Best Neutral Running Shoes For Orthotics


It can be difficult to choose the finest running shoes for orthotics. This is difficult with over-the-counter inserts, but it’s even more difficult with a full-length orthotic. Because orthotics are thick and take up a lot of room in a shoe, the finest running shoes have more capacity in the upper, especially once the factory insert is removed.

Orthotics is custom-made shoe or heel inserts that a doctor prescribes for your individual needs. To cure your foot, leg, or back problems, a doctor may prescribe orthotics. (Minnis, 2019)

Unfortunately, many modern running shoes do not provide additional upper room. That’s why we’ve scoured the market for the best neutral running shoes for orthotics that can accommodate an orthotic with ease. But these aren’t all the same shoes.

Arch support, heel-to-toe drop, stability, breathability, and comfort are all factors to consider. Below are ten excellent choices to assist you in finding the ideal fit to improve your running.

Buyer's Guide

Orthotics can be thick or thin, depending on our individual demands. When we put in, however, it should not influence our comfort or dynamics. The following features should be included in running shoes that accommodate orthotics:

Large upper level

To accommodate the bespoke orthotics, the upper of the shoe must be roomy. It should not tighten our foot following the implantation of orthotics, making us unpleasant while running.

Insole that can be removed

An orthotics-friendly running shoe must have a detachable footbed. If we require some more room in the shoe to remove bespoke orthotics, we should be able to remove it without altering the shoe’s dynamics.

Select shoes that are appropriate for your biological condition.

Every person who requires orthotics has a unique problem. Someone may require it for pronation control, while another may require it for heel slippage.  So, the reason to buy orthotics shoes differs from person to person. If you’re a neutral runner, go with neutral shoes, and if you’re a pronator, go with pronation control shoes.

A sturdy shoe

If you look at all of the shoes that support orthotics, you’ll see that they’re all a little bigger. The majority of the shoes will be stable and provide motion control. A sturdy shoe also improves your trail running experience. If you are not sure about trail running, you may explore Is trail running good for you?


1. ASICS - Gel-Fortitude 8

If you’re looking for a pair of stylish running shoes that won’t break the bank, the ASICS Men’s Gel-Fortitude 8 Running Shoes are for you. This is a tough training partner with a slew of intriguing features for new and experienced runners alike.

More than any other sneaker in this evaluation, the shoe appears to place a premium on motion control. The Impact Guidance System, or IGS, for example, is a collection of features that work together to support natural foot motion in a variety of sports.

So, absolutely, the technology adjusts to different sports. An external heel counter, Trusstic technology, Guidance Line technology, and DUOMAX Technology are among the features of IGS. The exterior heel counter helps to keep ankle movement to a minimum.

Trusstic Technology secures your foot for a comfortable landing, while the Guidance Line ensures stability. DUOMAX, on the other hand, decreases tension by balancing the foot plane.


For neutral runners who want to try custom orthotics, this shoe provides a deep, broader fit.
Gives you the most support and improves your gait.
A fashionable running sneaker
Completely breathable
Excellent motion control
Although it’s inexpensive, it’s jam-packed with high-end technology.


Almost flawless, with few to no flaws

2. BROOKS - Dyad 10

When it comes to comfort, the Brooks Men’s Dyad 11 Running Sneaker may easily beat out a lot of high-end footwear. This is a kick that allows for more toe flexibility and also allows for the use of bespoke insoles for a more comfortable fit.

The BioMoGo DNA cushioning in the midsole is also impressive when it comes to impact absorption among the best neutral running shoes for orthotics. Each stride is dynamically cushioned for optimum comfort.

When you combine that with the designed mesh top that shields the foot without drawing attention to itself, you have one hell of a comfortable shoe.

The Brooks Dyad 11 Running Sneaker for Men also has a segmented crash pad. This is a caterpillar-like design on the outsole that helps with landing, cushioning, and transitioning from heel to toe. The design is stunning, with a permeable top that allows you to stay cool when walking or working out.


Featuring a plethora of comfort-enhancing features
Exceptional energy return
Mesh top that breathes
Toe splaying is easier with a roomier toe end.
Foot flexibility has been improved.


Not as fashionable as some other sneakers

3. SAUCONY - Echelon 8

Saucony Men's Echelon 8 Running Shoe
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The Echelon 8 is a road running shoe with a neutral design. It’s also an excellent walking shoe. The ‘Foundation Platform’ of the Echelon allows the shoe to accommodate both broader feet and orthotics users.

