Best Women’s Running Shoes For Concrete


Running on concrete can be dangerous, particularly if the proper measures are not taken. Running on concrete implies running on an extremely hard, unyielding surface, which can cause injuries if not done properly.

A concrete surface is at least ten times harder than asphalt, and if you don’t wear the correct shoes that give sufficient cushioning and support for your legs, you’ll put unnecessary pressure on your lower limbs and back.

When jogging on concrete, you should opt for neutral and/or stability running shoes, since they have the appropriate cushioning for your safety.

If you do not know how to select a good running shoe for concrete, take a cue from us. Keep reading to know how to select the best women’s running shoes for concrete.

A Guide to Choosing the Best Concrete Running Shoes

Purchasing a new pair of shoes can be challenging, but understanding what to look for can help you make an informed purchase.

The first thing you should know about the best women’s running shoes for concrete is that they are made to meet certain demands and specifications! Refer them to this page the next time someone asks, “What type do I need?” so they can find their perfect fit while also saving money!


When you’ve been out for a long time, the last thing your feet want to do is rest. They require frequent attention and care so that they do not become irritated or hurt from being in their shoes all day!

To ensure comfort when running on concrete surfaces—whether it’s jogging at a fast speed or being kind to other runners wearing sneakers or running shoes (or not).

When walking around stores aimlessly looking for anything remotely interesting because nothing else matters but getting home safely after work, it’s critical to know what type(s) and size shoe to wear both before deciding where to go next and during any outing by thoroughly inspecting one’s own footwear before leaving.

System of Support

If you run on concrete regularly, knowing your pronation level is crucial. Ensure that whichever shoes or sneakers are chosen will provide support where it is most needed: underfoot, for the greatest possible experience and a seamless transition from heel strike to toe-off phase of running.

It’s pointless to buy anything if you’re going to wind up with aching muscles after a workout, so know what type(s) of footwear fits well for each distance between 1-5 km/6 yards up close vs longer distances like 5K races that can last 10+ minutes.
The ideal running shoe is good for more than just your feet.

It’s also an investment in yourself that may help you enhance your performance, healing time from injuries, and even your self-confidence!

These features will provide a seamless transition into short or long distances with less discomfort on the road ahead, so try out all three possibilities before deciding on the ideal shoe for you – neutral stabilisers are lightweight without sacrificing stability.

Despite this, motion control delivers more responsive input during runs, while solid soles provide more comfort over longer periods of time.

Protection and Cushioning

Cushioning gives your joints protection and comfort. Your sort of run has an impact on the type you pick (light, moderate or long). The sufficient amount is required since it aids in the safety of jogging over hard flooring for any length of time in order to avoid harm!

Durability and Breathability

To encourage free circulation and keep odour at bay, running shoes for concrete floors should be made of breathable materials. Proper ventilation will also extend the life of your shoe, saving you time and money by not having to replace it as frequently!

Invest in high-quality running shoes constructed of sturdy materials and built for frequent usage on concrete floors for a brand that adds value.

Top 11 Women's Running Shoes for Concrete

1. ASICS - Gel-Cumulus 20 Running Shoes for Women

The ASICS Gel Cumulus Running Shoes are simply another example of the company’s excellent innovation. This pair of shoes is stunning, trendy, and highly fashionable, with a design inspired by the Northern Lights.

In a balanced, difficult to attain approach, this shoe combines aesthetic appeal, usefulness, and fantastic cost. As a result, I picked it as the finest product in this review.

The Gel Cumulus 20 Running Shoe delivers maximum comfort and support to the wearer. It also fits snugly and is true to size, removing the stress of trying it on in the shop before purchasing.

This pair is for you if you’re seeking for a running shoe that offers exceptional value at a reasonable price.


The sneakers fit well.
The pricing range is really affordable.
They are extremely supportive and comfy, as well as fashionable.
They are extremely long-lasting.


The shoes are rather hefty, which might slow the wearer down.

2. Brooks - Women Glycerin 15 for

Brooks Women's Glycerin 15, Black/Pink, 9 B
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Brooks is a household brand when it comes to apparel, which is not surprising given their track record of constantly producing high-quality items.

The Glycerin 15 is simply another example of Brooks’ commitment to produce high-quality, comfortable footwear.

The synthetic sole of these sneakers adds to their longevity. Because to the well-cushioned footbed, you may run in them for a long time and still feel as comfortable as when you first put them on.

When you consider this and the pricing, you’ll see that it offers excellent value for the money. That is why it is my second-best women’s shoe choice. You will not be sorry for investing your money on this.


These shoes are extremely long-lasting.
They come with arch support.
The majority of consumers claim that they are true to size.
They fit and feel better than most other running shoes.


It has a small toe box.
Some people also complain about the shoes being too thin.

