Best Running Shoes for Triathlon


Triathlon competitions are the perfect example of hassle-oriented games where every inch matters and each fraction of a moment can create a big difference.

Without any exaggeration, the running shoes on your feet have a crucial role to play in your success in the triathlon contests.

It is totally away from being wise to compromise the appropriate standard and quality of running shoes for such a kind of game that needs the whole of your body swimming, cycling, and marching hard on the ground to reach the success line before anyone else could even touch it.

So we are on a journey to explore some of the Best Triathlon Running Shoes for your training sessions or the actual triathlon competition this year 2024.

Keep reading the post till the end because we are going to unfold the Top 10 Best Running Shoes for Triathlon along with a valuable buyer guide.

Buyer Guide

It is always an overwhelming question for triathletes to purchase the perfect pair of running shoes for their upcoming racing triathlon competition.

Especially the running part of triathlon games requires some wise selection of running shoes which can contribute towards your success in the contest.

However, there are certain standards that you must evaluate before buying the triathlon running shoes.

Evaluation Criteria

Since you are going to invest in your triathlon running shoes, they must provide value for your money.

Therefore you need to look for a perfect type of shoe that may serve your purpose well.

So try to get a pair of racing shoes for your triathlon contest that fulfills the following criteria.

1. Cushioning and Comfortability

Since you have to run for a certain length of distance without letting any other contestant surpass you, you must look for a pair of running shoes that doesn’t comprise the quality.

There must be ample cushioning in the insoles depending upon your choice regarding comfortability.

Moreover, the cushioning should be lightweight for a swift run and the midsole should provide firm support to add responsiveness.

The padded tongue and collar may contribute towards enhanced comfortability.

2. Rapid Transition

The running shoes for triathlon are required to facilitate the runner with matchless responsiveness and quick transition for racing.

Always look for shoes which have got an inside liner so that you should not feel any need for wearing socks.

Furthermore, the perfect choice of running shoes for triathlon must hold some perforations in its upper or a vented midsole for proper breathability and ventilation.

Thus the circulation of fresh air inside the shoes would save the runner from blistering and swelling in his feet due to excessive sweating.

3. Quick and Secure Foot Lockdown

Owing to the fact that every inch and every second counts in such competitions, the best pair of running shoes for triathlon must be true to size and, they must also provide perfect and secure foot lockdown.

The laces should be elastic enough to facilitate the runner to quickly put on or take off the shoes with secure foot lockdown.

Notable Considerations

You are also required to consider some basic facts regarding your preferences and requirements before spending money on your triathlon shoes.

1. Type of Racing Competition

There are various situations for running competitions with regard to the length of the running distance.

For shorter distance runs, you need to go with the racing flats. It is because here you will require rapid translation and speed from your shoes.

However, for medium distance runs (i.e. Half Ironman Triathlons), you will need to go with a pair of shoes between the racing flats and the trainers.

Nonetheless, for the longer mileage runs (Full Triathlon), you are required to opt for the perfect trainers that may provide you adequate support and comfort for longer mileage running.

2. Type of the Running Surface

The choice of your running shoes also depends heavily on the type of running surface or the terrain.

For, instance if you are running off-road it will require too much strength, durability, support, and responsiveness from your running shoes.

3. Type of Your Preferred Gait

Your preferred running style does also control the perfect choice of running shoes for you.

For instance, if you have any foot pronation or even if you are flat feet or suffering from any other footdisorder, then there will be a clear difference in your natural gait.

So decide wisely on choosing the most suitable pair of running shoes for triathlon depending upon your running gait and preferred style.

Top 10 Best Running Shoes for Triathlon

Let us go through the top 10 best choices for triathlon running shoes.

1. Zoot Women's ULTRA TT 5.0 Running Shoes

Zoot Women's Ultra 5-W, Black/Amethyst/Silver, 6.5 M US
Buy on Amazon

Being versatile in the options that it offers, Zoot is quite a fit match for biking, swimming and running.

The perforations on its outsole serve as drainage holes that may relieve a runner from an undesirable irritating feeling of being drenched in muddy water or sweat.

Moreover, the elastic laces and padded tongue are there to provide quick and secure foot lockdown.

The comfortability and durability are quite okay. Moreover, it has got only 3 millimeters heel to toe drop which is going to be quite good for flat feet runners.


Perforated Upper
Elastic Laces
Secure Foot Lockdown


Not Water Proof

2. Brooks – Women's Ricochet 3 Running Shoe

The very first sight of the shoe would make you think of comfort and just forget about everything else.

Being the comfiest shoes on our list of top 10, Ricochet 3 is quite popular among female triathletes.

The shoe is designed in such a way that it supports abnormal gait in an appropriate manner.

The DNA cushioning employed in the construction of this shoe makes it super comfy.

The perforated upper and cushioned insole attracts the wearers to consider this shoe for their racing competitions.

The hook on its back and easy-to-tie laces make it easy to put on or take off. Therefore, it also offers a perfect foot lockdown to save the runner from any issue regarding irritability while on a longer run.

The lightweight cushioning offers comfort and responsiveness at the same time.


Perforated Upper
Vented Midsole
Perfect Foot Lockdown


No considerable issue reported

3. ASICS – Men's Gel-ds Trainer 24

One of the few popular brands in the shoe market, the ASICS always comes with something strikingly different that stands out in a crowd of thousand shoe types.

The DS 24 is also the one from the same row of impressive entries by ASICS. Since there is no need to talk about the cushioning and comfortability for any of the ASICS shoes, so coming towards the midsole which has got magically firm and diverse support for the neutral runners as well as those with some sort of foot pronation.

However, not so good for the runners suffering from high arches.

