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Whether you’re running during the winter months, the cold summer days, or in the windy autumn afternoons, a great pair of tights for running is essential to run throughout the year and combat cold winter weather. Nothing beats an outfit of the top running tights for men to enjoy winter running.

Whatever the weather conditions, it’s much easier to go out and enjoy your run when you’re wearing the right gear. A great pair of tights running warm can make a big difference during winter. We’ve put together our pick of the top winter running tights for males.

Take a look, grab one, and push ahead in the cold winter months. You can set your running timing by reading this how to run a faster marathon guide. It will help to set your timing.

Buyer's Guide


It was awe-inspiring to see the variety of fitting on the tights we tried. It would be expected that a typical running tight should be slim and comfortable against the body. However, the styles we tried ranged from loose to skintight enough to allow you to layer under a pair of shorts. Every tight has a drawstring required when tights are loaded with accessories.

Always consult the brand’s size guidelines for every kind of tights you are looking at to ensure that you have the correct size.


Warmth is the most important aspect of running tights, and the traditional running tight is simple. Many of us have used essential tights of the top road running brands for a long time, and they have served us great for keeping warm in the colder months.

However, the design and features differ dramatically from the road for brands within the ultra-running and trail running categories.

The tights’ fabric ranges between fleece-lined and polyester, spandex and Gore-Tex, and wool to nylon. They all offer different levels of warmth as well as wind protection.

The most effective way to consider picking running tights that are warm is to consider the specifics of your surroundings and the effects of cold weather on you. The weather in Boulder, Colorado, where I reside, it’s typical to experience an overnight snowstorm and then bright, sunny the next day. This has a significant impact on the way I select my winter running attire, and I favor tights that are layer-able to adapt to unpredictable temperature changes.


If you purchase tights from a trusted running brand, they’ll cost more than running shorts. There are tights available on Amazon from as low as $20 up, but we decided to get models from the most well-known and reliable brands in the field.

While they’re constructed with non-technical materials, have minimal storage options, and lack extras such as zips for the ankle or a phone-sized pouch, These tights are an excellent budget-friendly option given their basic functionality. They’ll leave you less secure from winter’s harsh elements than higher-end options that we evaluated, such as the $149.

Before buying, think about how you could utilize your tights for different sports since many of us purchase only one pair for cross-country skiing and hiking.


The seven tights featured in this guide have two deep hip pockets, a very loved feature. I’m not usually running using my phone. However, I tested each of these hip pockets to test phone compatibility. They are fantastic, even for larger iPhones.

What was more valuable to me was using these pockets to store food and jackets. Take a look at the size of an iPhone and then extrapolate the same-sized items that the pockets can hold.

What Are the Benefits of Running Tights?

Running tights have multiple uses. Let’s take a look at some of the great things about them.

  • They help keep your body comfortable: When you’re trying to work out in cool or freezing temperatures. Tights are your most reliable partner, even if you aren’t a fan of their style. These tights keep you cozy and add a little weight. Additionally, they aid in removing sweat from your body. This ensures you stay dry and comfortable on your run.
  • They shield your skin from sun damage: Runners need to be mindful of the amount of time we spend outside in the sun and how we can safeguard ourselves from sunburn and sun-related skin cancer. They are longer than typical running shorts that a lot of wear, so they naturally provide more sun protection.
  • The compression: If you go for compression tights, you’ll get more support and better circulation for your legs. This could reduce your fatigue which means you’ll be able to run more or decrease how stiff you feel in the morning.

They’re less wind resistance: If your preferred winter outfit is a bulky pair of sweatpants, try running tights for a test run. They’ll be less wind-resistant than a heftier garment and less well-fitting. Perhaps it can cut just a few minutes off your run, or maybe not. It’s definitely worth giving it a shot.

List The Best men’s running tights

Under Armour - Men's HeatGear Leggings

Under Armour mens Armour Heatgear Leggings , Black (001)/Pitch Gray , X-Large
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The Under Armour men’s HeatGear leggings are an excellent choice for running but are more targeted at general training and sports, as opposed to a running-specific pair of tights for men like the Rockay tights listed in the top position on this list.

Similar to this, these male running tights are more of a traditional “leggings” style and might not be the most popular option for all runners.

However, they could be worn with track pants or shorts. If you like, alter the style and add warmth when you need it. If you’re searching for an affordable pair of tight running for men for a reasonable price, you’ll be able to find this pair of compression leggings from Under Armour as well as from Amazon.


Universal pair of leggings for running that can be used for any sports
It is easy to wear under track pants or shorts
Washable by machine


They appear more like traditional “legging” and could not be to everyone’s preference.
More targeted for general fitness and gym rather than for running.

