Where To Put Phone While Running

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If you’re training for a race or following your running routine, you need to consider many things besides just where to put your phone while running, such as what apps to use to make sure you’re properly tracking your time and listening to your favourite running playlist. If you are beginner and not sure which apps to use, read best free running apps for beginners will help you find the answer

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives, and we can’t imagine being without them, even if we are running.

Many runners use their smartphones for running apps to track their routine, listen to their favourite running playlist and GPS, and make calls while running. But the size of smartphones is growing, and it is getting more and more difficult to carry them. 

To help you carry your mobile phone with you on your running routine, we have various solutions. Make sure to read till the end to find your perfect solution.

Where to put your phone when running?

There are numerous ways and products for runners to carry their phones. But here are some of the best simple solutions to carry your smartphone securely and without making it difficult for you to run.

Running Belt

running belt

A running belt is one of runners’ most commonly used gear to carry valuables, keys, and energy bars.

Many waist belt options are available, some of which come with a single pocket, while others have multiple storage options. Keeping your mobile phone inside the running belt distributes the weight around the waist, and you can run hands-free without distractions.

Meanwhile, a running belt is a great option to keep your mobile phone safe; you need to consider a few things. Most of the running belts have a single zippered pocket that bounces around when you are running.

Moreover, there is a risk of chafing due to running belts having non-flexible straps and buckles. On the other hand, the FlipBelt is a better option.

It is a flexible waistband with multiple pockets and can carry your mobile phone keys, energy bar, and other valuables safely.

Hydration Belt

Most runners carry hydration belts to train for different types of running races, such as marathons, to stay hydrated. If you happen to have a hydration belt, you can carry your phone with it. A hydration belt has multiple storage mesh pockets for water bottles and a zippered pocket. 

Be sure to put your phone in the zippered pocket to prevent it from falling out or getting wet in the rain. There are other options along the hydration belt, such as a hydration vest and handheld bottle to carry your phone and water bottles for short or long-distance running.

Built-In Pocket

The built-in pocket on your running gear is one of the best way to carry phone while running. Nowadays, both women and men have pockets in their running gear.

The pockets on running shorts, leggings, and running pants are placed at the back, sides, or front. But there is a catch as the small pockets cannot hold your phone for longer and will likely fall off.

If you want to keep your phone safe, you need to have pockets large enough to hold it. If there is a zippered pocket, it will work even better carrying your phone safely.

While some runners might prefer carrying their phones in a built-in zippered pocket, others are skeptical about it. It is because the zipper can scratch the phone glass. However, if you use a phone cover, it can be protected from scratching.

The benefit of carrying your phone in a zippered pocket is that you can run hands-free, and the chances of dropping your phone are zero. On the contrary, choosing the right pair of shorts or running pants with the right pocket size might become challenging.

Furthermore, the phone might get sweaty and might bounce around if the shorts or running pants are not perfectly fit.

Arm Band

The armband is another popular option runners use to keep their phone secure and within easy access.

The phone armband allows you to use your phone while running, and you can track your stats using a running app, shuffle music, make calls and do whatever feels necessary. 

Armbands are available in different shapes and forms, and the most common ones are pouch and mount armbands.

The pouch armband is considered more secure than the mount armband, which attaches the phone directly to the band. It comes with a velcro strap or an elastic band to secure the armband.

The benefit of the armband is that it holds your phone securely and prevents it from tossing around. Meanwhile, you can also keep your phone in front of you and use it for whatever functions you want.

Sports Bra

Women runners often don’t have the luxury of having pockets in their running shorts or leggings to carry their cell phone.

But their sports bra can come to the rescue and double up as a phone holder. Yes, it is pretty difficult for women to find a perfect sports bra that fits all the solutions. 

There are sports bras available with back or front pockets. The ones with a back pocket might be a bit difficult to reach your phone every time, while the front pocket sports bras are more convenient.

Another thing women should care about is the sweat as they run; therefore, keeping your phone and valuables in a water-tight cover is recommended. So now, women can stash their phones, ear pods, and valuables in their sports bras safe and secure.

Carry it in your hand

Although carrying a phone in your hand while running is not very safe many runners prefer to carry their phones in their hands.

It can be safer to carry it for a short to medium run in your hands, but your hands will be all sweaty for longer runs, and getting a good grip around it will be difficult.

In order to carry your phone in your hands, there are some products that can help. For example, phone ring holders allow you to slip your finger through the hoop and carry it securely once attached. 

Another product that most runners use is the hand strap phone holder. The hand strap holder is stretchable and can fit any sized phone; to carry it, you simply have to slip your hand through the strap and hold it with a firm grip. 

The potential drawback of a handheld phone holder is that there is a chance of dropping your phone if the holder attachment comes off. Similarly, if it’s raining, you cannot use the phone in your hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the potential risks of carrying a cell phone when running?

There are a lot of potential risks when carrying your phone when running. The most common risk of carrying a cell phone when running is dropping it on the ground or pavement and smashing it to bits.

Runners who carry their phones in their back pockets can accidentally break their phones by sitting on them. Meanwhile, zippered pockets can scratch the phone glass. And the phone can get damaged when it starts raining or by excessive sweating.

Why do runners carry their phones?

Runners carry their phones on the run for a variety of reasons. As smartphones these days have tons of features, most runners use them to track their stats via running apps, use GPS for finding running trails, and listen to their favorite running playlist to make running more engaging.

Carrying your phone on the run is also important to answer calls and use it in an emergency situation.

Does carrying a phone creates distraction?

A phone can cause distraction when running in those cases where runners put it in their pockets and it keeps sliding out if they are carrying it in their sweaty hands or it is tossing around in their running belt. But most runners get used to carrying their phones with them on the run as time goes by.

Which is the option to carry a phone when running?

The best option to carry your phone when running is in the pockets of your running shorts, legging, or pants if they are large enough. The second best option is carrying it in a running belt which will keep it secure.


In conclusion, running is a great way to get in shape, lose weight, and improve health. But it can be frustrating when your phone gets in the way of your exercise.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options to keep your phone safe and use it to track your running routine or shuffle music.

The key is knowing where to put your phone while running and finding that balance between keeping your phone close to you, safe and secure. Here we discussed all the options for you as a runner to carry your phone, and it is up to you to decide which one suits your running style better.


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