Best Saucony Long Distance Running Shoes


Saucony is a renowned running shoes brand which had gained its foothold in footgear industry somewhere around the turn of the 20th century.

From the very first day of its entry in the shoe market, the brand never looked behind down to this day.

Continuously introducing styling ideas and performance options in running shoes, Saucony has now gained a stronghold in the footwear industry and is giving a tough competition to its competitors.

The brand is named after Saucony Creek tributary in Pennsylvania. Still, the company’s headquarters were relocated into Lexington, Massachusetts, after the manufacturer of athletic footwear Hyde Athletic bought it.

With its headquarters in Lexington, Massachusetts, Saucony is now one of the most welcomed marathon shoe brands all over the world. In this article, we are going to review some of the best Saucony Long-distance running shoes.

So, keep reading it till the end without skipping any of its features mentioned below.

Buyer Guide

How to buy the best Saucony running shoes for long-distance can be an overwhelming question.

Therefore, we have designed an all-inclusive buyer guide which will help you to find the best footwear choice from Saucony shoe brand.

If you find yourself on the fence in choosing the best Saucony shoes option for longer mileages, then must go through this buying guide to make your choice super simple and as decisive as writing in stone.

Let us discuss the evaluation criteria through notable considerations for the best Saucony long-distance running shoes.

1. Comfort

The most important thing we consider in any footgear is its comfort level. You will probably ask some questions to yourself before spending money on any running shoe option available, like what amount of cushioning does it provide and does it provide some support, and does it  allow for flexibility.

For that reason, here are some factors that we consider before buying the Saucony shoes for long-distance runs.

Firstly, we consider the comments and reviews given by the actual users or wearers of a certain running shoe. We will try to look whether the user of a certain pair of running shoe is satisfied or not with the comfort it offers.

Furthermore, the cushioning and plush options must be considered for a soft and gentle feelings while you are a long off-road trip and running on a stony or hard running terrain.

2. Durability

On an average, a great pair of running shoes will last between 400 to 600 miles. We want to find out if the shoes meet the criteria in terms of durability or if they’ll likely wear out earlier or last for longer.

The primary factor that we should consider in evaluating the general durability of each pair of shoes is the feedback given by the actual users about each pair of shoes.

Although the manufacturers give a hint about how long the shoes can last, the only method of knowing is to test the shoes and examine their durability.

Reviewing actual user feedback will allow you to determine how the running shoes last over time. Be sure to examine the terrain for which the running shoes are made, as it plays a significant role in how long they’ll last. If you put on your shoes for running on incorrect terrain, they won’t last as long as intended.

3. Breathability

If you get excessive sweating on your feet then you can better realize the irritation of wet feelings and stinking smell coming out of your feet, especially during the hot summer months.

In such a worst case scenario, you will probably look for some breathable shoes for long-distance runs. The running shoes with breathable upper would offer better ventilation and circulation of air in the forefoot portion of the shoe as well.

Moreover, the drainage holes in the upper would also help you getting your shoes dried quickly if there are water patches on your way or you are running in rain. Here we are going to discuss the different situations which ensure the perfect breathability.

Do they have additional ventilation features?

Although most shoes are constructed to breathe by themselves, many road running shoes come with other ventilation options that improve the overall breathability.

For your sweaty feet, you need to search for an item with additional ventilation features to its design so that your feet remain cool and dry as there are many shoes which use modern technologies for better breathability.

Do they have a mesh upper?

The most prominent feature of breathable shoes is mesh material on the upper part of shoes. However, it’s crucial to remember that mesh is less robust.

It is normally flexible to adapt any foot shape but it doesn’t have stiffness to prevent your feet from any hard stroke, in case a stone or some other heavy object strikes the upper of your shoes.

Are they quick-drying, or are they moisture-wicking?

Although not all shoes for running are made to be quick-drying or even moisture-wicking. Lots of them come with features that let them dry fast.

Shoes with moisture-wicking capabilities can wick moisture away so that your feet are dry and cool no matter how excessively you sweat. This feature is quite helpful in long-distance runs.

