Best Men’s Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis


Have you got plantar fasciitis through bad foot gears? You need new shoes to keep supporting the heel. Before heading into knowing about various comfortable shoe options for plantar fasciitis, let’s dig into knowing what plantar fasciitis is.

It is a condition in which you experience pain at the bottom of the foot heel. This pain could be due to excessive running or walking, uncomfortable footgear, or jumping directly from a certain height.

Now that you know about the condition, so one should support the foot with the best, soft, and most comfortable shoes. Protecting your feet with proper shoes is the key to avoiding plantar fasciitis and enjoying sprinting.

With such an immense variety of shoes in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the best piece for your feet. The shoes should fit your pace so that not only walking but running in them becomes super easy for you.


To choose shoes for Plantar Fasciitis easy, we have compiled a buying guide. This includes all the points that need to be kept in mind while buying comfortable shoes for this condition. Come, let’s hop into the details directly:

  • Lifestyle:

The medical professionals say that one should consider his lifestyle before buying shoes for Plantar Fasciitis. As in, you might want to invest in good sport’s shoes? Or a pair of dresser shoes, or you might need shoes to run all day in a healthcare profession. So, it is paramount to know which kind f comfort shoes for Plantar Fasciitis you want.

  • Comfort:

Comfort is paramount. You should choose a pair of shoes which is comfortable for you. Do not go for the reviews only and get intrigued by them, always for your comfort. But if you have chosen a bad option for yourself, you can return or exchange the air. This would be easy, as, the online stores have lenient exchange and return policies.

  • Pronation:

Pronation is the way the foot rolls or bends inwards for the impact distribution upon landing. This is an important thing to take care of when selecting shoes for yourself. As this is the natural moment, so you need to understand pronation or figure out the type of pronation you possess. Whether you have overpronation or under pronation, this needs to be figured out before making a purchase.

  • Cushioning:

In Plantar Fasciitis, the heel is already in pain and the ligament needs special cushioning and comfort. A good pair of shoes s is defined by the cushioning that it provides. If the shoes do not provide adequate cushioning to the arch, heel, balls, and the back of the foot, the condition of Plantar Fasciitis can get aggravated. A resilient midsole in the shoes would help in providing the needed comfort and support.

  • Material:

As for everything the material matters, likewise, it matters for the shoes as well. The material for the shoes should be such that it does not damage the heel more. From the internal to the external aspect the material should be soft and not hard on the feet. When you run or walk, the feet should not be twisted much but be comfortable. Foam, rubber, etc, and many other materials are available. Just go for the one which suits and fits your feet well.

  • Good Arch Support:

Good and proper arch support should be considered when buying a pair of shoes. This is because doctors suggest that the shoes with good arch support help and support the struggling Plantar Fascia ligament. The word “Proper” means support to your natural arch’s height. So, ways go for the shoes which fit your arch height.

  • Budget:

Budget is indeed an important factor when purchasing something. Case of shoes, they can be a bit expensive but here we have listed some of the best and most affordable shoes that will help you with Plantar Fasciitis.

The shoes won’t be cutting your pocket we made this sure before presenting these reviews to you. After you figure out, the types of shoes, and your need, then go for the checking the price. Do not choose money over your health. You might hurt yourself more in the act of saving some bucks.


Choose from the below-mentioned best ten men’s shoes for Plantar Fasciitis. The reviews, pros, and cons are mentioned to help you decide fast and better. The details of the products are as follows:


Hoka One One Men Running Shoes, Black, 11 US
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Hoka One One Clifton 8 are the best running shoes for people with wide feet. These are a real spa and relief for your feet.

The shoes have the Clifton name due to their huge upper. This protects and supports your feet especially those with Plantar Fasciitis.

This pair has the plushy goodness to it providing the best cushioning effect to the lower part of the feet. These are such neutral trainers which also cover and support little overpronation These are made up of soft yet durable material.

This pair of running shoes for plantar fasciitis are unbelievably comfortable with the midsole providing maximum comfortability. The textile lining for abrasion damage is used in the shoes. It also weighs less due to which the feet do not feel much and you can walk, run, sprint, or do whatever while wearing these easily. All in all, this pair is much more than just cushioned shoes for wide feet.


The material of the shoes is comfortable and soft
The pair is durable
It provides good support to the arches and heel
Exceptional cushioning, wraps around the foot like a glove
Light like air


The sole is white which easily gets dirty


HOKA is an amazing brand that offers shoes specially made for people with plantar fasciitis. These arahi trainers are 100% synthetic and possess a rubber sole.

The upper portion of the shoes is made up of an open breathable mesh that allows air circulation. These seamless synthetic overlays make the shoes soft and comfortable. The sole is durable with rubber inserts is it for cushioning and support.

