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Kids are quite playful and they always keep on running, jumping and roaming here and there aimlessly. It seems that they can measure the diameter of the entire earth if they keep on walking in a single direction….just kidding mates! Joke aside, children of all ages are truly happened to be quite active and prolific that they always indulge themselves in (physical) effort demanding activities, doesn’t matter whether outdoor or indoor.

Consequently, they are quite likely to receive wear and tear on their footgear. However, the bitter fact is that all the parents can’t afford to replace their kids’ running shoes every other month.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the best choices for kids running shoes that are not only affordable to purchase but also multipurpose to be used on various occasions.

If you are interested in buying the perfect running shoes for your kids then go through the every single idea given in this buying guide for the Best Running Shoes for Kids.

Buyer Guide

Buying a pair of running shoes for your kids can be quite tricky because it needs an in-depth understanding of kids’ footwear and footgear.

Therefore, you need to know about every inch detail and the nitty-gritty of the kids’ footwear and their behavior upon using them.

This buying guide will give you enough guidance that you can easily calculate the pros and cons of a certain pair of running shoes for your kids.

However, for that purpose, we need to go through the following filtration process.

Evaluation Criteria

Let us set evaluation criteria for the selection of the best running shoes for your kids. The running shoes following the said criteria will be a perfect choice to serve your purpose.

Nonetheless, you must keep n mind that not every shoe is the best for all the kids. A shoe can better satisfy the requirements of your neighbor’s kids, but it is not necessary that it may fulfill all of your requirements too.

It totally depends upon your requirements and demands that you want to see in your kid’s desired footwear. Therefore, we need to set some standardized criteria that may define the compatibility of your kids’ running shoes.


Notable Considerations

The evaluation criteria can be set by ensuring the following notable considerations. Let us go through these considerations to understand the philosophy of kids’ footwear.


Needless to say that children are playful to a nasty extent so they are quite likely to get their running shoes worn out or ragged out soon.

Therefore, durability is the first requirement that comes to one’s mind before buying reliable running shoes for your kids that may last long.

For that reason, double-check the material used in the construction of the outsole and overall build of the kids’ shoes.

Rubber outsole and synthetic upper are appreciated as they can last longer than usual.



Since the children’s feet are featured with softness and delicacy, they require ultimate comfort in their best running shoes.

The comfort can be achieved through numerous provisions in their shoes. Firstly, the shoe must be well-cushioned throughout its inner from the heel area to midsole and the toe box should neither too tight nor too loose.

The toe box should be room enough that may allow the free movement of the forefoot. Furthermore, you need to ensure that your shoes provide secure foot lockdown and are true to size.

Thus, all these features would lead you towards ultimate comfortability in your kids’ running shoes.


Support & Responsiveness

Mostly, students at their young age do participate in racing competitions or other physical activities during recess time in their schools.

They would definitely need sufficient support and responsiveness from the midsole of their running shoes.

It will truly help them to experience some speedy runs and swift rides without investing much physical effort into their running endeavors.



Design is, of course, the thing that also defines the selection criteria for the kids’ running shoes.

It is because the kids normally find themselves under some unsaid or unexplainable peer pressure that compels them to buy some footwear that must be better in its looks and design as compared to their fellow children.

That’s why you need a better design to satisfy the styling sense of your children. Furthermore, some kids are used to Velcro closure or hook and loop closure as in such a case they can easily put on or take off their shoes with negligible effort.

However, other children wish to have elastic laces for easy put-on and take-off and also for secure foot lockdown.



Size has its own significance to be considered before buying perfect running shoes for your kids. Kids have smaller feet so they need relatively narrower and lightweight running shoes.

Moreover, they have less body weight so it is not possible for them to gain enough flex from their midsole by exerting weight on it.

Therefore, the upper of kids’ shoes must be more flexible so that they can gain adequate flex to add stability in their normal stride.

Top 12 Best Running Shoes for Kids

Let us go through some notable mentions one by one that may give your kids some better running experience.

1. Adidas – Unisex-Child Lite Racer Adapt 4.0

With an eye-catching design, Lite Racer Adapt 4.0 is a lightweight shoe that is better to be called as a performance shoe.

The shoe has got matchless responsiveness in its midsole alongside the better arch support.