Salomon - Men's Agile Long Tight

Salomon Men's Agile Long Tight
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As one would expect of Salomon, which specializes in the trail and fell running gear, these tights are a testament to Salomon’s name – featured in a five-star review on Amazon.

The tights are constructed with an aerating and quick-drying fabric and are not restricted in movement. Being a mid-range legging, you will benefit from a comfortable fit.

But, some have complained that the reflective elements begin to show signs of wear and tear after a while. So it’s something you should be on the lookout for.


Great for extreme weather conditions and cold conditions


Reflective detailing can begin to show signs of wear and tear over time.

Adidas - Men's Alphaskin Tights

adidas Men's Alphaskin Tights
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The Adidas Alphaskin men’s Alphaskin sports long-run tights for men are an economical option to keep warm on those cold, wintery runs. Although there aren’t any pockets (inside or out), the material is comfortable and well-fitting and certainly performs the task.

However, they function more like a base layer and less like running pants. It is possible to select an alternative pair of tights if you need pockets. You can opt for the Alphaskin is an excellent option to wear on your long runs during the winter months.

Some runners might find them a little small, so be sure to measure your body before you purchase.


Excellent for cold weather
Comfortable and affordable option due to AlphaSkin fabric for sports.


Some runners might feel that these are a bit too tight
Tights seem to be slightly longer than normal men’s leggings for running
No Pockets

Nike - Pro Men's Training Tights

Nike Pro Men's Training Tights 838067
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Many runners enjoy compression legging, whereas others dislike it. If you’re one of the lovers, these are the best tights. Comfortable and snug, you’ll feel like an airy cloud when you run.

They are equally suitable for more challenging workouts or long runs. These tights are a must in your wardrobe. Like Alpha Skin 360 men’s tights, they do not have pockets.

Although this isn’t great, these are generally fast and normal.


A wide range of colors
A comfortable and well-constructed design


Material is a thin
There aren’t many other features
No pockets

Adidas - AlphaSkin 360 Long Tight

adidas Alphaskin 360 Long Tight - Men's Training 2XL Black
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Although these tights don’t have pockets, they’re the most comfortable of our selection due to the close-to-skin style. In addition, you will benefit from compression – aiding your muscles and reducing the chance of injuries. You can count your running timing using running pace calculators. Which can help you better your running experience.


Close-to-skin comfort increases mobility
Climachill Technology (quick-drying and air-flowing)
UV protection with reflective detailing


No pockets
Only one color option
There aren’t many other features

Higher State - Run Tights

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It isn’t easy to find as high-quality an all-purposer for this cost. The pair of tights by Higher State contains an ergonomic design with pockets, reflective features, and a stellar track record and is a popular choice among runners.

Although it’s not quite the same way as other Higher State tights (number seven) pairs, there is plenty of information to ensure that you’re noticeable when running early morning.

Also, even though there’s a zippered back pocket, it’s not the most spacious. You’ll have a difficult time fitting your phone. So, if you’re planning to carry your mobile running, think about the pair from Rockay with the specially designed sleeve and the Nike Phenom running leggings.


Highly reflective design
Ankle zips
Breathable fabrics are used

CW-X - Endurance Generator Joint & Muscle Support Compression Tight

CW-X Men's Endurance Generator Insulator Joint and Muscle Support 3/4 Compression Tight, Black, Small
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The layout of these tights will give you a clear idea of how compression has been strategically integrated into the garment to improve performance and recovery.

In addition to providing all the advantages of a body-hugging design (extra stabilization, increased circulation, etc.) around joints, muscles, and ligaments, the efficient, comfortable, breathable outfit also wicks water away quickly. It offers UPF 50 and anti-bacterial sun protection.

These tights are crafted with a brushed inner, which is comfortable against your skin while wicking moisture away from your body to ensure you’re dry.

Additionally, they come with an incredibly comfortable flyless pouch with reflective accents for increased visibility and a zippered compartment inside the back for carrying keys or gels.


High-tech technology is less fatigue for muscles and quicker recovery.
Flexible fit
machine washable
Lower abdominal and back panels give extra support
Multi-directional EXO-stretch body material with breathable and moisture-wicking fabric that keeps the body dry


Pricey–but worth it

Zensah Recovery Tight - - Ultra Compression Running Leggings

Zensah Recovery Tight - Running Compression Tights
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Ankle-to-hip compression on the Zensah Recovery Tight stabilizes your muscles and boosts circulation simultaneously.

It can boost your running performance and decrease the amount of recovery time that your muscles require afterwards.

Made of a light fabric with ribbed ribs that massage your muscles while you run. They’re also highly air-conditioned and naturally remove sweat (and stink) for both genders.


Breathable fabric
Full leg compression for allover support
Zensah’s exclusive fabric is water-resistant and wicks moisture away
It improves circulation and helps stabilize muscles
They are produced in Italy and are guaranteed to last for a long time.