4. Weight

Running shoes can differ based on the purpose for which it was designed. For instance, the shoes for trail running typically weigh higher than sneakers for road running.

We picked specific Saucony models that are incredibly light, while others fall slightly heavier. It’s essential to remember that even the most heavy-weight options don’t burden you and are less heavy than many heavy shoes.

Some of the models on our list are little weighty too, because they were made to offer more stability and support over other models. If you have normal pronation or neutral runner, the lightweight shoes will suffice you.

However, those who suffer from pronation issues will need to select the right shoes that provide stability and support. This can be better achieved through wearing relatively weighty shoes with adequate support and responsiveness to help you running through long-distance runs.

A Brief Overview of the Technology used in Saucony Shoes

Saucony has been producing running shoes since 1898. The brand has introduced many innovations in the shoe-making industry with the use of striking technologies.

There are a lot of upcoming exciting developments which are anticipated by the brand as well. We will look into the most recent and latest technology used by Saucony.


EVERUN was the first Saucony proprietary midsole foam following EVA foam. The foam was launched in 2015 and included a layer of TPU foam for more excellent responsiveness and longevity. Saucony uses EVERUN in its shoes, whether as a midsole layer or an upper sole layer.


ISOFIT is an upper design that was found in almost every Saucony running shoe from the period of 2015-to 2019. It was intended to provide an easier fit by creating a separation between the inner sleeve and the outer cage of floating support.

But it was criticized because it made it difficult to tie the shoe up and to adjust the feet. So, the more recent releases don’t have it.


It is designed to support the foot from the top of the foot, down below, and in front to ensure a snug-fitting with no pressure points.

11 Best Saucony Long Distance Running Shoes

Let us explore the best Saucony long-distance running shoes with pros and cons for each of the footwear.

1. Saucony – Unisex Cohesion 11

Saucony Men's Grid Cohesion Running Shoe, Black, 11 Medium US
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The Saucony Cohesion 11 Running shoes offer to enjoy a comfortable and smooth ride thanks to their Versarun cushion and snug fit.

The outsole gives you a smooth sensation and allows you to go for miles. The upper gives support to your heels and guarantees a tight grip on different terrains.

The cushioning and plush minimizes the stress on your legs through shock absorption and thus makes your strides more efficient.

These neutral running shoes are not only workable for running errands, or household activities but also help you in getting through longer mileages.

The shoe also features additional Grid cushioning with100% synthetic and textile upper for easy foot adjustment. The synthetic sole guarantees the longevity and durability of the shoe.


Wide toe box
Insoles that can’t be removed
The most comfortable


There is no arch support

2. Saucony – Cohesion 13 Running Shoe

Saucony Men's Cohesion 13 Walking Shoe, Grey/Citron, 7.5 M US
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If you’re searching for low-cost comfortable running shoes for covering long distances, these Saucony Cohesion 13 running shoes could be the perfect option.

Their cushioning is just phenomenal, and their snug fit will ensure an enjoyable run. The Versafoam cushioning helps reduce impacts and eases stress on your feet, and the rubber outsole gives a comfortable and smooth feeling.

These sturdy shoes will help you cover the long distances with smooth stride. They feature a ventilated upper part that ensures the proper circulation of air in the forefoot portion of the shoes.

The shoe employs the remarkable Grid technology alongside the Versafoam cushioning. The rubber outsole guarantees durability and enhanced traction as well.


Cushioned shoe
Wide toe box
Arch support


A bit stiff

3. Saucony – Guide 10

These Saucony Guide 10 running shoes are made from the highest quality engineered mesh with an elastomer sole and removable insole.

They provide the ultimate running experience thanks to their slim midsole with the mesh upper. The tri-flex outer sole provides an amazing flexibility to the runner so that a runner may easily adjust his feet while running a long distance run.

They help you concentrate on your workout and help to increase your performance.

The use of Grid technology along with the stability options and cushioning system make these shoes very popular among athletes.