3. Nike - LunarTempo Running Shoes for Women

This Nike LunarTempo Running Shoes is one of the most practical pairs of running shoes available in the $60 – $120 price range. They are extremely light, making them ideal for long distance jogging.

The ventilation and breathability are excellent, which helps to keep the shoes dry and comfortable for the wearer.

Although the shoes do not fit true to size, the combination of high-quality mesh and Flywire wires allows the wearer to modify the shoe as needed to get a snug, comfortable fit after the proper size is obtained. Overall, it’s a rather well-made pair of shoes for someone on a tight budget.


They are inexpensive.
They are light in weight.
They’re tough and can withstand a lot of abuse.


The sizing of these sneakers is not accurate.

4. Nike - Epic React Flyknit Running Shoe for Women

Nike is known for making high-quality footwear, and the Epic React Flyknit Running Shoe is no exception.

This pair of shoes has a cotton top and a rubber sole, both of which are very easy to clean. Flyknit structure and elastic yarns are used in the top section of the shoe, making it secure, supportive, and well-fitting.

When you wear the shoes, you receive a comfortable, well-cushioned feeling thanks to Nike’s React foam technology in the midsole.

The shoe also has a quality design that will make you the centre of attention during our runs. While it is pricey, the comfort and usefulness it provides make it worthwhile.


Very light, which helps with speed.
The majority of consumers say they are true to size.
They’re tough and long-lasting.
They offer a lot of assistance, and the design is excellent.


They are really costly.

5. Hoka One One - Clifton 5 Running Shoes for Women

HOKA ONE ONE Women's Clifton 5 Running Shoe
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The Hoka Clifton 5 Running Shoes are a positive step forward for this model. They are extremely light, making them ideal for sprinting and long distance running.

It incorporates a number of innovations that improve the pair’s comfort and support. The sole is extremely soft and cushioned, which helps to soften and absorb the impact that comes with jogging on concrete. Furthermore, the top mesh is breathable and tight, with the breathability helping the shoes to stay dry and bacteria-free.

This pair is ideal for individuals who not only enjoy jogging but also enjoy running great distances.


They fit perfectly.
The insole is detachable.
They are quite light.
They are extremely long-lasting.


For persons with broad feet, the toe box is a little snug.

6. Hoka One One - Bondi 7 for Women

Because of its versatility, this shoe has been praised by a wide spectrum of runners for its ability to adapt to changing weather conditions.

The shoe adapts to both solid and slick roads with exceptional grip, allowing you to run smoothly with the seamless transition. The shoe has an engineered mesh top that is adequately breathable. A memory foam collar is included with the heels to protect the foot from trash and sharp objects.

Furthermore, the shoe keeps a great fit around the foot, making it lightweight and supportive. The shoe’s EVA foam cushioning has been praised for giving runners a velvety sensation and improving their running pace.


A unique combination of optimum cushioning and lightness.
The Bondi’s Active Foot Frame technology cradles the heel and secures the foot, making it feel extremely solid despite its neutral classification.
Vegan running shoes with Meta-Rocker technology for a smooth, efficient ride
There are two widths available (standard and wide)


The cushioning is stiffer than usual, which may not suit runners who like mild cushioning.

7. ALTRA - AL0A4VQY Paradigm 5 Running Shoe for Women

ALTRA Women's Paradigm 5
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The Altra women’s Paradigm 5 features a FootPod outsole technology that offers the foot an edge over concrete roads, making it one of the best women’s running shoes for concrete.

Runners can run naturally and retain a regular gait thanks to the model’s Natural Ride System (NRS). The Altra EGO midsole is also added to help the shoe survive extreme temperatures while yet providing continuous comfort.

The outsole has a FootPod that reinforces contact areas and helps the shoe conform to the contour of the foot. Several reviews praise the seamless knit upper for its superior breathability, which elevates running to new heights.

This type is ideal for forefoot strikers since it includes a GuideRail forefoot stabiliser to protect the forefoot area. The Altra EGO midsole gives the shoe a lot of cushioning. The Altra Paradigm 5 is designed with a flexible laces and a versatile close-down mechanism.


For any distance, it’s versatile.
The upper is substantially more breathable than the knit from previous year.
Rubber on the outsole provides grip and durability.
For a large shoe, it is really stable.


Heel slipping difficulties
Even more so than the previous year

8. Adidas - Ultraboost 20 Running Shoe for Women

adidas Women's Ultraboost 20 Sb Running Shoe
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The Adidas PrimeKnit 360 in the upper area covers the foot and provides a safe in-shoe experience for runners. Because of its substantial cushioning, which makes you feel like you’re walking on clouds, this well-known model has received favourable reviews from runners.

3D Heel Frame is responsible for protecting your ankle, particularly during multi-directional transitions. The outsole is made of continental rubber, which helps runners to run without straining their muscles.