The shoe incorporates technology that helps to support the entire foot. These include a heel frame (to keep the heel from sliding), PWRRUN midfoot cushioning, and a bruising-prevention toe cap.

The gait cycle is optimised for improved balance with equally distributed cushioning, with a gentler 8 mm drop compared to the average of 12 mm. The arch support of this shoe is suited for low to medium-high arches.

The most recent version has a better fit and is significantly more comfortable than previous models. When walking or running, it also features a smoother toe-to-heel transition.

The Echelon 8 features a FORMFIT mesh top that stretches for a unique fit. It also improves airflow over the entire foot. The Echelon 8 has the disadvantage of weighing more than other shoes.


Extra support in the midfoot
Well-cushioned and comfortable
Overall, the fit is excellent.
Fits any size orthotic comfortably.


There aren’t a lot of colour possibilities.
For certain runners, the midfoot may seem overly wide.

4. NEW BALANCE - Women's 940 V4

The New Balance 940 V4 Running Shoe is one of a lengthy line of utilitarian sneakers from New Balance. This one is a tad wider and was created with overpronated runners in mind who have stability concerns.

T-Beam torsional stability and dual-density medial pillars keep the feet in place for stable walking. This ultra-stylish shoe is great for persons with painful feet ailments like bunions, thanks to the roomier end, breathable textiles, and ABSORB cushioning.

The New Balance 940 V4 Running Shoe for Women has extra room for personalised insoles. During strenuous exercises, the outside fabric is meant to improve both flexibility and breathability. On the down side, you can only choose from two colours.


More space at the toe ends
It’s a good match for bespoke orthotics.
ABSORB cushioning provides superior comfort.
A fashionable design that may be worn when running or walking.
Stabilizing ability of the feet
Breathable to the maximum


Apart from the limited colour options, nothing serious.

5. ASICS - Gel-Venture 6

Let’s start with the ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe, which has received excellent consumer feedback so far. It’s popular for its comfort, lightweight construction, and long lifespan.

You can tell the ASICS Gel-Venture 6 is built for extreme performance just by looking at it. It’s one of the greatest running shoes for orthotics because of its almost-narrow design and lightweight gel cushioning.

It also includes a removable sockliner that allows for the use of personalised medical orthotics. The ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 is a great running shoe with a trail-specific AHAR outsole that provides solid traction and durability.

This running sneaker features a lace construction for a secure fit and a pull button at the heel to make slipping in a breeze. There are over 20 colour options to pick from.


Extremely long-lasting
Lightweight performance is a priority.
Sockliner can be removed to allow for different styles of socks.
It’s well-known for its supreme comfort.
Panels that may be breathed in


There are some faults in the current remakes (especially the cheapest ones)

6. ADIDAS - Solar Drive 19

adidas Men's Solar Drive 19 Running Shoe
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Adidas, like Nike, continues to adhere to the highest manufacturing standards, which is why the Adidas Men’s Solar Drive 19 Running Shoes is another worthy graduate. This is a solid running shoe with excellent Boost technology that provides unrivalled comfort.

Boost is also responsible for the fluid energy return that allows runners to run for long periods of time without becoming fatigued. The top fabric is extremely breathable, while the interior is soft and cushioned for a comforting cuddle.

Furthermore, you can include bespoke orthotics without the shoe being unattractive and bulky. Adidas’ running sneaker has a modern design thanks to a good arrangement of different colours and a pulled ankle cloth.

Not to mention, the Solar Propulsion Rail in this shoe might help to steady the feet for those whose feet tend to flip out of balance.


Custom orthotics is compatible.
Design that isn’t irritating
Foot navigation technology that is second to none
Every step has a spring to it because to the responsive cushioning.


Excellent design and quality
Minor flaws that aren’t worth discussing

7. BROOKS - Beast 20

The Brooks Beast 20 is a medium-weight, sturdy running shoe with good cushioning. The Beast 20 is equipped with Guide Rails Technology, which provides stability and dynamic support when on the move.

Beast 20 is designed to be used on a variety of surfaces. We found it difficult to run quickly because of its rigidity and weight. They also contain a sock liner that can be removed to accommodate the usage of orthotics in Beast 20. It’s a Diabetes PDAC-certified sneaker. The shoe’s fit isn’t tight, and there’s plenty of room for custom orthotics.

The upper of the Beast 20 features designed mesh. The upper has an element mesh inside to help moisture wick away quickly. This shoe will provide a snug fit to the runner based on his desire thanks to the lace-up fastening method. The Brooks 20 has a soft heel collar and tongue for added comfort.