Wide base
Good shock absorption
Minimize plantar fasciitis
Gorgeous color choices
Breathable upper


It may run little heavier on your feet

4. Saucony – Ride 13 Running Shoes

The Saucony Ride 13 running shoes are the best option if you’re looking for ease of running mile after mile.

They have a superior cushioning system and a more streamlined shape. The PWRRUN cushioning helps reduce shocks’ impact on knees and ankles, and the TRI-FLEX outsole provides flexibility.

The mesh upper allows for breathability, and FORM FIT covers your feet with 3D comfort. They are a mix of features that say “feel comfortable” and “go quick.”

They come with a rugged rubber outsole, which helps you to cover long distances even at faster speeds.


Wide toe box
Offers arch support
Soft and springy


Its weird laces may irritate the wearer

5. Saucony - Kinvara 12

The Saucony Kinvara 12 is one of Saucony’s best-loveable running shoes. The light upper is breathable, stretches beautifully, and conforms around your foot.

Kinvara 12 has a smooth, comfortable ride and is made with PWRRUN midsole technology. It adjusts to your foot’s shape and movement.

The flexible design allows your feet to perform whatever move you want to while running. They’re very light and ideal for quick races or speed training.

Additionally, you’ll experience more natural movements by adjusting the offset to 4mm from Heel to Toe. The slightly elevated heel gives enough lift to heel strikers but still allows runners who strike their midfoot to keep the correct posture.


A variety of color choices, from dim to vibrant color range.
Great energy return that adds the extra bounce to each step
Mesh upper that breathes throughout the shoe.


The absence of rubber on the outsole signifies that the shoes won’t last long

6. Saucony – Triumph 18

Saucony Men's S20595-40 Triumph 18 Running Shoe, Charcoal/White - 10.5 M US
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The Saucony Triumph 18 is the Saucony’s cushioned, soft running shoe. It’s distinct from the rest in a variety of ways.

The first step was that Saucony modified this version to give more flexibility to improve comfort and responsiveness but still keep its sturdy structure. While the upper has an older-style lacing system.

Triumph 18 is also one of the top shoes with a flexible bounce. You’ll likely have an easier landing and can move more comfortably during your run than other footwear.

PWRRUN technology inside the midsole offers the best cushioning and springiness, all with a lightweight shoe style.


FORM FIT upper for a customized fit
PWRRUN Lightweight Midsole Cushioning
Soft and gentle effect on feet


It may not have enough arch support for pronators.
A little Expensive

7. Saucony – Cohesion 10

Saucony Cohesion 10 is an everyday training shoe that is a perfect match for long or short miles.

Although Saucony has not employed all of its striking technology in this model, this neutral model provides moderate cushioning.

However, it can be a true companion when you are on longer run. This Saucony Cohesion 10 midsole uses injection-molded EVA, and the upper has mesh with breathability.

The Saucony 10 is a supportive light shoe with a GRID cushioning in the rearfoot for the heel strikers. The runners will be comfortable after knowing that they’re receiving a quality shoe designed to provide stability and support.

This trainer shoe can be an excellent choice for running to the finish line.


Affordable price tag
Flexible trainer
Good for longer Mileages
Plenty of cushioning


Not as effective in humid conditions.

8. Saucony - Kinvara 11

Saucony Men's Kinvara 11 Blue/Black Shoe 11 W US
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If you’re looking for a more grounded feeling while running a long distance, check out Kinvara 11.

This shoe features a tiny 4mm drop that keeps your feet close on the floor. This allows you to minimize the wasted energy and boost the power transfer.

The Kinvara’s flexible and soft sole facilitates smooth heel-to-toe transitions that allow you to accelerate the speed. The midsole is also equipped with enough cushioned protection to withstand the shock that you may receive on every of your foot landings.

This will allow you to stay free of injuries for longer.
The 360 FORM FIT upper wraps the feet and ensures an incredibly comfortable and snug fit. These shoes are perfect for daily training as well as long runs.


PWRUN midsole foam is light and flexible.
The FORM FIT technology offers perfect fit and foot lockdown.
Engineered mesh with a seamless upper.
Impressive shocks absorption.


