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Nipple Chafing

Nipple Chafing or Joggers Nipple is common among runners. It is caused due to friction between the nipple and the shirt and can be excruciatingly painful. Fortunately there is a runners nipple solution available to address this problem.

If you’re exercising regularly but still find yourself struggling to prevent nipple chafing, you may be at risk of developing an uncomfortable rash.

While this condition can cause embarrassment, discomfort, and even pain, it’s not a reason to stop exercising.

Instead, you should work to correct underlying issues and treat the rash before it becomes a serious health concern.

The main goal is to prevent nipple chafing during exercise. Here’s what you need to know about exercising without nipple pain.

What is a Runner's Nipples?

Nipples are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body because of the thinner skin around them, called the areola.

This skin irritation is the continuous result of rubbing against clothes, causing chafing and, in severe cases, bleeding.

Nipple chafing is not caused immediately; instead, you can notice common symptoms before noticing an irritating nipple.

Following are some of the chaffed nipple symptom you might come across.

Nipple Chafe Symptoms

  • The first symptom you might notice is that your nipples are getting more sensitive. You will notice the feeling of your skin touching the running shirt, which you would’ve hardly noticed before.
  • Apart from sensitivity, you might notice redness in and around the nipple.
  • The sensitivity and redness might get unnoticed or ignored. Still, it turns into soreness of the nipples, and after a long run, the soreness can last for many hours.
  • Dryness on and around the chafed nipple can be noticed as flaky skin. It is when the pain starts to set in as the skin starts cracking. If not taken care of, the chafed nipples might start bleeding.

Causes of Runners Nipple

While nipple chafing is common among those who run regularly, its reasons are varied and include everything from poor clothing choices and running long distances.

Chafing can occur even if you’re a seasoned distance runner with proper preparation. But sometimes, it just happens, and here are some of its underlying causes.

Rough Clothing

Wearing rough clothing can be the most significant cause of runners’ nipples, and it causes more friction and chaffing.

Fabrics such as cotton can be too harsh on your skin when running. You might have noticed that long distance runners wear soft and tight clothing to prevent nipple chafing.

Running In Cold Weather

Running in cold weather can also cause skin irritation around the nipples. The nipples get erect and hard due to cold weather and rub more against clothes causing irritated nipple.

Running In Hot Weather

Running in hot weather causes increased perspiration. Combined with poor moisture-wicking clothes, the skin around the nipples becomes soft, making it prone to tears and cracks. And when sweat is absorbed in the irritated skin, it causes a burning sensation.

Similarly, you can get sore nipples after running in the rain as it causes the same issues as sweating.

Long Distance Running

Runners who run the hardest race in the world have to cover long distances and are prone to runners nipple.

It is because the increased rubbing of skin against the shirt combined with hot or cold weather leads to skin irritation around the nipples.

How to stop nipple chafing when running?

If you are experiencing any of the chafed nipple symptoms, you shouldn’t worry and stop running altogether.

Instead, you can take measures to prevent nipple chafing and carry on your healthy running routine. Following are some easy runners nipple solution steps to take care of your skin irritation.

Wear Proper Clothing

Your running outfit has a lot to do with comfort and chafing when running. Make sure to choose a soft and moisture-wicking running shirt because sweat buildup is the culprit of nipple chafing.

Therefore avoid cotton shirt because of their rough texture and retain moisture for longer. Instead, you can wear synthetic materials that are soft, smooth, and breathable.

Apart from choosing suitable fabric for preventing irritated nipples, you should select tight-fitting clothes.

It helps because there is little to no friction between the skin and fabric, preventing chafing. Choosing proper clothing can also help runners prevent nipple chafing in different types of running races.

Wear Seamless Bra

A seamless bra can help women prevent nipple chafing because the seams can irritate the skin when running.

It should fit snugly to avoid excessive friction and keep the running experience comfortable.

Moreover, women can also wear a sports bra to prevent chafing because it fits snugly, is seamless, and provides better support.

Apply Lubrication

You can apply lubrication to prevent nipple chafing. You can use petroleum jelly or a dedicated anti-chafing stick such as a body glide.

Whereas petroleum jelly might stain your running shirt, the anti-chafe stick is easy to wash out of fabrics with hot water.

Apply Talcum Powder

Applying talcum or baby powder before running can help create a friction-free layer between nipples and running shirts. It also keeps the skin sweat-free once applied.

Use Nipple Covers

Nipple covers such as Nip Guard, Nip Eaze, and other adhesive nipple covers are common among runners.

