Best Running Shoes for Women Beginners


We are living in a dynamic world that is ever evolving at an unstoppable pace. This unending change has also hit the female spectrum of our society. Women are no longer a household product in this 22nd year of the 21st century.

You may come across dozens of women coming out of their homes for running, jogging and workouts in the parks, gyms, footpaths, sidewalks and pavements. Like anyone else, it’s pretty much normal for women beginners to consider the best options for running shoes to enjoy this warm-up activity with full confidence.

If you are also looking for the best solution for your running activity as a women beginner, then you have stumbled on the right post. This article is going to systematically unfold all the necessary information for buying the best running shoes for women beginners in 2024.

First you will be exposed to the evaluation criteria for the perfect running shoes for women beginners through a buyer guide and then we will proceed further by disclosing the notable mentions to you.

Buyer Guide

What to be considered before buying the best running shoes for women beginners?

Since women are always living by their doubts and they remain confused to decide on a particular thing. In the very similar fashion, it becomes an overwhelmingly hard-to-answer question for a beginner woman as to which running shoes exactly to be bought for a perfect and smooth first-time running experience.

Let’s show you the right and clear way to confidently decide on the best choice available in the shoes market.

1. Comfort Factor

Beginner women’s running activity is always goals-oriented which are related to health and fitness. It is nearly impossible to achieve these goals if you are not feeling comfortable and confident while running.

A beginner woman would definitely require plush and cushioning features in her desirable running shoes for a smooth trail or indoor run. Comfortable shoes must have a wide toe box for the free movement of the forefoot.

2. Durability Element

Longevity of running shoes is undoubtedly a serious concern for beginner runners. Since beginners are so enthusiastic at the start of their running days and they take up the daring challenge to go for off-road trail runs, a less durable pair of shoes isn’t going to help them cover a few miles distance without wear and tear.

Replacing the running shoes every other day may cost you excess money, so you need to buy the durable running shoes in the first place.

3. Breathability Options

The women beginners, who get excessively sweating in their feet while running, will definitely need some perfect running shoes with mesh upper.

Moreover, they need to ensure the presence of antibacterial agents in their running shoes to remove the smell of the sweating feet.

4. Water Repellent Features

An adventurous woman beginner will surely consider going for a wild and crazy trail run where she may have to cross muddy ditches or snowy paths that may wet her running shoes.

In that case scenario, a beginner must check whether her shoes are water resistant or not.

5. Sufficient Support

Different kinds of runners require different types of shoes. A woman beginner with abnormal pronation requires stability shoes that will provide her adequately firm support.

The drop value of running shoes is also of key importance to suit the runner’s feet perfectly. A beginner runner with flat feet requires 9 to 12mm high heel to toe drop.

6. Performance Options

Performance shoes are normally designed for neutral runners who need fast running and responsive shoes. The lightweight shoes support the fast running but extra cushioning may add extra weight to the running shoes which can compromise the performance features.

Top 10 Best running Shoes for Women Beginners

1. Brooks - Women's Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoe

True to size, Brooks Ghost 14 is the perfect choice for beginner runners as it provides a safe and smooth running experience.

This neutral shoe is equally firm and plush with a wider toe box to give adequate comfortability to the runner. Brooks Ghost 14 is especially designed for long miles run.

Being a lightweight shoe, it helps the beginners to run fast. Though it is little heavier than its previous version i.e. Ghost 13. Nonetheless, its drop is 12mm that may suit best to the flat fleet.


Ample Cushioning
Enhanced Support
Smooth Ride
Best for Longer Run


Some complaints about outsole wear & tear
Its tongue is not gusseted

2. Nike - Air Zoom Pegasus 38 FlyEase Womens Casual Running Shoe

Nike Women's Air Zoom Pegasus 38 FlyEase Casual Running DA6698-001 Shoes, Black/Anthracite/Volt/White, 7
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Famous with the name of “workhorse with wings”, Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 has been a signature footwear of NIKE. The shoe is especially known for its unrivaled capacity to withstand rough and long runs.

Pegasus 38 has fixed the issues of the narrower upper as was found in Pegasus 37. However, it has gained more weight than its previous version.

This latest update of Air Zoom Pegasus is adequately cushioned, supportive and responsive for a comfortable run.


High quality upper to provide comfort
Best Performance Running Shoe
Enhanced Cushioning


Thick upper may get warmer on hot summer days.
Not very lightweight

3. New Balance - Women's Fresh Foam 880v11

Offering a smooth and responsive ride, Fresh Foam 880v11 by New Balance has proved itself to be one of the most comfortable shoes made for covering high mileage. There is no exaggeration in its advertisement because it fits to your feet as truly as promised.

Since it has got various holes for its laces, it can save you from slipping. Besides, Fresh Foam 880v11 has got an impressive grip on the road. It is a perfect gift for those beginner runners who are heel strikers as it has ample cushioning in its rear part.


Extremely Comfortable.
Perfect Foot Lockdown.
Tight Grip.
Advanced Responsiveness.
Negligible Wear After 100 Miles
Best for Heel Strikers


Not Best as a Stability Shoe
Not for Tempo Runs

4. HOKA ONE ONE - Bondi 7 Womens Shoes

Hoka Bondi 7 is characterized by ample cushioning to make it comfortable for the runners. It may appeal to the interest of beginner runners because of its capability to bring them on a long run with no fear of wear.

There you find an EVA midsole system to give a firm support to midfoot. Rubber outsoles make it lighter in weight but more durable to last longer than usual.