Don’t have god traction on wet surface

9. Saucony – Guide 13

Saucony Men's Guide 13, Blackout, 11.5 Wide
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If you’re looking for the top Saucony stability shoes for long distance runs, consider giving this Guide 13 a look.

These are sturdy and durable shoes that aid overpronators in achieving the most efficient gait cycle.

This model features a revolutionary TPU guide frame that prevents excessive movement of the ankles that can cause injuries.

Some stability shoes may feel somewhat stiff. However, the FORM FIT footbed can accommodate a broad selection of different profiles.

his shoe gives you a customized design for you to feel that is improved each time you wear them.


The new PWRUN midsole is flexible and soft.
TPU Guidance Frame substitutes for the dual-density medial post.
Highly durable and well-structured shoe
Secure Foot locksdown
Breathable Upper


It may run narrow on wide feet.

10. Saucony – Progrid Integrity ST 2

Doesn’t matter how your feet hit the ground in natural walking; this shoe can provide the ability to absorb shock and provide comfort.

The WALKTRAC on the outsole will guide your feet through an easy walking motion, with a little midfoot support without sacrificing the forefoot flexibility for a relaxed stroll.

The outsole offers excellent forefoot traction on standard walking surfaces, but it would not be the ideal option for rugged or uneven terrain.

Like other Saucony shoes on this list, these sneakers could be a good option for any long distance run that demands prolonged hours of running with a bit of resistance on the sole to withstand slippery conditions.


The new PWRUN midsole is flexible and soft.

Full-grain leather to ensure durability and a perfect fit.

Premium sock liner for cushion.

Rubber outsole non-marking with a bit of traction.

The collar and tongue are padded to ensure the perfect fit.

Compression-molded EVA is molded to decrease backlash in energy and reduce foot fatigue.

Toe rocker to give you an extra boost while walking.

12-millimeter heel Toe offset 12 mm.

Abrasion rubber on Toe.


No considerable drawbacks

11. Saucony – Jazz Original Vintage

If you’re searching for the most stylish Saucony shoes with style and comfort, then Saucony Original Jazz is the best option.

They provide a retro-cool appearance in many different colors and an additional pair of laces for those wanting more choices.

Beyond fashion, beyond the style, Saucony Jazz Original line offers an exceptional level of quality of comfort and support over long distances.

It’s an additional benefit for those who require custom-made orthotics with a replaceable insole.

They offer excellent breathability and durability due to the mesh and nylon uppers. The outsole’s traction is efficient; however, Saucony Jazz Original Vintage is better for more difficult terrains and longer running trips.


Colors and sizes for women that are also Unisex.
Padded tongue, and a cushioned footbed ensure ultimate comfort.
Breathable Mesh Upper
Premium removable sock liner for cushion.


It may get warm on hot summer days

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Saucony Running Shoes Good?

Absolutely! A few of the latest advancements in the field are found in the top Saucony shoes for running like- ‘PWRRUN Cushioning delivers a top-quality energy return and the company is a proponent of advanced technology.

Also, they have the ‘FORMFIT’ footbed that is much-appreciated by athletes at all levels.

What Saucony Running Shoes Are the Top shoes?

It’s debatable. According to us Cohesion 11 is our most highly-rated Saucony shoes, however, the right pair for you will depend on your style of running, your preferred terrain, and many other elements.

How long is the lifespan of Saucony running shoes?

The life expectancy of the shoe is said to be around 400 miles according to the company. On the other hand, certain models might be more durable, whereas others may not be.

Is a Saucony running shoe ideal for walking?

Yes, all Saucony running shoes can be utilized for walking as well. There are many casual entries by Saucony which can add pleasure and performance, as well, in your walking experience.


This article guide can be a better opinion for those who prefer the quality of shoes upon the price of the shoes.

If you’re a neutral-running athlete looking to boost your performance in long-distance and mid-distance races, these shoes are a great option due to their enhanced responsiveness and advanced level comfortability.

The best Saucony long-distance running shoes are available in various sizes. In the end, everything depends on your choice so be sure to consider their pros and cons before investing your money in any pair of running shoe.


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