.


The final takeaway of the whole discussion is to never lose hope for trivial problems. You must pay back this malicious foot discomfort in its own currency.

Multiple options are there which can help you in saying goodbye to the severe Sesamoiditis pain. However, the thing is you have to explore the market to get the best running shoes for Sesamoiditis that may relieve you of this unbearable pain.


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