The shoe stops pronation. The composition of the shoe (various foam densities in critical areas increasing stabilities), the fabric, the one-piece tongue, the special flat laces, the best insole on the market, and the variety of sizes that are true consistently with your measurement are a powerful combination.

The sole is hard to describe. It is stable and you will not feel stones period. Most of the models can be fitted with cleats for icy situations.

The pair of shoes prove to be one of the best and most affordable options for men with plantar fasciitis. Its full-length EVA midsole also provides shock and offers stability.


The design and material of the shoes are so good
It is a trendy and comfortable pair
These are the best training sports shoes
It is a soft and affordable pick


The tread can wear out easily


Saucony Men's Cohesion 11 Running Shoe, Black, 10 Medium US
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Saucony cohesion running shoes are one of the best shoes for men with Plantar Fasciitis. These are made up of imported and 100% synthetic material.

This material makes them comfortable yet soft. The rubber sole that it bears has the softest cushioning which is provided by the shoes. The heel gets cushioned due to which the feet do not twist or pronate.

The shaft is fit for your arch and provides it good support. Choose the one with an approximately low top from the arch. The outsole is also made up of rubber which provides proper cushioning.

If you want running-style shoes for everyday wear and not regular running, we think these might be fine (hence the 2-star review).

However, if you are looking for good street running shoes that offer good cushioning and shock absorption, we highly recommend that you look for other models.

Overall, the model of the shoes is great for people with Plantar Fasciitis. It is a comfortable, soft, and affordable shoe with grid supportive cushioning.


These are best and most comfortable for people with Plantar Fasciitis
This pair is best for the overpronators
It is available in various colors so you can choose accordingly
These shoes are good for long-distance running
Sturdy construction makes it Stays with you for 2000 miles


Foam is not enough to support for serious runners


Brooks is a brand that is known for providing the best quality shoes out on the market. They have introduced many types of shoes for both men and women.

The shoes they manufacture are of high quality. No wonder, their shoes are also the best ones for Plantar Fasciitis.

The manufacturing of the pair of shoes under review is synthetic. It is made up of the softest and most durable material. It is the imported material.

These men’s shoes have important features of stability, comfortability, and motion control.

The foot stays in its position while running or walking so you do not have to focus on anything else except for the movement. These are the best cushioned shoes for Plantar Fasciitis.

Glycerin is the softest and most amped-up version of Brooks Ghost. Also, the GTS 19 running shoes can be worn by the wide feet and narrow feet people both, you just need to check how much it is fit your feet.


The shoes are comfortable
They provide you with a wide variety of colors and types
It is made up of 100% soft material


The heel padding is too much which has caused some blisters
The sizing is off compared to other companies


ASCIS is another brand that provides soft and comfortable shoes for plantar fasciitis people. This pair of shoes provides amazing Ascis technology that offers comfort, stability, support, and fitness. The shoes are made up of 100% synthetic material.

The material is durable and imported which enhances the quality more. This provides support to the heel which is very important for people with plantar fasciitis conditions. Its rubber sole is perfect for walking and running.

Its rearfoot gel cushioning system cushions the heel and the sides of the heel so the foot does not pain in every step.

This allows a smooth transition to the midsole. The cushioning and padding of the shoes attenuate shock during the impart phase.

The shoes have a removable sock liner which allows the insertion of the medical orthotic. So, this is best for people with plantar fasciitis.


The material is soft and comfortable
The shoes are affordable
The shoes have shock-absorbing properties
They have the best cushioning effect


These are not good for narrow-width feet


BROOKS is one the best brands for providing soft and comfortable men’s and women’s shoes. So, the expectations can be high as the brand delivers exceptional quality shoes.

The impressive feature of this pair of shoes by Brooks is its BioMoGo DNA Material which provides extra and adaptive cushioning to the heel and toes.

The cushioning is not only for the heels but it is present all along the length of the foot. Brooks has also incorporated the full-length segmented crash pad which makes sure that your feet don’t suffer much.

The aim of providing so much comfort padding and cushioning is to relieve the pain.

Brooks has also made sure that not only the lower but the upper part of the shoes are also comfortable for the feet.

Breathable mesh is used to make the upper part so that the feet do not suffocate in the shoes. The shoes should be aerated as no seat should be formed inside.

This modernized and streamlined 3D fit offers the best fit for the feet. Summing up, the shoes are the best fit and option to spend money on.


This is made up of durable material
The shoes have shock absorbance technology from heel to toe
The shoes last long due to the HPR technology
It prevents excessive moistening of the feet
These are soft and comfortable shoes


Lack of padding in the tongue of the shoes


Here we have yet another good option from an amazing brand Saucony. Saucony is the trainer’s partner.