The heel counter in the shoe aids in the overall stability of the run and improve your readings on running pace calculator


Not a tight fit
Orthotics Friendly
Shoe that is stable
Well-cushioned and long-lasting


Not for a sprint.
The trash attracts the outsole.

8. MIZUNO - Wave Rider 22 R

Mizuno Women's Wave Rider 22 Running Shoe
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The Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 22 Running Shoe is an exquisite running shoe that can accommodate custom orthotics. This kick may not be able to time leap like Waverider from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, but it can get you virtually anywhere.

This shoe is designed specifically for ultralight running and comes with a slew of quality features among the best neutral running shoes for orthotics. The Cloudwave platform, U4ic midsole, articulated heel zone, and designed stretch mesh are among them.

The Cloudwave platform and articulated heel zone ensure a smooth and responsive ride, while stretch mesh ensures a comfortable fit. The U4ic and lightly padded uppers keep you comfortable for long periods of time.

The Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 22 running shoe may accommodate custom orthotics for improved comfort and arch performance. Furthermore, the shoe’s slender form and daring features give it a dashing appearance.


Cloudwave premium cushioning
Details that are bold and appealing
Comfort and breathability are provided with a dual mesh layer.
Smooth and responsive rides are the goal of this design.
Encourages people to utilise medical-grade orthotics.


This is a top-rated running shoe that has no major flaws.

9. BROOKS - Addiction 14

These shoes are designed for flat-to-low arches and people looking for a supportive running shoe for road jogging or strolling.

The midsole drop is 12mm, which is standard but slightly greater than the Saucony. Brooks’ ‘BioMoGo DNA’ cushioning is also featured in this model, giving the midsole a highly comfortable sensation throughout your walk or run.

The fit is intended for both flat and wide feet, but it also works well for narrow feet and those who need to wear orthotics. With a distinctive heel design and extra cushioning in the sock lining for a velvety feel, the Addiction 14 provides seamless transitions.


Supportive Cushioning
Comfortable to wear
For a motion control shoe, the price is best


It’s possible that the heel will slip a little.

10. MIZUNO - Wave Horizon2

Mizuno Men's Wave Horizon 2 Running Shoes
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Another shoe with a high level of stability, this type is ideal for individuals who require additional cushioning. With its distinctive plate architecture, the shoe provides a responsive feel (also the foundation of its stability).

It also offers a smooth transition and strong impact protection, as well as a lot of flexibility.

The traction of the sole and its longevity give new user’s confidence. A sturdy ankle collar and padding, as well as a breathable yet slightly stiff mesh, keep the foot cool. Some consumers complained that the liner was excessively heavy and that they had to replace it.

The toe area is a common size that most people don’t seem to mind.


The traction on the sole of the shoes is excellent.
Users will enjoy a high level of comfort and steadiness.
Shoes that are suitable for any length of run and have excellent durability.


The shoe has a significant drop from heel to toe.
While it isn’t overly bulky, it is significantly heavier than most other shoes.


Are orthotics used by professional runners?

They do, in fact. Some people utilise orthotics to help them heal from their injuries. Some athletes wear orthotics to avoid injury during competitions. That is not to say that every professional runner needs orthotics. If you don’t have any problems when running, you can skip the orthotics.

Is it necessary for me to wear orthotics in my running shoes?

Whether you have plantar fasciitis or a neutral arch, orthotics can be used in running shoes. Orthotics helps with impact absorption, which is beneficial in cases where the feet are in bad shape. Supportive orthotics, on the other hand, can aid in the stabilisation and alignment of the feet and lower body.

What happens if you don't use orthotics anymore?

If you stop wearing orthotics, your foot will begin to deteriorate again. If you keep doing that, your leg will develop major problems. You can quit wearing orthotics, but your foot posture must be checked.

Is it possible for me to use orthotics all of the time?

In whatever we do, moderation is essential. Wear orthotics to improve your stability, gait, and comfort. Nonetheless, you should walk or run without one from time to time to strengthen your feet and train them to function independently.


It may be difficult to function without orthotics if you always wear them in your running shoes. Their absence may result in aching feet and falling arches, which not only exacerbate your difficulties but also prevent you from living a tranquil life.

This list includes some of the best neutral running shoes for orthotics that you can depend on. Most of these kicks can accommodate both medical and over-the-counter orthotics without becoming overly bulky or heavy.

There are orthotic shoes for overpronators, underpronators, and people with a neutral arch included in this review. So make an effort to get a pair that matches your needs.


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