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At Mathematical Runner, we’re looking for articles about numbers that relate to running. We take a broad view – we’ll consider anything that might pique the interest of anyone who cares enough about running to pin a number on their chest or track their own numbers in a log. An article about the latest studies regarding optimal carb/fat/protein ratios? We’ll consider it. An article about how high you can pile all the running shoes discarded in the course of a year? We’ll consider that too.

We need your help; we want you to contribute. You don’t have to write with the rigor demanded by journals. Just tell us about the numbers that fascinate you, and include a reference or two.

You can write long if you want, but we like short as well. If you do go on at length, please provide an executive summary/abstract in addition to your article, 200 words (or less) that summarizes your article. You know – something to use as clickbait.

If your article comes with images, even better. We can use your pictures, graphs, or tables. Ideally the main image should be 980 pixels wide by 450 pixels high.

Even if you haven’t written an article, you can still help. If you find any interesting studies that use data to talk about running and runners, send us a link. If you have questions that you think SOMEONE should address, send us your idea.

Send it all to us, along with a short blurb about yourself and a link to your website if you have one, at:!