Both these features help the kids to run easily all day long without any concern of developing some serious foot disorders The outsole is hard and durable so you can rely on them for long.

These are, in fact, slip-on sneakers that can be easily put on or taken off by the kids. So, it must be considered by you when you search the shelves of a shoe store.


 Swift Ride
 Slip-on design
 Excellent cushioning
 Durable outsole


Can’t help you in long-distance runs

2. Under Armour – Unisex-Child Pre School Assert 9

The Pre School Assert 9 by Under Armour is much loved amongst the younger kids because of its appealing design and the threefold color range that it comes with.

The shoe has got a mesh breathable upper that is flexible enough to help the kids smoothen their stride.

The rubber outsole adds to its strength and durability that can last longer than usual. The usage of EVA sockliner in its insoles makes it so much plusher and softer that kids will find no need to wear socks at all.

However, it is up to them. Nonetheless, it is advisable to give at least one try to this kid’s running shoe.


 Hook and Loop Closure
 Laces Closure too.


They may run narrow on grown up’s feet

3. New Balance – Kids' 680 V6

Kids’ 680 V6 by New Balance is specifically for those shoe buyers who have a very limited budget or for those who are looking for short to medium-distance running shoes.

The shoe has got a synthetic upper that can last long. The rubber outsole offers a tight grip and excellent traction on the running surface that will ensure a seamless ride for toddlers and kids.

It employs the ABZORB technology in its midsole that is focused on shock absorption that a kid runner may experience during some jumpy-bumpy ride or any off-road hike.

Except for some trivial and minor limitations, there is no reason for these kids’ running shoes to be overlooked.


 Shock Absorption Technology
 Midsole Support


 Not for Longer Mileages
 Not for Heavy Weight Runners

4. Adidas – Unisex-Child Racer Tr 2.0

Child Racer Tr 2.0 is a performance shoe that can be quite helpful in speedy runs or swift rides.

The velcro closure along with the laces gives secure foot lockdown. The mesh upper is quite breathable and flexible and ensures the much-needed ventilation and easy adjustment of the runner’s forefoot.

Child Racer Tr 2.0 has got an impressive design that it is quite likely to be picked up by a shoe shopper at the first pick. Go for this bad boy! and it will never disappoint you.


 Flexible upper
 Durable Build
 Performance Options
 Catchy design


No considerable shortcomings were reported by the users

5. New Balance – Kid's 888 V2

New Balance Kid’s 888 V2 is purely a kid shoe that may suffice almost all the needs of toddlers and kids of younger ages.

It doesn’t come with laces so only velcro closure is responsible for providing you a perfect foot lockdown.

You can imagine the amount of cushioning applied to these shoes by merely casting a brief glance at them. The rubber outsole adds to the durability and traction of this shoe.

This pair of shoes can better serve your purpose if you are looking for some super comfy and responsive kids’ running shoes.


 Super comfy
 Velcro Closure
 Durable Outsole


Not a Perfect Match for Teenagers or Grownups

6. Under Armour – Boys' Grade School Assert 9

Under Armour Assert 9 appears to be a stability shoe because it offers some stability features that may help you in achieving a seamless ride with full confidence.

The durable leather overlays ensure longevity as well as secure foot lockdown. The EVA cushioning system in the midsole and heel portion prevents unexpected shocks, thus making it a perfect kid’s running shoe for a stable and smooth riding experience.

Moreover, the EVA sockliner will make you totally forget about wearing socks in these shoes.


 Excellent cushioning
 EVA technology
 Shock Absorption
 Slip Prevention


May run warm on hot summer days

7. Merrell – Kid's Trail Chaser Hiking Sneaker

This Trail Chaser by Merrell is not only part of our list of the Best 12 kids’ running shoes but it happens to be the best seller on Amazon Online Store as well.

It comes in a multicolor range so that you can opt for your favorite one. Laces alongside hook and loop closure give you more than one option to put on the shoes easily especially when you are playing some hasty games.

As the name suggests, this trail chaser is best to be used for hiking purposes because of its highly durable construction and matchless midsole firm support.


