Best Socks For Sweating Feet

best socks for sweating feet

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, then you know how frustrating it can be to have sweaty feet, especially during the summer months. Fortunately, there are some best socks for sweating feet out there to help you deal with the issue.

Socks are one of those things we simply can’t live without. They keep our feet warm and protect our feet from getting blisters. But as simple as it might look, choosing the right socks is essential because most of them simply don’t keep your feet dry. In fact, most socks provide little or no air circulation, leading to nasty skin conditions and fungal infections like athlete’s foot.

Luckily, there are some great sock options available in stores today that not only keep your feet dry but also prevent fungal infections and help you avoid blisters.

 Whether you sweat through socks or not, you’ll want to pick out a pair that won’t make your feet stink, keep them dry and avoid blisters when you workout. If you’re tired of being a sweaty mess, read on to find out more about the best socks for sweating feet.

Buyer’s Guide

Certain features need to be looked upon before you make up your mind about purchasing the best socks for sweating feet.

Moisture Wicking Fabrics

The most important feature to look upon when choosing socks is whether it has moisture-wicking fabrics. Because of excessive sweating in our feet during running or wearing socks all day, a sock must be moisture-wicking to keep the feet cool and dry.

The most common moisture-wicking fabrics are polyester, nylon and merino wool socks. Moreover, most socks come in a combination of two or more fabrics, which helps in moisture-wicking.


When moisture is trapped inside socks, excessive sweat accumulates due to heat and makes your feet uncomfortable. Therefore it is essential to look for the breathability of your new socks. Breathable fabrics allow airflow around your foot to keep them cool and dry.

The most common breathable fabric is cotton, but the problem is that it retains moisture. So the alternative to cotton is spandex, nylon and polyester. These synthetic fabrics don’t retain heat due to their mesh construction and thus allow breathability. It also helps prevent athletes’ feet and toenail infections.

Comfort and Support

Socks are meant to be worn for long hours; therefore, they need to be comfortable and provide foot support. The best socks for sweating feet should have cushioning, arch support, seamless toes and compression support. These features allow blood circulation and reduce fatigue, skin irritation, and blisters.

Best Socks For Sweating Feet

Here are our top picks for the best socks for sweaty feet for runners .

1. PAPLUS - Ankle Compression Sock for Men and Women

PAPLUS Low Cut Compression Socks for Men and Women, No Show Ankle Running Compression Foot Socks with Arch Support for Plantar Fasciitis, Cyling, Athletic, Flight, Travel, Nurses
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The Plus ankle compression sock is designed to provide support for the feet and legs. With a practical design, the support offered by a shoe or boot is usually limited to the ankle area.

Therefore the benefits of having this sock on your feet include less pain, increased blood flow, better performance, and less soreness during the day.

The Plus ankle compression socks are available in 12 different colors and 4 sizes ranging from small to extra large. You can also buy 2,4, or 6 pairs of socks at a very good price.

These low-cut socks are made from a lightweight nylon spandex material. This breathable fabric is moisture-wicking and is designed to keep your feet dry, comfortable and cool during your runs.

These compression socks provide better ankle and arch support for runners, gym-goers, and people from all walks of life. It helps pain prevention caused by plantar fasciitis and other foot injuries.

Moreover, the seamless toe area prevents friction and also helps relieve blisters. Its low-cut design provides ankle protection from rubbing against the shoe and keeps you safe from unwanted injuries.


Low cut design.
Moisture-wicking sock.
Seamless toe closure.
Ankle support.
Achilles protection.
Improves blood circulation, recovery, and performance.


The compression might be too tight for some people.

2. APTYID - Men's Moisture Wicking Cushioned Crew Work Boot Socks

APTYID Men's Moisture Wicking Cushioned Crew Work Boot Socks, Size 9-12, Black, 6 Pairs
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The APTYID Moisture Wicking Cushioned Crew Work Boot Socks offers moisture control and foot odor management. These socks are machine washable and feature a compression fit, soft top with ribbed elasticized ankle to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. The socks are made from 75% nylon, 15% polyester, and 10% spandex.

You can choose between 9 different colors, and there is an option to choose 4 or 6 pairs of combo. These socks are ideal for outdoor use, whether it is a sports activity, running, cycling, hiking or 

any other daily activity. 