The shoe is designed to give you a sock-like fit. The model has been praised for the added support it provides when combined with the TPU midfoot. No matter how long you run, the Ultraboost 20 will keep you safe.


It is quite comfortable.
Size is accurate.
A comfortable and cushioned ride.
The Continental rubber outlasts earlier versions.
The top material is sock-like, providing a tight and comfortable fit.
Rubber outsole for long-lasting wear.
The Boost conforms to the foot and functions like memory foam.
Lightweight and fashionable.


There is very little support and the sole is quite thin.
The cushion is hard.
The rubber may cause sticking noises when walking.

9. ASICS - Gel-Kayano 26 Running Shoes for Women

The FLYTEFOAM PROPEL and FLYTEFOAM LYTE foams are designed to provide cutting-edge cushioning while being lightweight.

Furthermore, thanks to the LITE-SHOW reflection technology, you may bike at night in this dependable shoe. The Guidance Trusstic System allows the shoe to provide maximum stability throughout the gait cycle.

The AHAR foam patterned rubber protects against the abrasiveness of concrete roads while also balancing the run. This is also why the shoe is known for its shock absorption capabilities. DuraSponge technology is used in the forefoot region to ensure a natural gait cycle during the run.


Pleasant in-shoe feel Excellent stability
Almost all terrain
Excellent construction quality
Extremely long-lasting


A bumpy ride.
Water absorbent.

10. Brooks - Women's Ghost 12

This shoe has a 12mm heel-to-toe drop and is made entirely of recyclable materials. It has a DNA Loft, which increases cushioning and toe-off for runners. The BioMoGo DNA provides a comfortable and reliable shoe.

The broad toe area is extremely breathable and expansive, allowing runners to transition freely without feeling limited.

The model’s breathability is enhanced by the cushioned top. In addition, a heel cup keeps a snug embrace around the feet to avoid mishaps and allow for rolling. The shoe comes with a detachable orthotic insert that you can configure according to your tastes, which brings cushioning to the next level, in addition to its EVA and rubber.


The ride is really cushioned and comfortable.
A shoe that will easily last 400 kilometres or more.
The secure upper flexes well with the foot’s action.
Outsole grip is excellent.


Due of the large stack height, it is unstable on uneven surfaces.
Pricey (but very durable)

11. Hoka One One - Gaviota 2

This shoe is distinguished by its dependable grip, allowing you to easily navigate a variety of routes. It has mid-size lugs and a midsole that help the shoe grip better.

It has a tough leather upper with ventilation holes. The model is appealing because of its appealing patterns and colour choices.

The J-Frame technology in the shoe stabilises the feet during the trip and makes jogging as safe as it gets. As a result, the shoe is advised for runners who suffer from overpronation.

The shoe is soft and feathery, giving you an advantage on hard terrain. It also performs a fantastic job of decreasing tension and preserving the arches and muscles.


Max Stable riding with lightweight.
Responsive cushioning.
It has a new look that is more inviting.


Narrow in certain places.
On speed work and tempo runs, it is sluggish.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I run on concrete without getting injuries?

Because it dissipates less energy than other surfaces (such as asphalt or track), running on concrete is more difficult. This implies that the force generated when your foot strikes the ground may not be properly absorbed and instead be passed to your body. When running, this might result in increased pain and suffering.

Wearing shoes that are built for jogging on concrete is one of the things you can do to assist lessen the chance of injury. Make sure your shoes have lots of cushioning and support. This added cushioning will help to absorb and spread the impact of the strikes before they reach your joints.

How long should I use my concrete running shoes?

Running shoes are often rather long-lasting. The majority of individuals can wear them for up to 300 kilometers. This, however, varies based on the shoe’s manufacture and type, as well as how often it is worn. However, if you notice a decrease in cushioning while jogging, it’s time to switch shoes.

Are trail running shoes suitable for use on asphalt and concrete?

Trail running shoes are made for trail running. Because they have less traction than other shoes, they are not suitable for jogging on pavement or concrete. If you wish to run on those surfaces, you’ll need a different shoe with higher traction.

Are there any differences between running and training shoes?

The difference between running shoes and training shoes is often misunderstood. Running shoes are designed for outside usage on a variety of terrain, whereas training shoes are designed for indoor or restricted outdoor use and do not give the same amount of support as running shoes. When it comes to jogging, it is essential to get the best running footwear to ensure a pleasant ride.


Concrete is a tough running surface. When you run, the hardness of the concrete causes extra impact on your feet, ankles, knees, and hips.

This extra impact might hurt those places, especially if you’re not used to running on concrete. So, if you want to enjoy jogging on concrete without experiencing discomfort, you must invest in the proper footwear.

We explored the best women’s running shoes for concrete in this post, showing our female readers’ concrete running shoe picks. You may have heard how tough it is to run on concrete and been urged by friends to avoid such an unpleasant experience.


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