Moreover, the mesh upper ensures ventilation to prevent the feet from blistering or swelling during longer-distance race competitions.

The shoe also offers a fast transition to support the runner to easily compete with the fellow triathletes.


Comfort at its heart.
Adequate Support.
Mesh Upper.
Can be used without socks.


Not that durable.
Very little arch support

4. Hoka – One One Women’s Clifton 7

The experts say that it is the finest product of Hoka so far, as far as the fast transition is concerned.

The shoe can help you through the long and rough runs. The breathability of the mesh upper will easily take you through the muddy water patches as it has some drainage holes like perforations on its upper.

The rubber outsole makes it even more durable and provides excellent traction on the running surface.

The female triathletes must give it a gentle try, at least once. It is not a sweeping statement, yet they will be very less likely not to consider this shoe for their training or triathlon competition.


 Mesh Upper


Not god for heavy pronators

5. Under Armour – Flow Velociti Wind

Super-dashing, the Velocity Wind by Armor has got an eye-catching design for all those who look for some style in their footgear for racing competitions and training.

The shoe is quite lightweight with its synthetic upper and holds an inside sock liner that will just say goodbye to wearing any kind of socks.

The cushioned midsole and padded tongue are something that will shower a sense of solace onto your exhausted and aching feet due to excessive training sessions. The seamless construction will provide a smooth stride.


Durable Outsole
Breathable Mesh Upper
Perfect Trainer
Extra Cushioning


Not for wide feet.
Little expensive.

6. HOKA – One One Womens Rincon 3

The Rincon 3 by HOKA is a multipurpose shoe that will help you while running through the trickiest of the tracks, swimming the longer miles and bicycling for a considerably longer session of time.

The shoe is aimed at serving the female triathlons’ purposes in multiple situations.

The breathable upper ensures perfect ventilation, the hook on its back makes it easy to put on and the lightweight cushioning turns it into a highly responsive, comfortable and fast transition running shoe.


Fast Transition
Breathable Upper
Secure Foot Lockdown


Not good for hip or knee pain

7. Skechers – Go Run Ride 9

Although the Go Run Ride 9 is not popular enough amongst the triathlons, however, the features that this stability shoe offers would place it among the finest choices for triathlon shoes.

Since it feels a little heavy and is not a lightweight shoe, it will be a better choice for half Ironman or Full Ironman triathlons.

It is because it is not a racing flat but it would better serve as a trainer that would offer sufficient support and durability for the longer runs.

The mesh and breathable upper makes it comfortable for sweating conditions or running through any muddy water patches.


Mesh Upper


Not Lightweight
No fast transition

8. ASICS – Gel-Noosa Tri 12

Last but not the least, the Noosa Tri 12 is a perfect choice of running shoe that can help you out in the wildest of the triathlon competitions.

There is no exaggeration to call it as an energy return shoe. If you look into the shoe, it will be hard to overlook the shoe for using it as your footgear in the upcoming triathlon competition.

The shoe has got matchless support, responsiveness, comfortability, durability, breathability and whatnot.

The elastic laces will make it easier for a triathlete to put on the shoes in no time with a perfect foot lockdown. The only issue with this shoe is not having the sufficient traction on the running track, however, it is workable.


Perfect Foot Lockdown


Less Traction

9. Saucony – Men's Type A9

Saucony A9 is truly a perfect shoe choice for long mile runs with its sleek design and promising flexibility.

The shoe offers a perfect foot lockdown for a smooth and uninterrupted running experience.

The shoe has a vented midsole and perforated upper which ensure perfect breathability and water drainage.

The cushioning and durability are pretty awesome and cause no issue to the wearer. However, the issue lies in its narrow forefoot that may put the wide feet runners in some trouble.

The high tongue may also irritate some runners by rubbing against the lower forefront of their legs.


Perfect Foot Lockdown


Narrow toe box
The tongue may irritate.

10. New Balance – Men's Low M 1500 Trainers

New Balance Men's M1500 Running Shoe
Buy on Amazon

The Men’s Low M 1500 is designed specifically for a short-distance triathlon and would serve as a racing flat.

The shoe has got fast transition and is quite quick to be easily put on or taken off because of its elastic laces.

You will find your feet perfectly fit in these shoes while running and riding bicycles.

The heel striker would feel very less shocks during each landing on the hard pavement because of its soft cushioning in the rearfoot.

The good news is that the shoe is even going to support those with wide feet.


Suitable for Wide Feet
Secure Foot Lockdown


Not durable to be used in Ironman Triathlons

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you look in a triathlon shoe?

You must consider the responsiveness, support, fast transition, breathability, durability and comfortability in a triathlon shoe.

What running shoe do pro-triathletes wear?

The pro triathletes normally wear the heavy trainers for longer running competitions and racing flats in the short distance running contests.

Which running shoes are perfect for full Ironman triathlons?

The heavy trainers are normally better choice for full Ironman triathlons because of their durable construction and enhanced support.

How can racing flats help you in the short-distance running?

The racing flats are lightweight and have fast transition so they can help you win short-distance racing competitions.

What is the advantage of breathable upper in triathlon shoes?

The breathable upper makes the ventilation possible and prevents the runners feet form blistering or swelling due to excessive sweating. Moreover, it also serves as a source for water drainage.


To wrap up, it is quite obvious that you cannot compromise the quality of your running shoes especially when you are going to participate in a triathlon competition.

Therefore, it is advisable that you must search and scan for the best running shoes for triathlon in 2024 before it gets late.

However, it is not the matter of selecting the best or rejecting the rest as there is no best choice or no worst choice in the list.

All the choices listed above are the best in their own way. You have to choose your best one that may satisfy your needs depending upon your running style, pronation, running track and nature of the running competition.


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