You will find a range of features in the APTYID socks. Starting from the cushioned sole, which is thicker and provides cushioning and impact absorption. Moreover, the sock’s reinforced heel and toe areas make it last longer.

This versatile sock features an arch support band. The elastic compression band provides stability, support and proper fitting by keeping the sock in place.

Along with the arch support band, the sock’s opening features elastic rubber bands near the calf area. The elastic bands keep the sock in place, provide compression for increased blood flow, and relieve fatigue and pain.

So if you are looking for best socks for sweating feet, then the APTYID moisture control socks are your answer to excessive sweating and skin irritation for a very reasonable price.


Cushioned sole.
Arch support.
Soft and breathable fibers.
Effectively reduce pain and blisters.


The compression might be too tight for some people.

3. Saucony - Women's Performance Heel Tab Athletic Socks

If you’re looking for a pair of socks that will keep your feet dry, comfortable, and protected, then you need to check out Saucony’s Women’s Performance Heel Tab Athletic Sock.

These are the type of sock that will keep you feeling confident and enhance athletic performance. These socks are made with a high-quality, moisture-wicking microfiber material that will keep you dry, cool, and comfortable when you’re working out.

The Saucony women’s best socks for athlete’s foot are available in different colors and sizes. They are made from 90% nylon and 2% spandex.

The breathable fabric is knitted into an Airmesh Venting technology that keeps your feet dry and cool even during excessive sweating. It prevents stinky feet due to its RunDry moisture management feature.

The moisture-wicking sock material absorbs sweat and keeps your feet cool and comfy.

You can wear this pair of sock for any workout, no matter how intense it is, because it provides ample cushioning. The cushioning doesn’t affect the fitting in your shoe and keeps you comfortable during long runs. The targeted arch support of this ankle sock keeps it in place and provides plenty of support, and increases blood flow.

You will also get toe support from this pair of athletic sock as the seam goes above the toe and prevents blisters and skin irritation.

You can also use the best toe caps for running with these socks. Moreover, the heel tab design of this performance sock makes it easy to wear and protects against rubbing shoes.


Airmesh technology.
RunDry moisture management.
Extremely durable.
Cushioned sole.
Great shock absorption.


These socks might be too thick for some.

4. Dickies - Men's Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks

When it comes to men’s performance socks, you want to be sure that you’re wearing the right ones. This is why Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks are a great choice. Plus, these socks are machine washable, and you’ll also find that these socks are designed to fit well, so they will keep you comfortable all day long.

They are made with Dri-tech technology, which keeps feet dry and comfortable by allowing moisture to pass through the sock. The sock material comprises 71% cotton, 27% polyester, and 2% spandex. Its mesh ventilation construction enhances airflow around to keep your feet cool and prevent foot odor.

Whether you want to wear these socks for running, hiking, cycling, any sports activity, or regular daily use, you need good arch support.

These socks from Dickies come with compression arch support and provide foot stability. Moreover, these socks feature heel and toe reinforcement and cushioning. The cushioning increases foot comfort. Meanwhile, if you are looking for how to run without getting tired, you can always count on Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Moisture Control socks.


Arch compression provides good fit and support.
Moisture management fibers keep feet dry.
Durable reinforced heel and toe.
Mesh ventilation to keep your feet cool.


These socks may wear out quickly.

5. Saucony - Men's Comfort Fit Performance No-Show Socks

Saucony men’s comfort fit performance no-show socks are perfect for running, hiking, basketball, or any other sport that requires good foot support. The top of the foot is a mesh panel to allow air to circulate.

The socks are made from a combination of spandex and polyester to create a soft, comfortable, and durable sock. The socks are machine washable and dry quickly.

Whether you are running long distances or working out in a gym, the solution to the excessive sweating of your feet is the Run Dry moisture management technology.

Its ultra moisture-wicking fibres keep your feet dry in hot and cold weather making them the best socks for sweating feet..

The Saucony, no show socks, provide arch support as well. It gives your feet the right amount of compression for improved and secured arch stability.

This compression band also prevents socks from bunching up and keeps them in place. Whereas sock cushioning provides comfortable walking and running experience and doesn’t make your feet cramped up in the shoes.


Moisture-wicking Airmesh technology.
RunDry moisture management.
Cushioned sole.
Arch support.
Machine washable quick-drying socks.