These adhesive products are silicon made and applied to the nipple to prevent chafing. Some runners also use adhesive tape to prevent chafing.

These products are ideal for long distance running. The problem with these products is that the adhesive bond can stop working when you start to sweat or, in some instances, may be painful to remove.

Runners Nipple Solution: Nipple protection products

Although there are some ways to prevent nipple chafing discussed earlier, there are some products available for that as well. Here are some of the best products that can prevent nipple chafing.

1. NipEaze Transparent Nipple Chafing Prevention

NipEaze - 4pack Value - The Original Transparent Nip Protector - Nipple Chafing Prevention; 62 pairs
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The NipEaze anti-chafe nipple covers are ideal for long-distance runners. They are latex-free adhesive covers that come in an extra-large size to cover any nipple size.

These nipple covers are also are transparent to easily conceal beneath light clothing.

Both men and women can use these anti-chafe nipple covers as they are easy to apply and remove without any discomfort.

To apply the nipple cover, you need to clean and dry the skin. The package comes with 50 pairs and is cost-effective.

2. NIPPIES Nipple Covers for Women

Nippies Nipple Cover - Sticky Adhesive Silicone Nipple Pasties - Reusable Pasty Nipple Covers for Women with Travel Box (Small (Fits A-C Cups), Original, Crème)
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As women runners are more prone to having runners nipple, the Nippies nipple covers are the perfect choice to prevent them.

These are adhesive silicone covers that are soft and stick perfectly. They also come with a travel box, so no worries about losing them.

What’s more interesting is that these covers are reusable. So you can just wash them after use and store them for later.

3. Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm

Body Glide Original Anti Chafe Balm | No Chafing Stick | Prevent Arm, Chest, Butt, Thigh, Ball Chafing & Irritation | Trusted Skin Protection Since 1996 |1.5oz
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The body glide anti-chafe balm is preferred for athletes and long-distance runners. It is based on natural ingredients and protects against nipple chaffing by reducing friction.

It also stays longer on your skin, even if it gets wet. The best part is that it doesn’t ruin your running shirt as petroleum jelly does.

It can also be used on the neck, shoulders, underarms, and sensitive areas where chafing is inevitable.

4. Body Glide for Her Anti Chafe Balm

Body Glide For Her Anti Chafe Balm | Chafing stick with added emollients | Great for dry, sensitive skin and/or sensitive areas | Use on chest, bra, butt, groin, arm, and thigh chafing | 1.5oz
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The body glide for her anti-chafe balm is specifically designed for women distance runners. It has active coconut and almond essentials to keep your skin moisturized and retain the skin’s softness.

You can use the body glide for her with bras, tights, underarms other sensitive areas. You can stay protected all day long due to its long-lasting non-greasy formula.

So apply body glide for her and keep on running the distance without any fears of chafing.

5. Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick

Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick, 1.75 oz., With Aloe to Soothe, Comfort & Moisturize Rough Skin
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If you are affected by skin irritation or chafing during or after your running routine, then make sure to use the Golden Bond friction defense stick.

It comforts and soothes the skin by reducing skin on skin or skin on clothes friction while keeping the skin moisturized.

It is easy to use and can be used by men and women as it is unscented. You can stay protected for longer and apply as much as possible to protect yourself from chafing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a jogger's nipple to heal?

The healing time of a jogger’s nipple depends on the severity of the problem. Mild or superficial chafing or irritation of a nipple can take somewhere from a day or two.

While more severe cases which show signs of bleeding and inflammation of a nipple can take two to three weeks to completely heal.

Why do cotton shirts cause nipple chafing?

Yes, tight-fitting running shirts are known to prevent chafing, and there is little to no room for the skin on cloth friction.

Does wearing a tight-fitting running shirt prevents nipple chafing?

Cotton shirts for running cause nipple chafing because the fabric is coarse, and any friction can cause inflammation.

Moreover, cotton is poor at moisture wicking. Once it gets wet, it will stay wet for longer, which causes the skin around the nipple to become soft and crack easily, causing pain and a burning sensation.

Does runner's nipple solution products work on other body parts prone to chafing?

Yes, you can use certain products that work to prevent nipple chafing and other body parts, such as body glide, adhesive tapes, and baby powder.


Running is a demanding activity, and nipple chafing is one of its adverse effects. But this shouldn’t take you out of your running routine.

Here in this runner’s nipple solution guide, we discussed everything about nipple chafing and how to prevent it.

So we hope it will be helpful and keep you safe from nipple chafing in the future.


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