Flood, Sweat and Tears The 2018 Boston Marathon


Some numbers:

Desiree Linden’s winning margin of 4:10 is the largest since 1993. Her time of 2:39:54 beat the second-place time of 2:44:04 by Sarah Sellers by 4:10. In 1993, Olga Markova’s 2:25:27 was 4:33 faster than Kim Jones’ 2:30:00.

Desi’s was the slowest winning time for women since Gayle Barron in 1978 (2:44:52)

Yuki Kawauchi’s 2:15:58 was the slowest winning time for men since Jack Fultz’s 2:20:19 in  1976’s “Run for the Hoses”.

Early results show 25,746 finishers (86%) out of  30,000 registered runners. That’s in line with the typical rates for recent years.

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