The fabric is thin.

6. IDEGG - Women and Men No Show Athletic Socks

The IDEGG no show casual and athletic socks bear a gender-neutral design. You can wear them with lace-up, casual or any other shoes.

These socks are designed with a comfortable cotton, polyester and spandex blend that will keep you cool and dry. It’s no show design is low profile and stays invisible yet keeps your feet comfortable and prevents foot odor.

These socks have a seamless toe and an elastic gusset, so they don’t bind or pull. The combination of these features makes them ideal for running, hiking, walking, tennis, cycling, and many other outdoor activities.

They’re also great for everyday wear because they won’t snag, tear, or cause skin irritation.

You can choose this versatile sock in different colors and a number of pair combinations at a very reasonable price. Furthermore, these socks are machine washable.


Versatile socks.
Keep your feet dry.
Comfort toe seam.
Machine washable.
Affordable price.


These socks might be too tight and uncomfortable for some people.

7. Under Armour - Adult Resistor 3.0 No Show Socks

Under Armour Adult Resistor 3.0 No Show Socks are a perfect fit for the active lifestyle. These socks are designed with the athlete in mind.

They are made from a high-quality, moisture-wicking, stretchable material that is highly durable, a combination of 98% polyester and 2% spandex. This makes these socks an excellent choice for any activity that you do. Whether working out, running, or playing sports, these socks will keep you comfortable and dry. 

The elastic pull on closure is designed to help keep your socks up and your feet secure. The Under Armour athletic sock also features dynamic arch support and shock-absorbing cushioning.

Therefore it reduces foot fatigue and increases blood flow for improved performance and foot support. It also helps prevent blisters due to its seamless toe construction.

So no matter how sweaty your foot you have when running or working out, these socks’ anti-odour technology and moisture-wicking breathable fabric will keep your feet comfortable all day long. And these best socks for sweating feet are available at a reasonable price.


Moisture-wicking and stretchable materials.
Anti-odour technology.
Dynamic arch support.
Cushioning for shock-absorbing.
Seamless toe construction.


The sock might slide down your heel.

8. Hanes - Men's FreshIQ Odor Control X-Temp Comfort Cool Crew Socks

The Hanes comfort crew cool socks are for those men who want to run, work out or indulge in sports. These socks are the perfect combination of odour control, comfort and coolness. They keep your feet dry, fresh and comfortable.

The FreshIQ technology from Hanes helps control odour by providing anti-microbial protection. It is odour-resistant, so no more smelly foot for you again.

It also features X-Temp moisture-wicking technology that draws sweat away from the skin. This X-Temp technology is designed to adapt to your foot temperature.

The Hanes performance sock features cushioning at the bottom for shock absorbing and keeping you comfortable.

Whereas the reinforced heel and toe area of the sock ensure durability. Apart from all the great features of this pair of socks, the best one is that the X-Temp logo under the toe makes it easier to sort out the left and right socks.


X-Temp moisture-wicking technology.
FreshIQ anti-odour technology.
Comfortable cushioned foot bottom.
Reinforced heel and toe area.


The fabric is thin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cotton socks better for long-distance runners?

Cotton is a breathable material, but it retains moisture and slowly drys out. Therefore 100% cotton socks are not ideal for long-distance runners as their feet build up heat and sweat excessively. However, cotton socks in combination with other breathable fabrics can be helpful.

What are the most common problems with sweaty feet?

Wearing shoes and socks for an extended period can cause moisture buildup, leading to some nasty foot conditions. Foot odor, athlete’s foot, and toenail fungus are the most common causes of sweaty feet.

Does synthetic fabrics provide breathability?

Yes, synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polyester and spandex socks are breathable and keep your feet cool and dry. The socks made from synthetic materials have a mesh lining.

They, therefore, allow air to pass through, keeping your feet cool and preventing heat buildup. Synthetic fabrics dry quickly as well, keeping your foot sweat-free.

In conclusion, the best socks for sweating feet should keep your feet dry, absorb moisture, and wick away sweat so that they don’t cause foot odor and skin irritation.

They should also provide good cushioning, so your feet don’t feel uncomfortable when you wear them. So make sure to look for comfort, breathability, foot support and moisture-wicking fabrics when choosing your next pair of socks.

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