 Durable Build
 Flexible Upper
Best for Off-Road Runs


No Considerable Drawback Observed

8. New Balance – Unisex-Child 455 V2

Being a typical kid’s shoe, New Balance 455 V2 is best to be used by children of 4 to 8 years of age.

A little higher heel allows the forefoot to make an easy adjustment in the toe box. The shoe features hook and loop closure along with the laces but the laces are a little shorter in size.

Nonetheless, the velcro closure offers an easy put-on and take-off facility along with a perfect foot lockdown.

You can trust these shoes if you are looking for short to medium-distance jogging and running shoes.


 Velcro Closure
 Easy to Put-on and Take-Off
 Multicolor Range
 Available in Cheap Prices


 Not for longer mileages
Not for Teenagers

9. Adidas Unisex-Child Lite Racer Adapt 3.0

With an unconventional yet modern design and multicolor options, Child Lite Racer Adapt 3.0 by Adidas says something special about style and fashion regarding footwear and footgear.

Much loved and widely welcomed by children of an age range of 8-12 years, the shoe has got super comfy and plush construction that will make the kids feel like walking on the clouds.

The high tongue and collar may irritate the kids but at the same time, they provide a secure foot lockdown and prevent dust and dirt to enter the shoes.

Overall, the striking feature of this kid’s shoe is its design that may compel you to go for it.


 Flexible Upper
 Rubber Outsole


Durability is questionable

10. Adidas Unisex-Child Grand Court Tennis Shoe

Adidas Unisex-Child Grand Court Tennis Shoe is another entry on our list that is tagged as the bestseller on Amazon Online Store.

This shoe is originally designed for 4 to 8 years kids, however, you can use them with a little age variation as well.

Highly responsive, these shoes can be used at playing various games which involve physical efforts.

This footwear by Adidas is more like a fitness trainer or a running trainer and is available at a very affordable price.

You must give it a try to see increased performance and speed.


 Padded Tongue
 Rubber Outsole
 Perfect Foot Lockdown
 Responsive Midsole


Flat Footbed

11. New Balance – Kid's Fresh Foam Arishi V2

Arishi V2 by New Balance is specifically designed for 4-8 years old kids. It s excellently cushioned with lightweight foam.

The midsole provides promising support and responsiveness for a smooth and stable ride for young kids.

The upper is quite breathable and flexible which makes the ventilation much easier. The padded tongue along with laces offers secured foot lockdown.

The durable rubber outsole gives perfect traction on the running surface. You must try these running shoes for your kids.


 Rubber Outsole
 Excellent Traction
 Secured Foot Lockdown
 Super Comfy


Fabric Construction shouldn’t be Dealt/Used Roughly

12. Under Armour – Charged Impulse Sneaker

Charged Impulse Sneaker is a casual running shoe that can be used by children of all ages.

It is best used by those who go for occasional runs or those who are searching for some low-priced kids running shoes.

The best thing about this shoe is that you will experience almost no heel slippage in these shoes. Remember that the Charge Impulse Sneaker is suitable for short-distance runs and not for longer mileages.

The shoe is lightweight and durable at the same time. All you need is to give it a try.


 True to Size


 Minimal Cushioning
 Not for Longer Mileages


What should be considered in the running shoes for kids?

One must confirm the durability, cushioning, style and responsiveness in the perfect running shoes for kids.

Do children need extra cushioning?

Children normally like cushioning and plush in their running shoes to prevent their soft feet from coming into contact with any stiff shoe construction.

Why durability is important in kids running shoes?

Since children are quite playful and nasty, they make very rough use of their running shoes.

It is quite likely that they may get frequent wear and tear on their shoes. Therefore, you must confirm the durability of kids’ running shoes.

What is the average cost of kids’ running shoes?

The average cost for kids’ running shoes is somewhere around $70.

Which type of shoe closure is preferred by the kids?

Kids would like to have hook and loop closure or Velcro closure in their running shoes to ensure easy put-on and take-off.


To wrap up, it is advisable to wisely decide on the selection of the best running shoes for kids.

This ultimate guide has given you a comprehensive understanding of kids’ running shoes and their behavior in various situations.

Now it is totally up to you which shoe type you are going to purchase for your kids. However, you must consider all the pros and cons before investing in these shoes. After all, it depends upon your requirements.


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