It’s not going to replace the cozy pants that you can wear all day (i.e., compression doesn’t translate into the same loose, comfortable yoga pants)

Copper Fit - Men's Copper Infused Thermal Pant Base Layer

Copper Fit mens Men's Copper Infused Thermal Base Layer Compression Pants, Black, Large US
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Compression tights facilitate improved blood flow, speedier recovery, and more relaxed muscles. Copper Compression Base Layer with Copper-Infused Compression Tights is perfect for people looking for these advantages.

By enhancing the joint, relieving discomfort, and helping muscles be primed for better performance, this fabric infused with copper offers more benefits than regular running tights. Additionally, it will not cause friction or chafing.

The sweat-wicking fabric is breathable and keeps these men’s running shorts clean and dry while also regulating the temperature to ensure maximum comfort.

In addition to the best concentration of copper in the fabric, it is sure that the tights will withstand stress from wear and wear and tear.


The 4-way stretch fabric moves along with the movement
It aims at a compression to provide many advantages
It is breathable and moisture-wicking.
Copper is infused to reduce odour and to help


It could be that the sizing is off.
Bunching can happen

2XU - Mens Mcs Run Compression Tights

2XU Men's MCS Run Compression Tights, Black/Nero, X-Large
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We have picked these as the top compression leggings for men for various reasons. Instead of being all-over tight, 2XU’s MCS specifically targets compression to the calves and quads.

These areas are firm and tight while still allowing joints to move. If you’re using them for exercise, you could discover that you can run longer without becoming painful.

They also have moisture-wicking properties and are effective at removing moisture from your legs when you sweat. The fabric also has UPF, 50+which is the textile version of sunscreen which means that if it’s cool but surprisingly sunny, you’ll not be burned by sunrays below your shorts but just above your knees.

I prefer to wear 3/4-length tights (I wear thicker socks to cover my ankles). However, some men have informed me that full-length 2XUs is too long.


It will moisturizer for legs
Several reflective detailing features can help improve the visibility


It might require a larger size than normal

DRSKIN - Compression Cool Dry Leggings

DRSKIN 3 Pack Men’s 3/4 Compression Pants Tights Leggings Shorts Sports Baselayer Running Workout Active (Line (BB801+BG802+BR806), L)
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The DRSKIN leggings aren’t mainly compressive. However, they have a problem with knee stretch they make up in price. These leggings cost only $15 and are loved by the people that wear them.

The thin and thin fabric is comfortable, and it breathes well during the summer heat and provides warmth even in cold but not cold freezing temperatures.

It can wick away moisture well and prevents the fabric from becoming wet and swampy during long workouts or exercise sessions.

You’ll likely need to put on shorts over these leggings since they’re more than a layer. You might also need a larger size.

I’m a medium size in nearly every other legging. Use the size chart available on the Amazon website to check before placing an order.


More light than the average, which helps blood flow in the whole body.
Three phone-sized pockets
Amazingly breathable fabric
Ankle zips make delaying or adding breathability a breeze


A little costlier than tights for running

Frequently Asked Questions

Why you should trust on us?

The buyer’s guide started by conducting extensive research. In the process, we discovered about 12 pairs of running tights for men from trusted manufacturers of trail runners, in addition to other more popular brands in the athleisure and road running categories.

We considered the following factors: price, features, thickness, weight, cold protection, design, and ease of wearing to narrow the list.

What do men's running tights intend for?

Running tights are ideal for winter running as they increase warmth and protect your body against the weather. Many runners prefer to wear tights when getting ready for an exercise session or interval workout, then take off the tights once they are warm.

Do you need to wear shorts with tights for running?

Specific running tights for men are made to be worn alone. But, some are designed to be worn in conjunction with shorts. In addition, if you’re feeling slightly cold and need to layer up, shorts won’t hinder your performance.

In addition, are tights suitable for runners?

Apart from the comfort factor, these tights also compress your muscles. This is essential as they aid in warming muscles (especially during colder days) as well as assist in recovering after a run. If you are prone to swelling following or during running, tights will reduce swelling too.

Why are men wearing shorts with tights?

Men usually wear shorts with tights as a way to cover their bodies. The running tights are generally slim fitting and will conform to the contours of your body, which causes many males to feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. Shorts let men appear less exposed and feel more comfortable wearing tights.


In this whole article, we have discussed the best running tights for men. You’ve got the best idea according to the pros and cons of each. You can now go out all winter wearing the top winter tights for running.

After reading this thorough review of the top winter running tights and pants available, we hope that we’ve assisted you in making an informed decision.

The most important aspects of running legwear are the capacity to keep the cold out and be wind and water-proof. These running pants men available at very affordable options on Amazon. You can just click these links for putting your order.


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