What To Wear On A Run

what to wear on a run

When you are running outside, you will want to make sure that you are well-prepared for your run. One of the best ways to prepare for a run is to wear the proper clothing. If you’re not sure what to wear on the run, make sure to read till the end.

As runners, we all know how important it is to get out and run on a daily basis. The one thing that can sometimes stop us is the weather. Running in cold weather can be difficult, and running in the heat can be just as challenging.

When it’s cold outside, you need to dress appropriately so that you don’t pay for it later. In the winter, you should wear layers, a hat, and gloves. When it’s hot outside, you should wear lighter clothing. It’s also wise to wear a hydration vest to keep you cool. If you are running in the rain, you need to wear a hat, rain jacket, and pants.

A good rule of thumb is to wear something that gives freedom of movement when running. But here is a list of the best clothing you might want to wear while running outside.

Running Gear

Before moving on to the specific running clothes and shoes suitable for different environments, let’s look at some of the features and fabrics required for running clothes and shoes.

running gear

Running Clothes Features

Running clothes should be carefully selected because it is a demanding activity and it should provide freedom of movement and comfort. Some of the features essential for running clothes are here.

Moisture Wicking & Quick Drying

Running clothes need to be moisture-wicking to absorb sweat to keep you dry, odour-free, and healthy. The quick-drying feature also comes in handy during rain to keep you dry and protect you from cold.

Inner Liner

Most running shorts come with inner liners, which can double as underwear. The inner liner keeps you dry by wicking the sweat and preventing chafing.


For snug-fitting, most running shirts and shorts are designed with compression. It allows smooth movements, supports your body, and has many health benefits.


Lightly insulated clothes are essential for running in cold temperature for added warmth.


Breathability for running gear is crucial. It allows keeps your body sweat-free and makes you comfortable during long runs. Some tops come with a breathable mesh ideal for wearing during hot conditions.

Welded Seams

Always choose running clothes with welded seams to prevent chafing and not hinder your motion when running.


Pockets inside shorts or shirts can help store the valuables you want to carry on a run.

Running Clothes Fabric

Choosing the right type of fabric for your running clothes is very important. The most common fabrics used for making running clothes are Nylon, Polyester, and Merino wool. Thanks to their synthetic nature, polyester and nylon fabrics have remarkable properties for being durable, comfortable, and quick-drying. The Merino Wool, on the other hand, is a natural fibre sourced from Merino sheep and has antimicrobial properties. Another advantage of Merino wool is that it keeps you warm in cold temperature and cool in warm conditions.

Running Clothes 

The specific running clothes should be lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. No matter your budget, there are running clothes that will allow you to enjoy your run. Always choose breathable fibres that are easy to wash and don’t require a lot of effort to keep them looking good. You don’t have to worry about them being ruined by sweat or stains. It would help if you chose your outfit according to the weather outside. 

Cold Weather Running Clothes

When you’re running at a cold temperature, you need layered protection. You need to dress up according to the temperatures and weather conditions outside. Here is a rundown of what outer layer you need to wear in different weather conditions.

Running Clothes for 10-12°C 

In these kinds of temperatures, you can wear running shorts or a pair of running tight made out of nylon. It is a soft and breathable material that will prevent chafing. On top of that nylon, shorts give you comfortable freedom of movement. If you are not a fan of running tights, choose a lightweight running pant with breathable materials. You can wear long sleeve running top and a light jacket to protect against rain.

Running Clothes for 0-5°C

Running in near-freezing temperatures requires wind and water protection. For that, you need to wear a warm long sleeve top with a wind and waterproof jacket. You also need to wear running tights or lightweight running pant with a technical base layer. Wear a warm hat and gloves to keep your hands warm and protect your head.

Running Clothes for Hot Weather Conditions

Running in summer requires light and breathable clothing that keeps you cool and comfortable. But if you’re running to lose weight, it’s important to remember that you will still sweat.

Therefore avoid cotton T-Shirts and the base layer because cotton dries slowly, and you will be soaked in your sweat. Therefore choose ventilated T-Shirt made out of nylon or polyester with moisture-wicking properties. You can wear shorts or running tights that allow freedom of movement and prevent chafing.