Secured Foot Lockdown
Perfect for Long Distance Running
Firm Support
Less likely to Wear


Narrow Upper may make the runner feel uncomfortable

5. Saucony - Women's Triumph Iso 5 Running Shoe

Saucony Women's Triumph ISO 5 Running Shoe, Blue/Navy, 5 W US
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Saucony Triumph ISO 5 is commonly recommended for those beginner runners who are more likely to feel pain or aching in their feet while running. Basically, the main purpose of this footwear is to provide adequately firm support to a runner.
It is a common observation that many beginner runners struggle with their style and rhythm of running but finding a right pair of shoes like Saucony Triumph ISO 5 in their feet can bring them solace and comfort while running hard on the road. Apart from being extraordinarily cushioned, it is quite lightweight and offers enhanced breathability to the runners who sweat excessively.


Ample cushioning.
Plush feel.
Highly durable
Flexible Laces


Not a smooth ride.
Insufficient grip in wet conditions
Extra wide thus doesn’t suit narrow feet

6. HOKA ONE ONE - Women's Clifton 7 Running Shoe

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 8 Womens Shoes Size 7.5, Color: Black/White
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Hoka Clifton holds an interesting story behind its name as it was named after Clifton Beach of Cape Town when Nicolas Mermoud, co-founder of Hoka One One, was traveling down the Table Mountain down to Clifton Beach. He poured the weightlessness that he felt while going down the Table Mountain, into Clifton 7.

It is quite evident that Clifton 7 has a negligible weight. Though it is not comfortable for flat feet, it provides adequate support, responsiveness and comfortability to neutral runners.


Ample Cushioning
Comfortable Upper
Secured Foot Lockdown
Impressive Grip in Wet


EVA midsole sounds a little dated

7. Mizuno - Women's Wave Rider 25 Running Shoe

Mizuno Women's Wave Rider 25 WAVEKNIT™ | neutral Support Running Shoe |Eco Friendly Materials | Waveknit- Cayenne/Phlox Pink | US 8.5
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Providing support and plush at the same time, Mizuno Wave Rider 25 can be the best running shoes for women beginners. Since it is ultra-soft, it will return more energy. Wave Rider 25 has a wide toe box that allows more freedom to the forefoot. Its drop is 12 mm that directs more weight on the forefoot.

Rider 25 is the best match for an easy paced run. The best thing about the shoes is that it is lighter in weight than its predecessor i.e. Mizuno Wave Rider 24.


Comfortable Forefoot
Durable Outsole
Stable Heel
Soft Forefoot


Not good for fast running.
Forefoot and Rearfoot are Totally Different in Cushioning

8. Nike - Women's ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit Running Shoes Ct2229

ZoomX Invincible Run by Nike is an everyday trainer that gives a bouncy and bumpy-jumpy kind of feel while running. It is an iconic shoe by Nike that has become popular among women beginners because it is more demanded by injury prone runners.

The rubber outsole provides an impressive grip on the road even when it is wet terrain. It is best for slow speed and short distance runs. The wide toe box of the shoe even allows the wide feet to move freely. In short, it makes your run more prolific and joyful.


Roomy Toe Box
Enhanced Cushioning
Tight Grip
Bouncy and Jumpy Feel
Good for Short Run and Slow Speed


Lacks Stability
Doesn’t Support Fast Speed

9. HOKA ONE ONE - Carbon X 2 Womens Shoes

HOKA Carbon X 2 is extremely a supreme choice for long mile runs. The Carbon X 2 is not only perfect for racing, but also used as a daily trainer.

It is basically a performance shoe having a soft midsole and comfortable upper to support the runners while running the unmanageably bigger and longer distance runs.

The midsole of Carbon X 2 is comparatively more stable than many others of its kind. It offers enhanced stability as compared to other average carbon plated shoes.


Perfect Lockdown
Ample Cushioning
Smooth Ride


Relatively Less Energy Return
Heavy Weight for Racing

10. New Balance - Women's FuelCell Rebel V2 Speed Running Shoe

New Balance Fuelcell TC is especially designed for training and competition as its very name suggests i.e. TC means Training & Competition. Hence the basic purpose of this shoe is to provide a memorable experience for long runs or indoor running practices as well.

It is one of the best carbon plated shoes and offers an interestingly amazing plush and bouncy feel at the same time.

Fuelcell TC has got a comfortable upper and wide toe box that adds to its comfortability features. Though it is a high priced shoe yet it would definitely value your money.


Breathable mesh upper.
Propulsion due to Carbon Plate
Perfect lockdown
Wide toe box
Best for both long marathon races and for practice too


High in price.
Tongue is not gusseted

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important for women beginners to consider the perfect running shoes?

Being a beginner runner, women always need confidence and smooth running experience to keep their balance and feel free from foot pain or aching.

Therefore, it is important to calculate all the merits and demerits of a perfect running shoe for women beginners.

What to be considered before buying the best running shoes for women beginners?

Comfortability, breathability, durability, support and water repellant features are the most important notable considerations before buying the best running shoes for women beginners.

How much should be spent on an average pair of running shoes?

Since it is not good to be spendthrift, so there is no need to spend extravagantly on running shoes. A beginner woman may get good quality performance running shoes for some 100$ only.

How are stability shoes different from performance shoes?

Stability shoes are designed for the runners with abnormal pronation whereas performance shoes are more focused on fast running and enhanced responsiveness.

What is the best running shoes choice for women beginners with an abnormal pronation?

Stability shoes with customized adjustable soles for personalization purposes are the best choice for women beginners with abnormal pronation.


The final takeaway from the above discussion is that women beginners need to seriously consider the best possible options for their running gears and footwear to enjoy a smooth and fair running experience.

Moreover, if you want to track your progress, we also have article about best free running apps for beginners which you might want to read.

A wise evaluation criteria for choosing the best running shoes for women beginners can help you save few bucks and extra energy (that may be uselessly consumed in case of wrong running shoes) in 2024