They have made shoes in such a way that they become your best partner. Their trainers and sneakers come in various varieties for both men and women.

Excellent material is used to make the frame, internal, and external parts of the shoes. It is comfortable, flexible, durable, and soft for the feet, especially for men with Plantar Fasciitis.

These shoes not only keep you away from pain but also maximize your activity. So, these allow you to focus on the activity like running or walking rather than on shoes or equipment.

You become so comfortable. The upper case of the shoes is 100% mesh which is breathable enough to make the inside of the shoes aerated. The sole is made up of rubber that cushions your heel and does not allow it to twist a lot during movement.


The material is flexible and durable
It is made up of mesh which does not let the feet sweat
The sole is soft and comfortable
It is an affordable option


The shoes sometimes need extra soles for proper fit


New Balance is a high-quality brand as mentioned above. It has come out with a lot of options for both men and women.

The New Balance 1540 running shoes under consideration are made up of technology that not only provides support but also provides stability to the feet. It is made with Encap and Rollerball midsole technology, this supports tech superior rearfoot motion control.

This way the pain of the ligament does not bothers you much and you can move easily without any discomfort.

These New Balance shoes are made up of 50% synthetic and 50% mesh. The material is imported and has a rubber sole. This sole is soft, flexible, durable, and comfortable.

The premium material and technologies used in this are just for the sake of customers’ comfort. We like the shows from New Balance a lot. You can also get them in various colors.


These are made up of high-quality material
The sole is made up of rubber which is imported and is comfortable
The tech used to make the running shoes the best option
These are airy


The design looks flimsy and cheap
A little heavy too


ASICS men’s Gel Kayano running shoes are made up of both mesh and synthetic material. This makes not only the lower case of the shoes comfortable and soft but also makes the upper side of the shoes soft.

The upper is mesh so it is breathable. Sweat won’t develop between your toes. The SpevaFoam 45-lasting material provides a soft platform that improves the comfortability of the shoes.

They have incorporated the Flytefoam Lyte technology which makes the sole lightest and provides continuous support to the feet.

This leads to forming a continuous cushioning for the heel and the entire foot. All thanks to the organic nanofibers used in it. This technology also provides supreme balance to the feet.


It is made up of durable material
The shoes have a sleek design
The rubber sole is soft enough to provide comfortability to the feet


The sole does not feel like a Flytefoam
The shoelaces are not from ASIC


Another masterpiece from ASCIS is presented before you. These are one of their best supportive shoes, especially for men with Plantar fasciitis.

They are made up of durable and flexible material. The material is so soft and comfortable that you won’t feel or experience much pronation.

Though this pair of running shoes is expensive but worth the money. The sneakers are made up of 50% mesh and 100%) synthetic material.

The rubber sole makes the shoe so soft and this padding for heal gives extra support.  Ortholite Stockliner is given inside it to prevent the accumulation of moisture in it or to control moisture.

Now you get how comfortable these would be to tackle your Plantar Fasciitis? These are built to last provide you comfort all the time you wear them.

You can use a custom orthotic in it if you have thin feet or need some extra cushioning or support for your foot.


The shoes are made up of soft and comfortable, material
These also possess rubber soles that make them easy to wear
The design is sleek and modern
It is a supportive fit


Much narrower from the toe area

Frequently Asked Questions

Which shoes are best for Plantar Fasciitis?

There are many good brands out there. The supportive shoes provide comfort and cradle your feet properly.

They will have enough space for the feet to move yet it is a proper fit for you. All the above-listed brands are the best ones, you can choose any of them. Just make sure, the size is right and the shoes do not put pressure on your feet.

Do good supportive shoes help provide protection giants Plantar Fasciitis?

Yes, good, comfortable, and padded shoes provide enough support and protection to the feet. This way the ligaments of the shoes or heels would not get injured or disturbed.

Plantar Fasciitis occurs due to a lack of support for the heel and shoes. This pain then becomes the bane of your existence.

What are the Orthotics and should they be used?

Orthotics are the paddings or inserts that modify the pair of shoes to fit your feet. They provide proper support to your feet while walking or jumping.

The physicians provide customizable orthotics to the patients using the impressions, scans, or other technology for making a perfect fit for your feet. So, there is nothing wrong with using the orthotics if recommended by a medical professional.


Choosing good quality shoes not only provides comfort, support, and pace to your feet but they also help you walk/run easily.

All the above data is collected after research and analysis of various men’s shoes best for Plantar Fasciitis.

The top ten best men’s shoes for Plantar Fasciitis are listed for you to choose from them easily. We hope this article has helped you in making the right decision for your feet.


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