Sports Bra for Female Runner

Female runners should wear a supportive sports bra. During high-impact activities such as running and sports, the sports bra minimizes breast movement and provides comfort.

Make sure your sports bra fits perfectly and is neither too tight nor loose. You can use it until it loses its elasticity and can last 72 wash cycles.

Running Shoes

running shoes

With a good pair of running shoe, you can stay comfortable and run for longer. A good pair of running shoe is the one that fits you perfectly.

When selecting a new pair of running shoes, make sure not to go for style, brand, color, or price if it doesn’t fit you properly. It would be best if you avoided wrong-fitting shoes at all costs, which mostly lead to running-related injuries.

Ensure the running shoe has a wider toe box to accommodate your foot and prevent rubbing against the inside.

A good pair of running shoes should have a zero incline meaning its sole is not too higher than the forefront, which results in pressure on the forefoot. And lastly, it should be made of breathable materials to keep everything hygienic.

It would be best to consider running shoes according to your running preferences and running style. For example, if you are a trail runner, go for the best running shoes for muddy trails.

If you are not sure about the size of your shoe, then you can choose one size bigger. Make sure to wear a pair of socks before trying out a new pair. You can also ask the running shoe store expert for a perfect size.

Running Socks

Just as it is important to choose perfect fitting shoes it is equally important to wear running socks.

Running specific socks not only keep your feet warm but also prevents your foot from rubbing against the inside of the shoe which causes blisters.

Make sure to avoid cotton socks because it is bad at moisture wicking and will cause odours and fungus buildup.

It is better to use polyester, acrylic or any other breathable material socks to keep your feet cool and comfy. During winter woolen socks are a better option.

Other Running Gear

Apart from running clothes, you can carry other gear to make your running experience much better. Following are some other running gear that you might want to have.

Smart Sports Watch

The smart sports watch is becoming an essential running gear to time your runs and keep pace. You can also keep a log of your running activity and monitor your heart rate and calory burn, calculator. Moreover, you can listen to your favourite tunes, an audiobook, or the best Spotify running playlist and shuffle music using your smartwatch.

Smart Phone

If you don’t fancy a smartwatch, you can carry your phone on the run with you. Obviously, you cannot have it in your hand or pocket; you need an armband or a running belt to keep it secure. By taking your smartphone, you can take pictures to share on social media and use the best free running apps for beginners to keep track of your running routine and find more trails to run on.

Sun Screen

Running outdoors means getting exposed to the sun for long hours. You can quickly get sunburned or damage your complexion. Make sure to carry a quality sunblock or sunscreen that is waterproof. If you don’t have sunblock, wear a hat to protect your face from the sun.


Staying hydrated during your runs is extremely important. Make sure to carry a water bottle to stay hydrated. Drinking little and often is the best way to stay hydrated.


Is it necessary to wear additional layers of insulating clothes for running?

Running is a demanding sport and regardless of weather conditions runners sweat due to physical excretion.

Wearing too many extra insulating clothes will make you uncomfortable even in the coldest of temperatures and sweating in extremely cold temperatures risks hypothermia.

Why is 100% cotton clothing not good for running?

Cotton clothes are not suitable for runners because it stays wet due to sweat for longer.

It is uncomfortable to wear cotton clothes in summer and is dangerous in winter due to the risk of hypothermia. Cotton fabric is not very soft and results in chafing as well.

Does wearing sweat pants and shirts feel comfortable during running?

Wearing sweat pants and sweatshirts is comfortable to wear for short runs and after long runs.

But it can get very uncomfortable during longer runs due to cotton fleece fabric which can get pretty hot.

Why is it not advisable to wear worn-out running shoes?

With the passage of time running shoes loses their ability to absorb shocks and cushioning.

This can lead to increased impact on feet and results in running injuries. You should replace your running shoes every 250 miles or when it gets uncomfortable to wear.


Fitness is an important part of everyone’s life, and it is not that difficult to find the proper clothes to wear.

We know that a lot of people are interested in what to wear on a run. We here provided you with some helpful tips to help you find your perfect running outfit for a comfortable running experience in any weather condition.


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